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Kaz Hirai headlining Tokyo Game Show

The successor to Ken Kutaragi, the man behind the curtain, the Phantom of the Opera, Sony Computer Entertainment Kaz Hirai will be leading the keynote speech at Tokyo Game Show this September. His topic of choice? Flavorful dessert dishes for every season and occasion. Just kidding -- the future of PlayStation, naturally. To be more specific, Hirai has titled the speech "The expanding PlayStation world, business strategy for new growth."

We think that's a comma splice, but it's a title so conventional rules don't exactly apply. What do you guys think he'll discuss? Will he reveal any important bits of PS3 news, or will he lull the audience into a nap with statistics and a business market analysis?

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1. Maybe his keynote title hints at the video and music being made available via PSN.

Posted at 1:07PM on Jul 19th 2007 by Brandon

2. I heard that he would be talking about everything that wasn't mentioned at E3 along with everything already seen at E3. So hopefully there will be plenty of new stuff we haven't heard yet...

Posted at 1:09PM on Jul 19th 2007 by never$$hort

3. Is it me or he looks younger than he was at E3? At E3 he looked tired and older and this image looks a more revitalized Kaz...

Anyway, I am hoping he will elaborate more on some announcements made at E3 and show us some promising future titles for 2008 - none of the 3 really showed much of what's coming in 2008 , especially Nintendo....

I can't wait to get my hands on a new psp slim once it comes out.... still deciding on pink or violet....

Posted at 1:58PM on Jul 19th 2007 by shase

4. I think he might try and patch up the Sony-to-developer relationship, and show what they will be doing to help get more developers on board and work on strengthening their relationships with who they currently work with.

Japanese developer support for PS3 isn't exactly awesome right now, and I think it might be a little behind compared to where it was 8 months into the PS2's launch, so we might be seeing less shenanigans from NamcoBandai, Konami, SEGA, etc.

Posted at 2:15PM on Jul 19th 2007 by OrganicShadow

5. @shase

This picture was taken before E3 2007.

I hope this isn't like last years TGS keynote with Ken.

Posted at 2:31PM on Jul 19th 2007 by Sky_Shark

6. @3: Dude you gotta be one of the most negative mofo's commenting on every single topic on here... What did the Ps3 ever do to you?? Your 360 must give you one hell of a hummer even though shes a defective failing peice of s***.

Posted at 2:38PM on Jul 19th 2007 by never$$hort

7. Lol @8!!!!!!!!!1

Posted at 2:49PM on Jul 19th 2007 by pete

8. TheSh0wstopper is a 360 fanboy who never fails to put a negative spin on everything having to do with the Ps3. But he loves his defective 360 with failure rates reaching 33%+... Hmmmmm, why would I listen to anything you say?? All arguments pertaining to why 360 is superior are growing incredibly stale and the evidence backing up that theory are slowly fading and rapidly becoming irrelevant. People like you make me laugh because everyone like you will have to eat thier own words when the PS3 finally silences the critics, and it will. So go ahead, hop aboard with the sheep and talk trash and spin everything negative about Sony while YOU STILL CAN, but is we who have the faith and confidence in our system that will have the last laugh...

Posted at 2:50PM on Jul 19th 2007 by never$$hort

9. Dont forget last time Peter Moore jumped ship the Dreamcast sank pretty bad... maybe this is an omen for the beginning of the end for 360? Also I read that some MS executive sold millions worth of stocks BEFORE the extended warranty announcement... of course PR had "no comment". I am actually hoping for pos 360 to fail and then we have a duel between hardcore gamers on the ps3 vs casual gamers on wii

Posted at 3:02PM on Jul 19th 2007 by shase

10. @13

I am not really pro-ps3 but i think since this IS a PS3 site many people probably dont want to hear the negative bashings PS3 would get in like kotaku, joystiq etc. Like you working for Coca Cola and say "yeah Pepsi is better right now but we are getting there". It might be the truth but it's definitely something people dont want to hear...

Posted at 3:41PM on Jul 19th 2007 by shase

11. @shase: Yeah my thoughts exactly, I started coming on this site mainly because I thought there would be less 360 trolls immaturely bashing anything that contained the word Sony in its topics. Yes there is definately much less bashing here but aferall it a dam PS3 site.

@TheSh0wstopper: Sorry I may have been a bit harsh, but I was mainly venting on you about how annoying it is to have every single shred of Sony news scrutinized and spun negatively EVERY TIME, its not once in a while, ITS EVERY TIME ON EVERY SITE. If I wanted to hear your side of the argument I can go on every single other game site and hear that perspective until I go blue in the face and yank all my dam hair out, THAT POINT OF VIEW IS EVERYWHERE ELSE WE DON'T REALLY WANT TO HEAR IT HERE... thank you

Posted at 5:25PM on Jul 19th 2007 by never$$hort

12. I have to laugh when you say "Sorry I may have been a bit harsh" and then follow it up with another bash.

I do agree with you and showstopper isn't lying about those stats.

Posted at 5:29PM on Jul 19th 2007 by Andy

13. No one said he's lying about the stats, I know those are the current stats, I've been hearing and reading about them for months, but thats entirely the point..Do I need to read them on PS3Fanboy in an article titled "Kaz Hirai headlining Tokyo Game Show"??? No, I can go to Gamespot when I want hear/read all the negative spins, stats and listen to all of the bashing on PS3 to my hearts content.

Posted at 5:41PM on Jul 19th 2007 by never$$hort

14. I reckon he'll d the hilarious presentation gaff, rolling through slides, one after another and then, slip in a slide showing a semi naked lady!

That would be soooooooooo funny!

Posted at 5:57PM on Jul 19th 2007 by Ian

15. I see your point but I have a much more on topic point.

MLB 07 update is awesome. No lag.
I now know what it feels like to lose in extras as I was playing(I was the Twins playing against the Red Sox) in the tenth David Ortiz hit a walkoff two run homerun.

If you rented/bought/tryed MLB 07 online before Monday you need to try it again. Best online sports game I have played to date.

Posted at 6:38PM on Jul 19th 2007 by Andy

16. I see your point but I have a much more on topic point.

MLB 07 update is awesome. No lag.
I now know what it feels like to lose in extras as I was playing(I was the Twins playing against the Red Sox) in the tenth David Ortiz hit a walkoff two run homerun.

If you rented/bought/tryed MLB 07 online before Monday you need to try it again. Best online sports game I have played to date.

Posted at 6:39PM on Jul 19th 2007 by Andy

17. why are there so many people bitching about negative "spins".

what do u have to worry about????

if anything, take those negative "spins" as constructive criticism..well i guess sony should, and the poeple bitching just accept it there is a bad part to it. your console isnt going to be perfect, there is nothing wrong with hearing about the negatives, lol. the people putting negative "spins" couldnt be lieng, just making it sound negative. sometimes these people sound like religeos fanatics, ZOMG! look at what these athiest are saying, some christians might convert!!111!!!1

btw, since everyone is saying what they own, i might as well. i have a 360, currently gone for repair lolz. second time. pretty lame, prly from all those movies that my parents watch Allll day. first time, sending and recieving took 1 week befor ei could play again, now they said FUCKING 4-6 WEEKS*WEEP* atelast it wont happen, they are obviously changing something

also, i like reading about the ps3, just to make sure i didnt make a mistake by getting the 360 :P so far so good, most of all.

Posted at 5:58AM on Jul 23rd 2007 by Irwin

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