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Lair delayed until September 4th

That's right. Ryan Hamlyn, Associate Producer for SCEA, has confirmed on the PlayStation.Blog that Lair has been delayed until September 4th ... 2008. Not really, but it may as well have been. Pushing back a game that we at PS3 Fanboy likes to refer to as a "thirst quencher", during these months of drought, is a real disappointment.

It seems QA has had to be extended by "an extra step", which means an extra three weeks of development time. For those of you keeping score at home, that brings the total number of AAA titles being released this month to ... well, one actually. Warhawk will be out on the 28th, but that's barely August really, is it? The thing we're most worried about now is that Lair won't get as much attention as perhaps it should, with Heavenly Sword being released on the same day.

So get yourself stocked up on crisps and beer and prepare to wait out the oncoming month in some sort of drunken, greasy stupor. August never seemed so uninviting.

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1. That really does suck. I will be so broke. Lair, Heavenly Sword and Warhawk? What is one gonna do! I can deal with a 3 week delay and not a 3 month delay. But the delay with Dirt is hella worth it. Ill just have to work 48hr weeks for a few. gah.

Posted at 8:37PM on Aug 1st 2007 by gt4freak85

2. I guess we can always say: "At least the game will be better, for it."

Almost everything releases with SOME error SOMEWHERE. I imagine that companies today actually finish all playtesting, then, time permitting, have a bunch of totally new people play the game a week, to try to open up any particularly glaring bugs, then give the programmers a week to fix 'em.

That's probably not even true.

The only other thing I can think is that... well, we had to wait for some other titles (Motorstorm, Ninja), but when they game they were... good... 'course we never saw what they were before the delay.

This would be an interesting thing to look back on, in the interest of full disclosure: what if a company could show you (oh, they can... perhaps I mean WOULD) what exactly took place in those extended three weeks?

Wonder if THAT info will be in the blog?

I'm just curious. Enquiring minds, an' all that.

Posted at 8:37PM on Aug 1st 2007 by John

3. Yep, too many games in a short frame... Getting Heavenly Sword for sure, but one of the others may have to wait a bit...

Posted at 8:40PM on Aug 1st 2007 by Real Gambler

4. *Jaw drops*
I'm pissed (period)

Posted at 8:42PM on Aug 1st 2007 by Jimmy

5. Didn't they just say Lair was done?

I am so confused.

I have a link.

Posted at 8:45PM on Aug 1st 2007 by Andy

6. This definitely turns the game from a must buy to a may buy.
Heavenly Sword, Warhawk, BioShock, PGR4, Lair... somethings gotta give, and it's going to probably be one of the last two.

Also, anyone else think that this coming on the heels of a couple disappointing reviews makes this feel sort of... Jaffe?

Posted at 8:52PM on Aug 1st 2007 by mccomber

7. I do have to say I am really quite crestfallen.

While this does mean I am going to get three weeks of extra pay before I have to buy a PS3, it also means I am unlikely to pick up Lair - at least for a while.

UNI starts back on the 27th and I simply won't have time for more than one game for at least a month.

Posted at 8:54PM on Aug 1st 2007 by doc j

8. Don't worry, I'm sure Heavenly Sword will get pushed back at least a week so they don't come out on the same day. Urgh.

Knowing Sony, they'll probably put up a few sweet ps1 games during August to make up for it, kinda like they did with Castlevania after E3.

Posted at 8:57PM on Aug 1st 2007 by apease

9. Its either delay with bugs fixed up or release as is, suffer the scorn of launch buyers, and patch, patch, patch... it sucks that there are no aaa games out in August.. but, thats the way it is.

Posted at 8:59PM on Aug 1st 2007 by humpty

10. Why does it say here that it was delayed for 2008 and the blog states that its for September 4th 2007?
I'm confused too,it seems.

Posted at 9:03PM on Aug 1st 2007 by FM

11. The 2008 thing was a joke by the blogger, FM.

What bothers me most about this delay is that it exposes another Sony lie, since on 7/25 they said, on the Playstation Blog, that Lair had been sent to manufacturing.

The official word (since the blogger didn't list it) is:

"Natural challenges that arose while finalizing the offline game to include key online features - such as leaderboards and medal systems - have led to the difficult choice of pushing back the release date."

Some people are speculating that they're talking about Home trophies and stuff...

Posted at 9:16PM on Aug 1st 2007 by GRT

12. im so pissed, sony deserves the awful ps3 sales with the crap they're pulling

Posted at 9:17PM on Aug 1st 2007 by Michael K.

13. @GRT:
Heh,I see it now. I just looked at this game for the first time today,and(Im not a fan of games set in "mythical" times),but the air,ground,and vehicle combats look very very fun. And I just noticed that it is developed by Factor 5? That's great.

Posted at 9:47PM on Aug 1st 2007 by FM

14. i wish companies would stop talking release dates period. put the friggin game out when it's done and STFU until then. "it's May, and we're on track for a Aug. release date! wait, it's September..". with all the time they spend running their mouths about how done they are, they could be pissing off less people and ACTUALLY finishing the game. and this goes for all consoles.

Posted at 10:00PM on Aug 1st 2007 by a.j.

15. bad previews = delay

Posted at 10:27PM on Aug 1st 2007 by duder

16. Wow this is a huge blow for me.

My hardest term frickin starts on the 10th. That means i have 6 days to move in, get settled, prepare, couple BOT parties, get better at Warhawk, finish Heavenly Sword, AND FINISH LAIR NOW?!


Posted at 10:46PM on Aug 1st 2007 by Dahk


Lair went GOLD! ITS PUBLISHED. I'm kinda pissed. That was like my looking-forward-to-summer source of gaming entertainment too. ARGH.

You can't gold it up and then delay it back!

I'm guessing because developers got the Home dev kit, 3 weeks ago!? But that was THREE WEEKS AGO! AGHH!

MY SUMMER >=(. I'm usually an optimistic person too. MAN.

Posted at 10:50PM on Aug 1st 2007 by Dahk

18. You just KNOW they're going to fix whatever EGM had a problem with. Although, I kind of suspect that EGM has an axe to grind. This is why I hate gaming sites. Everyone has literally DROOLED over this game for a year, and now that it's coming out, they're all haters. WTF?????

Posted at 10:54PM on Aug 1st 2007 by Brian Spence

19. im kind glad another week to build up some money to but the long list ps3 games coming out including multi platform games.

Posted at 11:25PM on Aug 1st 2007 by MYPS3KilledMy360

20. How about a demo? You know, the one we were supposed to have in July? There's no reason that should be delayed. This blows.

Posted at 11:45PM on Aug 1st 2007 by John

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