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American PSN Store updates for July 19th

The EU PSN got updated earlier today with a demo of The Darkness. All very exciting. Until we see what's up on the US store. Oh how we cried with envy. Seriously, lots of tears. Anyway, here's the list of updates for this week:
  • Castlevania: Symphony of the Night PS1 game for PSP/PS3 ($9.99)
  • inFAMOUS E3 Trailer (free)
  • Two Gran Turismo 5 Prologue E3 Trailers (free)
  • Ratchet and Clank: Future Trailer (free)
  • Heavenly Sword Making-of video (free)
  • The Brothers Solomon Movie trailer (free)
  • Resident Evil: Extinction Movie trailer (free)
  • I Am Legend Movie trailer (free)
  • The Big One Movie trailer (free)
  • Underdog Movie trailer (free)
Oh Sony, you've done us proud. No leaks, no announcements, just a game release. Not to mention the excellent inFAMOUS trailer from E3. We'll be downloading Castlevania: SOTN as soon as we've finished this post. What about you?

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21. Okay Captain Obvious, listen up. If you'd actually just take a minute and read what people here have to say, you'd realize that many of us have expressed the same sentiment as you. Only difference is that do it without sounding like whiney little girls.

Posted at 1:25AM on Jul 20th 2007 by upz

22. Even though this week is kinda a letdown for playables, I'm quite looking forward to next week... And as far as the 360 is concerned, fuck that shit. Get your ass on over to THAT fanboy site and post that shit. I'm sick of hearing from dual console owners who obviously aren't adult enough to have patience or pleasure with an adults toy.

Posted at 1:44AM on Jul 20th 2007 by Consolcwby

23. Kinetic

If you own all 3 next gen consols than why would you fuss about spending that 600$ on a ps3??? I mean it would seem that u have the money. And besides.... xbl is monthly subscription fee.... Compared to free wifi on ps3 playing games or not... U are being leeched by ur xbox every month, sooner or later it will add up... And that commetn about time, good things take time to produce where as half fast content can be easily whipped out into the public. I think u shud consider Sony's point of view on this one. Its the next gen, were tired of last gen content. Good things come to people who wait...

Posted at 5:08AM on Jul 20th 2007 by johnxmzzhang

24. Wow, XBL has more content than the PSN?

I guess something being released A YEAR EARLIER makes a difference.

Jesus, some people have no concept of time. BTW I bought Castlevania yesterday and played it for hours. Next to Aria of Sorrow, that's one of the best Castlevania games of all time. Being able to collect money, items and powerups and buy new stuff in the shop is a big part of SOTN. If anyone likes 2d Castlevania games, go ahead and get it, $10 is cheap for one of the best 2d side-scrollers of all time.

Posted at 8:20AM on Jul 20th 2007 by Popfrogs

25. I agree with Kinetic. I'm getting more and more upset that my ps3 is just sitting there with no demos to play. When I see demos going to 360 for the same games that are suppose to be on ps3 and we don't get jack. Its messed up. Well see how many of you are screaming next week if the heavenly sword demo doesn't come out like people think it is.

Posted at 9:07AM on Jul 20th 2007 by drdre74

26. I'm with TheSh0wstopper. I'll also point out to Popfrogs that XBL has existed for way longer than a year - it was on the original Xbox.

I've been pretty satisfied with Sony so far - and for those who haven't figured it out yet, you should create three PSN names - one for JP, one for UK, and one for US. This way you get access to everything each store offers. And the content works across logins I believe, so in reality, there's no reason not to do it. In fact, other than maybe language barriers and currency exchange, there's no reason to have 3 seperate stores. I hope that Home does away with that kind of thing, cause it's just ridiculous.

Posted at 9:37AM on Jul 20th 2007 by James

27. Digital is not including any Hi-Def cables with your high def system for your 7.1s and 1080ps.

Digital is actually a way data is stored and transferred, as opposed to an analog signal.

Digital is rumble. I get so pissed when I get shot in RFOM and don't feel it. Rumble is a last-gen feature, though - eh Sony?!

Digital is a unified community experience. Not having to hop back to the system screen every time you want to see if a friend is online.

Digital is background downloading WHILE you watch a movie, or play an offline game.

Posted at 9:49AM on Jul 20th 2007 by CFICARE

28. Hey, I own all three consoles. Non the less, when Xbox 360 came out, they were already releasing downloadable content including demos, arcade games, movie trailers, etc. There is no excuse for Sony to not be doing the same thing. Give me something for the $450 I spent on your 60gb New console

Posted at 9:50AM on Jul 20th 2007 by Lil Smurth

29. See this is the type of defend at all costs BS I was talking about. I showed this tread to a few people who are scratching their heads like WTF? These guys are defending Sony?

For the record I am not a "fanboy". I just call it the way I see it. Also just because I can afford something does not mean I want to "waste" money on something. I pay for my XBL subscription once a year because I get an excellent value from it. There isnt one week when my 360 goes unused. So how is that being a fanboy? Truth hurts doesn't it?

Furthermore Why do I care that sony came out later? Ever hear of hitting the gate running? Do you really think Sony started working on PS3 a year after the 360 came out? They had plenty of time to get a good plan in place and make it happen for launch. They had plenty of time to make sure that we were getting the most out of our consoles at launch with several good launch titles. They had plenty of time to make sure that they had a plan in place for demos and betas BEFORE a game's release. And they Microsoft set the bar so why not one up them?!!

