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300 on Blu-ray sells a ton, 300 on HD-DVD... not that much

According to Time Warner, 300 has quickly become the fastest selling high-def movie of all time, shifting more than a quarter million copies since its release a little over a week ago. The Spartan epic, easily outpaced The Departed and Casino Royale which both took a couple months to hit just 100,000 sold.

When broken down between format types, 65% of consumers picked up 300 on Blu-ray, while 300 on HD-DVD accounted for only 35% of the sales. According to the USA Today article, this mirrors sales for the year with Blu-ray handily trampling HD-DVD with solid 2:1 sales.

The HD-DVD cabal can pretend that PlayStation 3 sales don't impact the high-def format war (a point they try to make in every single press release they send out), but it's clear that they're wrong. The PS3 has made a huge impact on the ridiculous format war, and this latest piece of info just drives that home. The real question at this point isn't "Who will win?" but instead "How long until Universal and Toshiba just give up and go Blu?".

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1. This is Blu - Ray

Posted at 5:04PM on Aug 8th 2007 by Carlos Ortega

2. HD DVD supporters: THIS IS MADNESS
"THUNK" NOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooo...........

Posted at 5:08PM on Aug 8th 2007 by leo

3. now that jokes are out of the way, all i want to say is that the movie really deserves all the sales, and on blu ray to boot, yay.

Posted at 5:12PM on Aug 8th 2007 by leo

4. One of, if not the best blu ray title~

Posted at 5:16PM on Aug 8th 2007 by Magma

5. It does seem like PS3 is helping Blu-ray more than Blu-Ray is helping PS3, not like the PS2 where it was the other way around

Posted at 5:32PM on Aug 8th 2007 by Mr Khan

6. Look i love 300 i got it on blu-ray the scences are visualliy stunning.

@ leo it's Actually like this:

Hd dvd people:THis is madness
Blu-ray people: Madness? This is Bluuuuuuuuuuu-rrraaaaau.

Posted at 5:36PM on Aug 8th 2007 by Tom32

7. Also sony doesn't care that much about ps3 sales cause it's helping them win the format war which will bring in a lot of money.

Posted at 5:37PM on Aug 8th 2007 by Tom32

8. *shrugs*
I think they said combined high def (Blu and HD) disc sales just passed VHS tapes sales in the US.

Posted at 5:38PM on Aug 8th 2007 by Yawar

9. I just picked this up the other day too.
i use my ps3 as a blu-ray player, so the ps3 helped me to purchase blu-ray movies.
i have about 7 so far and they are all well worth it.

Posted at 5:40PM on Aug 8th 2007 by Ripcord83

10. The "sad" part about using PS3 for bluray is that the gap is still not *that* wide. I dont know the figures for # blu ray players sold but the ps3 is at least over a million in US so I guess kudos for Sony to forsee that Blu-ray tanking without PS3's help and added it in. My approx. is probably 30% blu-ray player, 35% ps3 and 30% hd-dvd and 5% 360 hd-dvd.

So a good move by Sony... i think Sony will "seal the deal" when Spiderman 3, pirates 3 comes to blu-ray exclusively. Also the good sales will hopefully prevent any companies from "turn coating" to hd-dvd...

Posted at 5:47PM on Aug 8th 2007 by shase

11. I bought 300 on launch day.. i have 8 BD movies so far. Although, no PS3 games since i sell them when im done with them.

Posted at 6:01PM on Aug 8th 2007 by phattie

12. Universal and any other foolish holdouts are only hurting themselves when it comes to media alliance. They will have no choice but to publish on BR discs very soon. This Christmas will be interesting.

Posted at 6:26PM on Aug 8th 2007 by Popfrogs

13. Nothing like good old facts to shut up the HD-DVD/anti Blu-Ray fanboys.

This should keep them quiet for at least a day!

Posted at 6:30PM on Aug 8th 2007 by AG23

14. @12

The "holdouts" aren't really at a disadvantage since the sales aren't that "crippling". A big chunk of the sales comes from DVD so Universal can afford to wait since the total hi def sales (includes blu-ray) per movie is probably insignificant. If lets say movies starts to sell millions or so on bluray then and only then i believe universal will turncoat. With that said I believe when pirates 3 and spiderman 3 comes exclusively for blu-ray and sell million or so universal will have more incentive to switch.

Posted at 6:32PM on Aug 8th 2007 by shase

15. For Gawds sake, must we go over this again?

N.F.D. that the PS3 has saved BR and killed HD-DVD, while at the same time, PS3 owners can thank BR for taking the Playstation brand from being #1 to #3.

The PS3 has been nothing short of a trojan horse for Sony to push and win the BR format over HD-DVD, at the expense of developer support due too a small install base. What will be interesting is if this turns around and bites Sony in the ass when the EU gets done with their investigation. If the EU rules against BR then this whole scheme will come tumbling down like a house of cards.

