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Heavenly Sword demo too short? Watch these vids

We're sorry that the playable Heavenly Sword demo that was recently released on the PlayStation Store is so short. Instead or providing you with the meaty experience we received at E3, Sony decided to give you about five minutes of gameplay -- a mere tease that might mask how truly brilliant Heavenly Sword truly is. Don't be fooled: as we said before, this is not meant to be God of War -- it's far more methodically paced than Sony's Greek epic.

In lieu of an extended gameplay experience, the best we can offer are these videos from Watch as Nariko devastates a small army of minions with her stylish moves. We've become enamored by Nariko and hope that the final game is as good as we hope it'll be.

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1. Interesting that you say its a short demo, considering it is nearly a 1GB download...

Posted at 12:14AM on Jul 28th 2007 by DanMacMan

2. I didn't find the demo very fun to play. I didn't think Nariko controlled very well.

Posted at 12:27AM on Jul 28th 2007 by Todd

3. The heavenly sword demo wasnt only short, it sucked.

Posted at 12:31AM on Jul 28th 2007 by Michael K.

4. An update to the demo would be good to see as such a short demo would put off quite a few potential buyers who were disapointed with the demo

Posted at 12:34AM on Jul 28th 2007 by sam-evans

5. I wan't too impressed with the demo. The battle system is complicated, but you get no time to use it.

Posted at 12:39AM on Jul 28th 2007 by Wayne

6. The demo is from an old build, according to the developers on the official Ninja Theory forums.

Posted at 12:40AM on Jul 28th 2007 by Cagalli

7. complicated... did you even bother to go check out the control setting to figure out how it works?

Posted at 1:11AM on Jul 28th 2007 by cheese

8. I liked the demo and you know what I find funny. The opening cinematic sequence probably was 15% of the file size.

I love throwing things(sometimes people) at the enemies. Good demo though.

The only thing that bothered me was how chunky the redhead's hair looked. I compare it to her sister on drugs who had much more realistic hair and more polygons to her face.

Posted at 1:50AM on Jul 28th 2007 by Andy

9. Did anyone else notice a really bad video tearing issue when running side to side?

Hope this really was on old build, 'cos if the release version is like this I really can't see what all the hype has been about.

Posted at 2:01AM on Jul 28th 2007 by zoltari

10. I hate to say it, but the demo left me entirely unimpressed. Perhaps it was from playing Ninja Gaiden Sigma too much, but what the smeg is this 30 fps deal? Yeah, things look really beautiful, but it's terribly jerky.

Posted at 2:17AM on Jul 28th 2007 by pdoggeth

11. I'm enjoying the hell out of the demo...

I've played it maybe 15 times now, each time trying to learn a different aspect of her varied fighting moves -- not just the different stances, but breaking your opponent's blocks, aerial combos, counter attacks after blocking, using the sword to knock objects at your enemies, etc.

I definitely see the God of War comparisons, but the fighting really has *so* much more depth to it -- there are 12 screens of instructions on what she can do.

I wasn't expecting to have 20 minutes of the story revealed... a demo's supposed to leave you wanting more. I just wanted to finally wield that sword. ;)

Posted at 2:20AM on Jul 28th 2007 by iDzlla

12. No offence to some people here but I think it's clear to anyone that bothered to look at the control/combo/stance/break lists that there is going to be way more to this game than the demo had to show. I thought it was amazing. What the hell do people expect from a demo?!

Posted at 3:04AM on Jul 28th 2007 by DownwardMonkey

13. I don't know what these guys are on but this is hands down the best demo I've ever played. I do hope once this game is complete that it will give many hours of game play and a story equal to or greater than God of War. I didn't see any of the tearing you spoke of on my system (trust me I was looking for something to be wrong). The only game that I've had the tearing issue was with Ninja Gaiden.

I wonder how big this game actually is though... That short demo was damn near one gig worth. There is ONLY 50gigs on the disk (like how I said ONLY) thing is for sure we will never hear of this game getting ported. Mess around and use 5 disk on the first level on a 360(do note I'm exaggerating a bit).

This has shapped up to be a must haver period!

Posted at 3:49AM on Jul 28th 2007 by Stellarpimp

14. I've played the demo about 5 times now, and I guess I'm just not noticing the choppy framerate that people ate complaining about...? To me, it looks and plays great. If you are looking for a button mashing beat-em-up, this is NOT it. Very deep, very intricate. Delicious.

Posted at 4:55AM on Jul 28th 2007 by clavian

15. the demo was AWFUL. It was just like Genji. I bought my PS3 for nex-gen gaming, not these awful 'Ninja' games. I will not be buying this rubbish.

Posted at 4:55AM on Jul 28th 2007 by insane257

16. Yeah, I liked the demo even though it was too short. Played it a couple of times, testing out the different stances and such, and it seemed pretty solid; also saw some footage on Kotaku of the entire 2nd chapter of the game, it seemed real nice and contained different modes of battle such as sniping enemies with remote-controlled arrows and fighting some enemy that throws waves of water at you.

It’s also fun to toy with the different translations; the Dutch one isn’t so good I think (compared to the English), but it’s cool to see Nariko speak French or German or even Finnish :). When I have the full game I might even re-play the game in a different language just for the fun of it ^_^.

@15, I haven’t played Genji, but Heavenly Sword doesn’t resemble Ninja Gaiden at all. And Genji got such terrible reviews, I didn’t even bother buying it, so I find it hard to believe that this game is anything like that. Plus, I’m glad there’s something other than FPS games to enjoy, because *that’s* definitely a genre that I’m sick and tired of.

Posted at 5:25AM on Jul 28th 2007 by Laurens Holst

17. @16 I agree with EVERY word you said, I loved playing with the different translations! I'm also SICK of FPS games.

Posted at 7:15AM on Jul 28th 2007 by DownwardMonkey

18. @ 15

Translation: "I only like FPS's BOOM HEADSHOT, NO SCOPE! NO SCOPE!"

@ Everyone.

Lol ok for real though, the Demo leaves you wanting, so play it about 15 times like I did, learn the controls and combos, and you will LOVE this game.

This game is sure to be a MUST have for any PS3 owner with their eyes on anything other then the next FPS.

Don't go into this game expecting Goddes of War, LEARN the game, and you will LOVE the game.

Posted at 8:02AM on Jul 28th 2007 by Jldowning

19. The only thing this game has in common with God of War is Narikos ranged stance (which really doesnt even seem the same when actually used)and the fact that its made by Sony.

Posted at 9:06AM on Jul 28th 2007 by doug

20. @19. Shock horror, some people like a game some don't! Whoa didn't know that could happen. News flash, I hated Halo and WoW that didn't stop them being massive hits.

Posted at 9:53AM on Jul 28th 2007 by DownwardMonkey

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