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80GB PS3 available for pre-order from EBGames

EBGames is now offering the 80GB PlayStation 3 for preorder with the free limited edition pack-in copy of Motorstorm and the now-standard-but-still-cool five free Blu-ray movies included as well. As previously mentioned the new top-end SKU will run you $599, for 20 GB more storage space and one of the top selling PS3 games. Not exactly the hottest deal ever, but better than a kick in the crotch.

The new PS3 start shipping out tomorrow, though EBGames does warn of a 1-2 day turnaround time for initial deliveries so expect some delays. Anybody actually interested in getting this? Or are you all waiting for the expected price drop as well?

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1. Does the 80 gig model also come with this weeks psfanboys fancast podcast?

Posted at 7:44PM on Jul 30th 2007 by Moe

2. And like only 80% backwards compatibility.

Posted at 7:54PM on Jul 30th 2007 by FrankBilboWinkerToups

3. well, and there is still 5 free BD movies - which are easily worth more than $100...

Posted at 7:59PM on Jul 30th 2007 by Seb

4. They also have the 20GB version available now at $449


Posted at 8:02PM on Jul 30th 2007 by Pas

5. 449 is a baaad price for 20gb version. I much rather pay 50 bucks more for TONS more features.

Posted at 8:11PM on Jul 30th 2007 by kingofwale

6. Ebay couldnt save me from my xbox... no one wants to buy a broken 360 :(...

Posted at 8:27PM on Jul 30th 2007 by WaSSaBi

7. @ WaSSaBi

Ummmmm cool... why don't you send it back? 3 year warranty gets it fixed you. Lame excuse buddy.

Posted at 8:38PM on Jul 30th 2007 by jonroach13

8. >why don't you send it back? 3 year warranty gets it fixed you. Lame excuse buddy.

let's ignore the horrible grammars for now.

and yes, good luck getting your eBay-bought, no-receipt xbox fixed.

Posted at 9:12PM on Jul 30th 2007 by kingofwale

9. Wait. This seems like an AWESOME deal,


For the price of a typical 60gb ps3, you now get 20 more gigabytes (free), Motorstorm ($60 valUE, free), and not just one, but (I had to read the article again) five? 5 free blu-ray discs? The Queen alone cost $30. If we're conservative and say that Blu-ray can be had for $25, that's still a !!!!111on on on $125 VALUE!!!!


Anyone who was ready to drop $599 but couldn't or wouldn't, will now.

For those willing to drop $499, you may have the machine I paid $599 for ($800 value!) and be experiencing money well-spent.

There is also a competitor's machine for $299, but you'll have to move fast if you want it. They don't make them anymore.

Posted at 9:17PM on Jul 30th 2007 by John

10. @WaSSaBi: =o ...you poor poor little guy!... I'd buy it from you just to make you feel better - but I can't play XBox games... Those controllers cramp my hands so badly, I'd never be able to write the check! poor poor guy! (Actually, have you looked around the web to see if you could fix it yourself? Then, you could sell it as a working 360! =D There's an idea!) Good luck! =)

Posted at 9:28PM on Jul 30th 2007 by Consolcwby

11. @7 i feel your pain the 3 warrenty only covers the ring of death not scratched discs, or read errors, or any other problem you may have witht the 360(i cant afford to fix the god damn thing over and over).

Yeah lets go CJ!!! for commenting on something who he made up his mind long ago that he is not gonna buy. yes i too used to understand your pain of not having a ps3 and realizing the potiential of having a large variety of great games. go 360 because you 2 were mostly known fo having great titles on release and 7 months into the year.NOT!!! lets see what came out for the 360 5 months into this year? forza 2, GRAW2 everybody if that aint a wide selection of exclusives i dont know what is!!! O yeah HALO3 its the best game in the world OMG OMG OMG no other game can top this one thats why i dropped $400s(add it all up pure BS) so i can buy one game! I bought a ps3 because i know what to expect i got FF, KH, MGS, GT, DoA, GoW, DMC, GTA, AC, Tekken, jrpgs, also along with all the exclusives that will come out, and multiplatform games that the devs say now either look better or the same (no more jaggies). I got a ps1 for christmas it still works today, i bought a ps2 i loved the xenosagas, the onimushas, the Zone of the enders, and by getting a ps3 i expect a good variety of games to arrive eventually. PS3 owners arent the only ones who ride on dreams of playing certain games (cough HALO3 again or even GoW2) 360 lovers have to indure the wait too for great games and im willing to give my favorite games the time they need to develop although i would like them now.

Posted at 9:43PM on Jul 30th 2007 by MYPS3KilledMy360

12. Still not sold on the PS3's ability to emulate sans EE, so I'll finish out my PS2 games before moving on.

The 20 GB hard drive + Motorstorm for $100 extra is hardly worth it, especially with the loss of the EE. You can pick up Motorstorm for less than $40 used on eBay, leaving $60+ for the 20 GB. Last I knew, $3/GB is a crappy rate of exchange.

Posted at 10:06PM on Jul 30th 2007 by Ed

13. The size of the HDD is largely irrelevant since you can stick any 2.5 inch SATA drive in it, put up to 3 memory cards in the available slots, and if you're inclined... hook up FOUR of those new 2 terabyte external drives using the usb ports.

The drive size will be more relevant if they ever do video on demand, since they will most likely lock those into your HDD (no external storage for that).

Posted at 10:12PM on Jul 30th 2007 by humpty

14. @13

That why I am trying to get a nice 120 GB Hard Drive. Its too bad I can't find one in town.

Posted at 10:18PM on Jul 30th 2007 by Andy

15. @ 9.

You said those who couldn't and wouldn't buy a PS3 will now. That a bunch of crap, because if you can't pay $600, you can't pay $600.

Posted at 10:35PM on Jul 30th 2007 by clankman

16. @Kingofwale

It's funny that you go after grammer. Sure, grammer is a bad thing to mess up on.

(Example: let's ignore the horrible grammars for now.)
^ Note you're inability to capitalize your first word in your sentence and adding s to grammer.

That's not as bad as getting things wrong to try to make a point.

News flash: You don't need a receipt to have it fixed!

Also, do the math. The 360 hasn't been out for 3 years. That makes every console under warranty.

Posted at 10:45PM on Jul 30th 2007 by Killer

17. whoa .. that was WAY to soon .. not that i care .. i already got my EE-inside 60gb .. 2 actually .. might get one for my brother though

Posted at 10:52PM on Jul 30th 2007 by Whackmushrooms

18. why was the fucking xbox even mentioned in this post .. there is no refuge for the true fanboy anymore.

Posted at 10:53PM on Jul 30th 2007 by Whackmushrooms

19. @ 8

he didnt say he bought it on ebay....

but even if he did its still covered

Posted at 10:54PM on Jul 30th 2007 by oldxskoolxhlywd @ Xbox Live

20. ???????????????????WTF @_@ WTF?????????????????????
Am I the only person in the world who still has a PS2 hooked up to the SAME tv as my PS3?... so, who needs backward compatibility 100% right now? My PS2 has that feature. (Although I do admit, I only use that thing for all 3 of my Guitar Hero games... my PS3 handles the rest - 100+ games!)
???????????????????WTF @_@ WTF?????????????????????

Posted at 11:44PM on Jul 30th 2007 by Consolcwby

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