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Confirmed: $100 price drop, new 80GB PS3 coming August

The PS3 is now $499, effective immediately. In addition, a new SKU will come out in August, ringing in at $599. It will include the previously exclusive-to-Korea 80GB PS3, as well as the full retail version of Motorstorm.

While it is interesting that Sony is moving back to two SKUs, the new $599 package doesn't sound particularly enticing. Motorstorm is a fantastic game and the extra 20 GB is nice, but paying an extra $100 for it seems a bit expensive. How does it tickle your fancy?

[Thanks Myke C!]

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1. I got a feeling that people who will be paying 600 dollars will get a juicy something also, but I guess that will be left to E3.

So, kudo to sony for 2 reasons:

1... countering xbox's extending warranty with an even bigger news. Great PR right there going into E3. now, let's hit a home run with more great games.

2... leaked 1 weeks before the official date, that is sure better than 4 weeks xbox elite held. ;)

Posted at 9:58PM on Jul 8th 2007 by kingofwale

2. heeeelllllll naaaahhhhh

Posted at 10:02PM on Jul 8th 2007 by Justin

3. I KNEW IT! And I'll bet the 60 gb is going to lose wireless internet and a few USB ports just like the 20 gb.

Posted at 10:15PM on Jul 8th 2007 by Sean

4. Published early? Not according to this quote:

"The announcement comes two days before the E3 Media & Business Summit in Santa Monica, Calif., where dozens of industry heavyweights including Sony rivals Microsoft Corp. and Nintendo Co. are expected to show off their latest games and related products."

Unless E3 got pushed back a week :) , this was published when intended...

Great news, I can't wait to be d/ling HD movies to my PS3! