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New PS3 game by the developer of Katamari Damacy announced

At the PlayStation Premiere event in Tokyo today Namco Bandai announced a new game that is in development for the PS3. The game, titled Nobi Nobi Boy ("nobi" meaning "to stretch" in Japanese), is the brainchild of Keita Takahashi, creator of Katamari Damacy. While there is no information about the game, there are a few pieces of artwork which can be seen at IGN.

This is great news, as we've only just got over losing Katamari, so knowing that there is another game in the same vein being developed will help us get through these dark days. We're intrigued to find out more about this game and expect more details to become available relatively soon.

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1. oh man I hope they don't change the name

Posted at 8:39AM on Jul 17th 2007 by LS

2. It's not "exciting" unless it's a ps3 exclusive... i am betting MS is sending its dumptruck with money to NamcoBandai right now

Posted at 9:21AM on Jul 17th 2007 by shase

3. So f*****g what!? The game is going to be stupid and I don't give a D**n if MS got that stupid Kamatri or whatever game. JEsus

Posted at 9:38AM on Jul 17th 2007 by brettjr

4. People freak out because Katamari goes to another console. But you have to remember we've had 2 Katamari games. The publishers are just trying to expand their brand and see how well Katamari does on another system. Katamari and We

Posted at 9:41AM on Jul 17th 2007 by Jonathan

5. This is the difference between Microsoft and Sony. MS does nothing apart from buying out old successful IPs, and perhaps funding this or that new SHOOTER, but Sony really invests in indy developers (fl0w, Everyday Shooter) and funds new innovative IPs. LittleBigPlanet, LocoRoco, Echochrome, and now Nobi Nobi Boy :)

Posted at 10:32AM on Jul 17th 2007 by Bored

6. Awesome. As soon as we lose the first(second?) Katamari game NOT done by the actual creator, we get a NEW game created by the Katamari creator. The irony...

My only deal with the Katamari thing is that I like how you can scale from the size of an ant to larger than the planet, without having to load or the level ending half way through. The PS2 couldn't really handle going from both ends of the scale spectrum, so that's something I really wanted to experience. Plus im always down for new Katamari maps and levels, so it would have been fun.

My predictions:
-M$ will eventually get this game too, if not simultaneously with PS3
-PS3 will eventually get a new Katamari game, and it might even include all of the stuff we missed out on in the cancelled game
-Keita Takahashi will continue to make new IP's support them for a few games, and then hand them over to NamcoBandai over and over, and we will get a good handful of different unique series from him
-Each time the IP's are handed to NamcoBandai, they will suck initially but get better, as he wouldn't be helping them(see PSP Katamari)

Posted at 11:28AM on Jul 17th 2007 by OrganicShadow

7. i was sad :( to see katamari go the way of the xbox, and i never played nor did i know katamari graced the psp. my chick and i still play the original on ps2 all the time, so i will be looking forward to this game closely, if its half as good as katamari id get it.

Posted at 3:14PM on Jul 17th 2007 by pete


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