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Sony Online Entertainment plans increased PSN support

Here's a surprise (sarcasm detectors should be ringing): SOE is going to increase their support for the PlayStation Network. You can read about John Smedley's experience at the SOE Fan Faire if you'd like, but we're going to get right to the part where the news slants towards the PS3 side of things. In addition to talking about The Agency, Smedley talked about the synergy felt between SOE and the PSN: "The investment Sony made in us is quite big and the investment they've made in PlayStation Network is quite substantial ... The synergy is as real as it gets. They regularly send people over from Tokyo. We have their people in cubicles in our San Diego office."

What does this mean to us? That there is a very close relation between games Sony sends online and the PSN -- the two may someday converge into an awesome explosion of synergy. The beginning is hinted at when Smedley says The Agency and the DC Comics Game (it's not titled yet) are going to simultaneously hit the PC and PS3 -- perhaps some cross-platform play will occur, perhaps not. It's a start and we're glad to have SOE's continued support as the PlayStation Network continues to grow!

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1. Quoted: **SOE is going to increase their support for the PlayStation Network. ... "...They regularly send people over from Tokyo. We have their people in cubicles in our San Diego office." **

O.o Well, let them out so they can work on PSN and making it the best it can be! Sheesh... talk about greedy! =DD

Posted at 7:52PM on Aug 7th 2007 by Consolcwby

2. Please don't mess this up like your messing up your other MMOs...
Please don't mess this up like your messing up your other MMOs...
Please don't mess this up like your messing up your other MMOs...
Please don't mess this up like your messing up your other MMOs...

Posted at 8:00PM on Aug 7th 2007 by Andir3.0

3. The day I pay a monthly fee for a game is the day I win the lottery.

Posted at 8:15PM on Aug 7th 2007 by miglaugh

4. Here's hoping they can somehow come up with some flat routine(monthly/quarterly/annually) fee to have access to all SOE MMO games available, that way I could just pay the fee and not feel pressured to spend more time with any certain game.

Also, how about coming up with some more cool MMO games like The Agency or Planetside(i know, it sucked but it was a great idea while it lasted, so how about a sequel with a different team?) instead of more fantasy/rpg/super hero MMO games?

Posted at 8:29PM on Aug 7th 2007 by OrganicShadow

5. Does anyone know what the intro music to the recent PS3Fanboy is called?

Posted at 8:33PM on Aug 7th 2007 by Ryan

6. @OrganicShadow: They used to have the StationAccess Service that let you in on all the EQs, Vanguard, SWG and all the other MMOs they had including Planetside. I remember getting an email a few months back stating they were getting rid of it or changing it. Not sure. That normally run about $30/month and you got access to all those games. I don't know if it included Playstation games though or if they plan to add any.
I can't seem to get to:
right now, but those would be the links to check it out if it still exists.

Posted at 8:49PM on Aug 7th 2007 by Andir3.0

7. With Sony Online Entertainment and Sony's partnership with Ncsoft, the PS3 could become the console for MMO's. If only Blizzard would release games on the PS3.

Posted at 9:26PM on Aug 7th 2007 by Jeff

8. Cool.

Posted at 10:22PM on Aug 7th 2007 by ps3boy737

9. @Andir3.0: Thanks for the info. Hopefully they try to revive this on the PSN and just have some kind of all access pass type subscription. I'm not really into MMO games, but as I said, if they introduce some more variety and genres, and then do some sort of all access pass I will definitely test the waters.

I loved the Tribes games, and Planetside seemed to carry on that idea since it was made by the original creators. Too bad it "failed" and Tribes Vengeance was a flop.

Posted at 12:01AM on Aug 8th 2007 by OrganicShadow

10. what they need to do is get some sort of "Points Card" going in America so I can buy stuff of the PSN. Microsoft and Nintendo have online points cards. Sony has them in Japan. I don't have a credit card, nor do I plan on getting one...ever. I don't have a bank account (so no debit card either, if you can even use that on PSN. I don't know) because I'm a paranoid mess and don't trust banks. Online points cards Sony!!!!! c'mon!!!!

Does anyone know anything about them bringing cards to the U.S.?
does anyone agree with me that they should have them here?

Posted at 3:06AM on Aug 8th 2007 by adam

11. @3: Paying a monthly fee for games isn't costly. When I used to play WoW, I spent all my time on it. I had no other hobbies. All I payed was the monthly fee.

Now that I stopped playing, I bought a PS3, bought some games, went to the cinema, rented some movies.

Playing a MMO is the ultimate money saver. You're to busy to use your money for anything else.

Posted at 8:37AM on Aug 8th 2007 by bleakcabal

12. @10
I think you have bigger personal problems to worry about instead of Sony releasing point cards. You dont trust banks? SO what do you keep all your money under your mattress losing value? Open up a savings or checking account, your money can gain interest and retain its value. And what if your house burns down or someone breaks in and you lose all your cash. And credit cards are a must... $3000 Sony Bravia - no problem.


Posted at 1:19PM on Aug 8th 2007 by TheSh0wstopper

13. @11 you lost a lot more than you saved

@10 its understandable that you don't trust credit cards but it is implausible not to have a checking account and a debit card. but i agree, i won't submit my credit card information to sony. i might actually buy something from psn if they let me buy a points card.

Posted at 2:50PM on Aug 8th 2007 by GRANTED

14. uugghhhh thanks dad.

Posted at 3:04PM on Aug 8th 2007 by adam

15. =o quit picking on adam! It's not his fault he's too young to touch a girl, let alone own enough money for a bank account!!

Ever notice the irony? You can't get women without money, but as soon as you get money you spend it all on women, and then they drop you.... o.O ...HOOKERS! Who needs em! =DD

(the above was a joke...) =P

Posted at 9:01PM on Aug 8th 2007 by Consolcwby

16. 1) Why release a MMO like WoW on the PS3 when it works just fine on the PC? Seems like wasted development costs

2) I love my mods for WoW. I could not play WoW on the PS3 without my mods. I am not even sure coders would want to code their mods for the PS3

Posted at 1:45AM on Aug 9th 2007 by Adam

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