I mean come's SONY we are talking about here! They can make a kickass movie in under a year! You really think its a lack of capability that stops them from making us happy RIGHT NOW? Its some pencil neck executive's idea. Its just laziness. (By the way...HS Demo has been complete for some time now. Why not put it on the friggin PSN?)

Point is if you don't stop defending this crap and demand better they will continue to screw with their customers. Hense the term "fanboy". Be a man and demand better from the companies you purchase from.

By the way TheSh0wstopper - EXCUSES are like assholes. There seem to be enough assholes at sony.

Posted at 9:52AM on Jul 20th 2007 by kineticvision

30. TheSh0wstopper

In you earlier post you gave a (very weak) defense of sony and the ps3 thus far. That is why I called you a fanboy.

Look the questions are simple -

1) Is sony capable of delivering better right now if they really wanted to? (YES)

2) Should Sony be delivering better? (YES)

3) Are they doing the absolute best they can? (NO)

4) Are they, as of today, delivering the best content (games, demos, betas, or digital video) on any of the 3 next ge consoles (Heeeeell to tha NO)

Okay...looks like we have our answer on Sony. When (or if) they do better I'll sing their praises. But today they just suck. I wont gve them priases for what they are capable of doing or what they might do in the future. Thats like me saying the George W. Bush is a great president because somewhere deep down inside he has the capabillity to a good president. Right now he sucks so I'm gonna say he sucks.

What really pisses me off is instead of shipping a complete console with complete software,they keep doing these little piss ant updates (from 1.8 - 1.82). WTF!! Why did you release a console that was not ready???.... Nevermind. Another subject for another day.

Posted at 10:27AM on Jul 20th 2007 by kineticvision

31. Kinetic, are you dense?

Showstopper's point (and mine before him) was that you're right on many accounts, but the way you rant and whine like a hobo on the Fourth of July is the reason no one listens to you. There are certainly people that will defend Sony at all costs, but plenty of others are level-headed enough to openly admit that the PSN needs a lot of work.

And for the record, if we are indeed to believe that Heavenly Sword will be released in September, it makes much more business sense to release the demo closer to the retail release date. I'd love to see the game in motion as much as you, but the reality is that Sony is in this industry to make money. Don't kid yourself for a second that Sony, or Microsoft for that matter, are in this just to keep you fat and happy.

Posted at 11:04AM on Jul 20th 2007 by upz

32. Wow. TheSh0wstopper steps in and finally says something nice about Sony, and it turns into another internet pissing match. From what I've seen, he wins, but ultimately it doesn't matter.

Posted at 12:23PM on Jul 20th 2007 by Popfrogs

33. @kenetic

"WTF!! Why did you release a console that was not ready???"
oh yeah you got sony their realesing hardware with 1% failure rate. why they rush everything WHY.

and the 360 oh yeah now thats a spanking console right there. 33% failure rate, rrod no problem 3 year warranty baby, ms is so nice either that or they where avoiding many a class action lawsuits, i think they did it cuz their nice thougth. MS ftw

Posted at 1:13PM on Jul 20th 2007 by pete

34. oh and stupid updates, how dare they add functionality to my console in what seems a monthly basis, BASTARDS.

Posted at 1:15PM on Jul 20th 2007 by pete

35. Its funny how no one mention that David Jaffe's Calling All Cars is on sale at $7.99. I am thinking about picking that one up as soon as I upgrade my hard drive....

Posted at 1:33PM on Jul 20th 2007 by RPGJock

36. Well

Posted at 3:28PM on Jul 20th 2007 by Andy

37. The Darkness demo is pretty sick actually. My only concern is having to constantly go stealth and check out the area with my darkness demon heads. And on that subject, these guys don't have any response to my demon heads zeroing in on them about to eat their face? It seems as if I can just go up to anyone and eat their face off to my heart's content with no risk involved. Nevertheless, the opening was sick, as is the gameplay, but a first person shooter that doesn't focus enough on shooting (besides shooting lights) doesn't warrant a $60 purchase for me.

Plus I just got Sigma, which of course owns.

Posted at 2:07AM on Jul 21st 2007 by knickf2j

38. Yea Castlevania is cool and all, but I paid $60 for mine when it first came out on PS1, as much as I'd love to buy this for my ps3/psp it would have been nice if it was the same price as the other psone games Sony is offering on the PSN, instead of 4$ more expensive, I can't justify spending $10 on a game I already own, and spent $60+ on, now if it was 6.99 like the others are for me up here, then I'd be considering it, and probably still be a hard purchase seeing as I own it already, if it was 4.99 or lower, then you'd have gotten an easy $5 out of someone who already spent 60$ on the very same game, just so he could play that game on his psp... $10.99 is outrageous when I do all the math, and weigh everything out. for someone who doesn't own this game it's a helluva bargain, too bad Sony hasn't given us a way to port our own ps1 games to the psp, homebrew's done it... why can't Sony? I'd pay 30-100 for a program like that, and they truly should work out a proof of purchase scheme where if someone owns the psone game already they can send the upc symbol of the game, and get a discount off the title on the PSN... idunno something ... anything, I want this game... but can't spend that much on a game I already own.

Posted at 5:13AM on Jul 23rd 2007 by Kedaro

39. WTF? If I wanted to play castlevania I would have kept my ps1. Why can't we get the Darkness demo instead of some old POS ps1 game? Really Sony W.T.F?

Posted at 4:51PM on Jul 26th 2007 by wainair

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