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DiRT for the PS3 "looks fantastic compared to the 360"

PlayStation 3 owners currently have to deal with some headaches when it comes to third party multiplatform titles. Games like Rainbow 6 and GRAW 2 come months and months after the 360/PC versions and games like The Darkness that arrive on time frequently are missing a couple of the graphical flourishes found on the other versions. It's frustrating though not entirely unexpected considering the complexity of the PS3 and it's shorter time on the market. Fortunately, as developers get more accustomed to developing for the PlayStation 3 they're getting better and better at making the PS3 version of multiplatform games.

Codemaster's DiRT is a good example, while it is arriving a couple months after the PC/360 version it's not a huge delay and it appears that the time isn't being spent simply bringing the PS3 version up to the quality of the 360 version. No, according to a Gamespot interview, the time is being spent making the PS3 one better than the other versions. The developer espouses at length about how much better the PS3 version will be, saying that it "looks fantastic compared to the 360." He further explains that the framerate is better, that there is full support for all the PS2 steering wheels, and that they now have full uncompressed 7.1 surround sound -- something 'the 360 didn't allow us to do.'

Great news all around for PS3 owners frustrated about the delay of the highly anticipated racer. While it's always nice getting a game as soon as possible, getting a better game by waiting a couple months is a pretty solid trade-off. DiRT will be out this fall (around September) and according to the developer we'll also be getting a demo before then, so keep an eye on the PS Store for more gorgeous offroad racing.

[Via N4G]

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1. dope! i'm still not gonna buy it, dope non the less!

Posted at 3:10PM on Jul 12th 2007 by pete

2. Its too bad this game doesn't even MILDLY interest me. Where is GT5??

Posted at 3:11PM on Jul 12th 2007 by T H

3. (it wasn't 5.1) He said 7.1 uncompressed surround which the Xbox 360 can't support. I have a 7.1 system and it's a big difference adding the other 2 speaks..

Posted at 3:14PM on Jul 12th 2007 by Shaun

4. Believe it or not i bought a ps3 for DiRT because i didn't want to upgrade my PC. After it was delayed i was Very disappointed. This is GREAT news!

Posted at 3:17PM on Jul 12th 2007 by Moe

5. Shaun,
Whoops, thanks. I misheard him (silly British accents). Post has been updated.


Posted at 3:23PM on Jul 12th 2007 by Colin.Torretta

6. This is cool

Posted at 3:28PM on Jul 12th 2007 by ToXicDecree

7. Excellent, I *almost* bought this for the 360 then I thought "Well, let's wait to see how the PS3 version turns out." Now I'm glad I did!

Posted at 3:36PM on Jul 12th 2007 by GRT

8. It does look great compared to the 360. Although Dirt is not a game I would want to play.


Posted at 3:45PM on Jul 12th 2007 by SteveMB

9. Don't want to be a troll, but the vids looks the same for me ... looks like classic developer bu***hit (except for the 7.1 which doesn't make a big difference since I have already explode my ears with Metallica), the guy want to sell his game, that's all.

Posted at 3:48PM on Jul 12th 2007 by eddyk

10. Was this game developed for PC initially?

I haven't heard any news about porting from PC to PS3 so maybe it is easier and will produce a better looking game.

Just a random question
How do people find out that games have bad framerates? Even games that have bad frame rates I can't tell.

Posted at 4:11PM on Jul 12th 2007 by Andy

11. yea graphically the game looks like its the same. i am assuming the frame rate will be say 60 while the PC and 360 version is around 30. doesn't make much of a difference given its 30 fps smooth so i doubt i will see much improvement.

the 7.1 thing is interesting and i cant imagine how sweet that would be in a racing game but for the average student like me upgrading to 5.1 is still a distant dream.

in the end i think the dude's making the claims just for PR for the release. i wont complain however if the tweaks to the neon engine were available via XBL though....

Posted at 4:26PM on Jul 12th 2007 by WTangoFoxtrot

12. @10
no mate, the PC and the 360 have the same base architecture. porting from the PC or from the 360 to the PS3 is equally troublesome.

Posted at 4:28PM on Jul 12th 2007 by WTangoFoxtrot

13. Finally we can prove to the 3fixme fanboys that we were right all along!!!!

Posted at 4:42PM on Jul 12th 2007 by CJ

14. Codemasters has already admitted to being deep in development of DiRT 2 that will have MUCH better online play (as one example of improvements)....

Why they announce this when they haven't even sold DiRT 1 yet is beyond me....

I'll wait for DiRT 2 thanks.


Matthew Horsman, DiRT's chief game designer, said that the team has been listening to comments from gamers about what they did and didn't like about the original game. "All the stuff people didn't like about the first DiRT will be changed for DiRT 2," he explained, and then promised that "DiRT 2's online mode will offer a much more embellished experience so everyone will be happy."

Horsman also revealed that the team has been working with COG, the online arm of Codemasters, and that DiRT 2's multiplayer game will 'be a big surprise'. Our money is on a fully-fledged multiplayer experience with multi-car races rather than DiRT's online leaderboard system.

Posted at 4:49PM on Jul 12th 2007 by Kspraydad

15. DiRT2 really needs to have better multiplayer than DiRT1 - because, yikes, calling DiRT1 having multiplayer is a insult to all multiplayer games out there. You can only talk to one person at a time (after finishing the race - not while driving! you could do that outside of the game as well via private chat - with about the same (non-)comfort of going to a special menu and selecting the person you want to talk to..) and the only thing you see of anybody else racing against you is your rank on the leaderboard.
brrrrrrrr..... Please - bring on DiRT2 asap, the racing and the rest of the game is great (as far as singleplayer goes), but the replay value is in multiplayer done right.

Posted at 5:04PM on Jul 12th 2007 by olv

16. Kspraydad- that dont really mean that much because it still wont be released for at least another year so we have plenty of time to still play the BETTER version on the ps3

Posted at 5:06PM on Jul 12th 2007 by hazerulez

17. no mate, the PC and the 360 have the same base architecture. porting from the PC or from the 360 to the PS3 is equally troublesome.

Damn. I wasn't sure so thats for clearing that up.

Posted at 5:11PM on Jul 12th 2007 by Andy

18. @ CJ

"Finally we can prove to the 3fixme fanboys that we were right all along!!!!"

Ha ha! This isn't proof. It doesn't mean anything but that PS3 is getting more development time. If this is proof... then why is VF5 coming to the 360 with better graphics, play mechanics, and online features?? For the same reason... more development time.

Posted at 5:18PM on Jul 12th 2007 by The Truth

19. "then why is VF5 coming to the 360 with better graphics, play mechanics, and online features?? For the same reason... more development time."

No, actually it's because developers are getting used to the PS3 Dev kits... as supposed to before, when the PS3 FIRST came out.

It's certainly not more development time. Why do you think they've released the 360 version at this time of the year?

Because it's obvious to them they've come to an understandable max, there's a reason why the developers want to keep pushing the PS3's capabilities even further... because, they can.


Posted at 5:43PM on Jul 12th 2007 by Jase

20. i wished all the 360 fanboys would see that more dev time will be no problem soon as developers will be used to how the ps3 works and it will look better PERIOD!!! All these breaks in dev time will phase out by next year and multi-plat games will all be released at the same time with the ps3 having the upper edge!!!

Posted at 5:46PM on Jul 12th 2007 by CJ

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