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LittleBigPlanet is almost done, public beta in a few months

Are you just itching to find out more information about LittleBigPlanet? Today we've got a quick summary for you, as PSU had a fairly detailed hands-on report to dish out, not unlike our own glowing review. If you are curious about LBP but don't want to read for ten minutes, we'll summarize the important points for you to take into consideration.
  • Your character has different moods (changed by hitting a direction on the D-pad) and depending on these moods, he will control differently. He will bounce as he moves if happy, or keep his head low and walk like he's pouting when sad.
  • Player vs. Player mode will be available -- there's more than just cooperating to create a level. An example of this would be the "Racing Mode" where levels are built for speed. If you've ever played the final stage in Earthworm Jim 2, we expect something like that footrace with Psy-Crow. That was a hard level.
  • LBP is nearly complete and a public beta is supposedly hitting the PSN sometime this fall prior to release.
That's about the high and low of it. We never expected this PSN title to burn so brightly in the Hype Furnace, but we can't resist the warmth of its glow. It looks fantastic. However, does anyone think its a system mover? Will the idea of this game and more to come like it push people into rethinking about the PS3's price? We'd like to imagine so, especially with the immense number of exclusives coming this holiday season.
[Thanks, Justin!]

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1. this game looks amazing. everyone ive shown it loves it no matter how childish it looks at first. by friends with xbox 360s said they would buy a ps3 for this game.

Posted at 3:45PM on Jul 21st 2007 by tristan88

2. my friend sold his 360 when i showed this game to him and other ps3 games... but this was all planned i mean... he got a 360 cuz it was 1st to market and was planning on buying a ps3 anyway.. but this game is wat really made him sell his 360 right away!

Posted at 4:14PM on Jul 21st 2007 by headmanice

3. I wonder how that beta will go. Hopefully it'll be better than the Home beta signup and more like Warhawk's.

Posted at 4:21PM on Jul 21st 2007 by Stef Geiger

4. LBP is most definitely a system mover.
Once someone sees this game at a friends house, they will start playing it. Once they discover that they can create their own levels, they will play it even more.

This game is one of the most innovative ideas for an original IP in a long, long time.

I am guessing that alot more user content heavy games will start to pop up once this game sells like mad.

Games 3.0 ONLY on PS3.

Posted at 4:28PM on Jul 21st 2007 by GodisaMyth

5. #4 said it all. This game appeals to everyone, and shockingly enough, you get to *create* things in it. Every single other game has you *destroying* things. Sure, I love destruction, but the other half of a man's mind is the desire to build things.

Posted at 4:38PM on Jul 21st 2007 by Popfrogs

6. I dont get what the hype is about this game its so boring and childish its probably one of the most pointless games i have ever played. But yea its just my opinion, but i doubt itll move systems but it will be sucsesfull judging on how many people seem to like it.

Posted at 4:41PM on Jul 21st 2007 by Who Flang Poo

7. # 6
uhhhh wtf? for starters it cant be ther worst game u have ever played enless u played it and even if u have then wow you have to be one boring person to not see this game and think omg wow and think of all the shit u can create u are obviously probaly just a plain exclusive first person shooter guy arent u?

Posted at 5:30PM on Jul 21st 2007 by Rooslin

8. #6 is a complete retard. Can the mods ban him already?

"its probably one of the most pointless games i have ever played. "

This game hasn't even been in beta yet.

Posted at 6:14PM on Jul 21st 2007 by Popfrogs

9. Sadly im thinking 'public beta' means GAP members. Which you have to be chosen for and i dont have a clue how you get chosen for that. :/ I was so excited when they said Home was going to be in public beta back in august and here is is july and I dont think anyone outside of GAP has access.

Posted at 6:46PM on Jul 21st 2007 by Murry

10. I thought on the interview video they said "hopefully spring or summer 08"....

I'm praying to my various heathen devil pagan bagel gods that it releases before the end of the calendar year.

Posted at 6:54PM on Jul 21st 2007 by OrganicShadow

11. This is DEFINITELY a systems mover.

In fact when I've shown this to guys and girls alike, and (stereotypically) the guys couldn't stop staring at the beautiful graphics, textures and physics, and the girls couldn't stop GAWKING at how cute the damn thing was.

And of course after this, they REALLY wanted a PS3 lol. (Proud of my PS3 advertisement =D).

Gosh the release date cannot come soon enough.

Posted at 6:56PM on Jul 21st 2007 by Dahk

12. Yea, sorry for mis wording my last comment.

But, yea doubt itll be a system pusher. Its prety much like saying that Viva Pinata pushed 360 consles.

Idk this game doesn't appeal to me looks boringand pointless.

Posted at 7:17PM on Jul 21st 2007 by Who Flang Poo

13. @12

You don't speak for everyone. In your opinion and only yours.

Moving on.

I can't wait. Hopefully I'll get the special treatment like Warhawk than Home [Gotta get it first]

Posted at 7:49PM on Jul 21st 2007 by Mr. Dark E

14. Sorry to agree with Who Flang, but this title looks like it's gonna be over-rated. I don't like the look of it. I've been spoiled by FFXIII, Gran Tourismo 5, Wipeout HD, Lair etc.

Posted at 7:57PM on Jul 21st 2007 by insane257

15. Personally, this is THE game that makes me want a PS3. While I can't wait for Heavenly Sword, LAIR, MGS4, etc, LBP looks so unique and fun to play (and keep playing, unlike most games today). I would compare LBP to the launch games of the Wii and what so many people expect Wii to be.

I hope this game encourages developers to continue creating games like LBP. I really hope they release it this year so I can pick up a 60gb PS3 with EE before they run out after christmas.

Posted at 8:27PM on Jul 21st 2007 by deweather

16. Back at GDC they said it was to have only a few pre-made levels and you create stuff the rest of the game. But everyday they include more and more. For example at E3 they stated it was now going to have as many levels as they could get on the blu-ray disc (a lot) and now they include competitive race mode. This game gets better and better everyday.

Posted at 8:46PM on Jul 21st 2007 by BerkleyJ

17. The developers said the beta is hopefully out this year for feedback, then they will finish the game in 2008 depending on what the testers want. I wish it was coming sooner too.

Posted at 8:48PM on Jul 21st 2007 by inspectre

18. I try to not have too high hopes for LBP because it does indeed look like loads of fun, but might as well (just as I fear with the coming PC title Spore), be all too high hyped and get boring fast.

Who knows? All I know is that I will buy it and lots of friends are very interested in trying it out too.

Posted at 8:56PM on Jul 21st 2007 by Broken Haiku

19. I actually had no idea this was a PSN title. Any idea what something like this would cost on there?

Posted at 9:00PM on Jul 21st 2007 by Bluebrake

20. Any console games with user content will do well. UT3 will be awesome, but this game will please more people... Think about it. Kids will be able to show that game to their parent and say I want a PS3. And parents will look at this game and say "Wow, I could likely finally play a game with my kid".
Personally, it's in the basket already!

Posted at 9:44PM on Jul 21st 2007 by Real Gambler

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