This marketing plan, in my opinion, left the gamers and supporters of playstation out in the cold, which is why all my HD movies are purchased on HD-DVD. Out of principal I refuse to use my PS3 as a damn BR player, I bought it to play games.

Posted at 6:33PM on Aug 8th 2007 by WebMaster

16. I can play either version but bought the HD DVD version for the picture in picture blue screen. It will be nice when BR finally has that feature.

Posted at 6:40PM on Aug 8th 2007 by digitalddt

17. @Webmaster:

You fail. The BR drive wasn't a trojan horse, it was a wise decision from a company that doesn't crap out a new console every 3 years because they don't plan ahead. The BR drive is *necessary*.

Never forget the old quote attributed to Bill Gates, something along the lines of "Nobody will never need more than 640k of memory". Whether or not he said it is irrelevant, but it's the same logic the opposition uses when mentioning the BR drive.

Posted at 6:41PM on Aug 8th 2007 by Popfrogs

18. popfrogs

That's your opinion, flawed as it may be, and no, I don't "fail".

Lastly, you can take your "The BR drive is *necessary*." quote and tell it to Nintendo.

Posted at 6:51PM on Aug 8th 2007 by WebMaster

19. A difference of 75,000 copies? Nothing really to celebrate, the war will not be decided until it becomes mainstream, only then will the numbers actually matter. I have both a BR and HD player, I picked up 300 on HD for combo disc and PIP blue screen.

Posted at 7:01PM on Aug 8th 2007 by RanWitScissorz

20. So many of you posting here are so PS3 biased that you've become blind to the reality of what is really going on.

Truth be told, neither game console (PS3 or 360) will have long-term meaning in terms of the success of Blu-Ray or HD-DVD sales. Right now the PS3 is making a significant contribution because it includes Blu-ray from the factory. But honestly, how many non-gamers are going to buy a PS3 so they can watch Blu-ray? Probably very, very, very few in the scheme of things.

Right now the sales of standalone players in both formats is very (unacceptably) low. And it will continue to be that way until someone starts selling players at under $199, if not under $149. And once we have players at $99, then we can decide which format is going to have long-term success, if it isn't both through the virtue of combo players.

If you were to investigate how many people currently watch DVDs on their PS2s/Xboxes, it is going to be very low. The same thing will happen long-term with Blu-ray and HD-DVD and the PS3 (or 360 if you count the HD-DVD add-on drive).

The format "war" is far, far, far from over. Right now the PS3 is helping Blu-ray quite a bit. But we can't go making any judgment calls until standalone players start to sell well. For right now, price-wise, HD-DVD has an advantage there.

Right now Blu-ray is enjoying a few sales because of the PS3. Perhaps a better way of saying that is that PS3 owners are benefitting from its inclusion of a Blu-ray drive. But both formats are failing, and doing quite a good job of it, when you compare with sales of DVD. And neither HD-DVD nor Blu-ray is on pace to overtake DVD... ever. Until the players are affordable to the masses.

My parents and most of my friends are classic examples. Very, very few will ever buy a game console. But a movie player is something that might interest them. But if the difference in price of adoption between two similar formats is 2:1, the cheaper player is going to garner more sales, assuming relatively decent media availability.

Whichever format gets a player under $149 ($99?) first has a real edge. Not which format has format support from a game console. Game console sales are pitiful when if compared against the sales of DVD players. (Even the PS2, with its 120+ million sales, is statistically insignificant compared to the sales of DVD players.)

The other issue is that a lot of folks just don't care about high-definition discs. DVDs are "good enough," especially if played on a good quality upscaling DVD player (which also happen to be quite inexpensive these days). At normal viewing distances it's actually hard to see the difference between a well-upscaled DVD and a Blu-ray version of a movie. With the high price to get into either HD disc format, there isn't a lot of incentive to do so.

The other current problem is availability of titles. Neither format has what I would call even a "decent" lineup yet. If you're into high budget shoot-em-ups then maybe you'll be somewhat satisfied by the current offerings, but in terms of classic, well-told, well-shot titles, they just aren't there on either format. It still feels like movie studio support of the high-def discs is lukewarm at best. I go into the stores weekly, hoping to find some great movies on either format and without fail I'm disappointed every time.

Don't get me wrong here, I'm not here to bash... I like Blu-ray because of its capacity, and I am myself a PS3 owner. I'm just trying to be realistic instead of allowing a pro-Sony bias to infiltrate my observations.

Let's keep the long-term in perspective here instead of becoming too overjoyed at a small, bump-in-the-road success.

Posted at 7:10PM on Aug 8th 2007 by Doug

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