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US PSN updated - trailers galore

As promised, the PlayStation Store has now been updated with plenty of E3 content. Some from the Sony Press Conference itself and some from, no doubt, the floor of E3. We've laid out a full list of content available now below, but we want to start by asking: "Where is the Press Conference itself?" It's not a huge deal, but it was promised. Who knows, maybe we'll see some more content being put up as the days go by. We'll keep you updated.
  • Metal Gear Solid 4 Trailer
  • Killzone 2 Trailer
  • PS3 E3 '07 "Sizzle" video
  • Lair Trailer
  • Call of Duty 4: Modern Warrior Trailer
  • Unreal Tournament 3 Trailer
  • High Velocity Bowling Trailer
  • Warhawk Trailer
  • LittleBigPlanet "Create" Trailer
  • Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Trailer
  • PAIN Trailer
  • Folklore Trailer
  • BlackSite: Area 51 Trailer
  • Go! Sports Ski Trailer
  • Blast Factor Advanced Research Trailer
  • Everyday Shooter Trailer
  • Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice Trailer
  • E3 '07 Closing Video
So go get! We'll let you know when/if anything new comes up.

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Reader Comments

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1. My votes:

Best Trailer: LBP "Create"
Most Potential: Killzone 2
Looking forward to: Unreal Tournament 3
Worst background music EVER: E3 '07 closing video. I'm not even kidding, download it and see.

Posted at 5:33PM on Jul 11th 2007 by Instant Dave

2. Hey, I think you guys forgot to put a tag in there... the rest of the page is showing up in italics.

Posted at 5:44PM on Jul 11th 2007 by VRTemjin

3. I agree with #1 somewhat, LBP was awesome, but so was MGS 4 trailer. Killzone 2 has the potential to be unbelievable, look at the subtle things, like the lighting affects when lightning is striking as they are landing. Also look at the draw distance and everything going on in the background, there is so much going on it is really like watching an intense war movie, no other game has had that much going on screen while looking that good before.

However, I disagree with your worst music pick, I actually kinda like it, at first it sounded weird, but once the orchestral part started it sounded immense and somewhat soothing. Trust me it's way better than trailers that have blaring screaming metal playing, or prepubescent teenagers singing 'emo' songs in some sports trailers, those make me go insane.

Posted at 5:46PM on Jul 11th 2007 by Deathalo

4. no demos?????

Posted at 5:49PM on Jul 11th 2007 by kirk r

5. @3, I guess it all boils down to personal preference over the song. I'll admit I may have been a tad hasty with it, since it's been deleted, but I do agree that many game trailers these days have crap for music.

Actually, when I read the title of it, (E3 '07 Closing) I was kinda hoping it was the "closing" part of the keynote speech, so I downloaded it to check. Sadly, 'twas not.

There was a comment on the Killzone 2 developers story that said that the trailers were going up at 3 PST, but they came up a bit early. Maybe there'll be a second wave that hits in five minutes... but I doubt it. Sadface, I was really looking forward to seeing the keynote.

Posted at 5:55PM on Jul 11th 2007 by Instant Dave

6. ive heard alot about a heavenly sword demo tomorrow

Posted at 5:55PM on Jul 11th 2007 by Toby

7. the music in the closing video sounds like its repeating "halo halo halo halo halo halo halo halo" for almost the whole thing. kinda wierd eh?

Posted at 5:56PM on Jul 11th 2007 by DxG

8. I don't know if anyone else noticed, but there are some "hidden" trailers lying around the PSN as well. The ones I've come across so far are:

LittleBigPlanet E# '07 Booth (Games> Downloadble Games> Super Rub a Dub)
Heavenly Sword E3 '07 Booth (Games> PS1 Classics)
SingStar (Forgot where)

There are supposedly 7 total hidden trailers, and I've only found those 3 so far.

Posted at 5:58PM on Jul 11th 2007 by KyleMistry

9. Hidden trailers...Geeze I don't want to have and do work..Yes I want some demos please...

Posted at 6:08PM on Jul 11th 2007 by acedoh

10. ...
i'm just disappointed about no rumblaxis.
guess i was expecting too much.
ahhh well.
still looking forward to what's coming up.

Posted at 6:12PM on Jul 11th 2007 by Alex

11. @11

Rumble should be announced by TGS, I hear they are just working out the battery kinks.

Posted at 6:20PM on Jul 11th 2007 by Deathalo

12. And f**k us europeans then......thanks

Posted at 6:31PM on Jul 11th 2007 by Brian

13. lol Call of duty 4 modern warrior! Its modern warfare.

Posted at 6:57PM on Jul 11th 2007 by importuner93

14. Yes, I was pretty disappointed that the Keynote itself is not on PSN. I was looking forward to it the most and did not choose to watch live coverage! I just hope they are editing it and will post it on PSN later on.

Posted at 7:16PM on Jul 11th 2007 by Stan

15. US ONLY! What a load of crap! All Xbox regions is getting E3 content why doesn't sony do the same for the PSN!

Posted at 7:29PM on Jul 11th 2007 by Mark

16. Just sign up for a US account. Sheesh.

Posted at 7:48PM on Jul 11th 2007 by ck

17. apparently you can only queue 16 stuff in the background downloader at one time^^ all those trailers all that background downloading

Posted at 7:54PM on Jul 11th 2007 by Kxpuc

18. There is no reason why I ( I live in Norway ) should have to make an US account just to get the E3 content.
Why are Sony refusing, over and over again to give us something on the PS store.
I know I can create a US account, but that is not the point. This whole thing Sony are doing with refusing to give something for us in europe is starting to get irritating.

Posted at 2:55AM on Jul 12th 2007 by Dingz73

19. Yeah, I agree. The Playstation 3 video of games at the end, after Haze was shown was very disappointing.

It provided ABSOLUTELY NO REASON to buy a Playstation 3 in the year 2007, because EVERY one of those 16 games shown is also on the Xbox 360.

What's worse is that the Xbox 360 versions of those multi-platform games are BETTER!

For example, the Xbox 360 version of Assassins Creed and Virtua Fighter 5 both have better Artificial Intelligence than the Playstation 3 versons.

And the Xbox 360 version of Virtua Fighter 5 even has Online play not included in the PS3 version.

All of the Football games shown on Sony's video will be better on the Xbox 360, too.

Madden Football 2008, NCAA College Football 2008, and All-Pro Football 2K8 will all run at 60 frames per second at resolution upconverted to 1080p on the Xbox 360, while the PS3 versions will only run at 30 frames per second. THAT SUCKS for the PS3!

Xbox 360 even gets "The Complete" version of Grand Theft Auto 4 with 20 extra hours of gameplay that comes from two extra episodes.

And the Call of Duty 4 beta will only be available on Xbox 360.

If I was Sony, I would not have shown that video at the end, because the Xbox 360 has such a big advantage in terms of the way third-party games end up better with better performance and more features on Xbox 360.

Posted at 8:35AM on Jul 12th 2007 by Sam

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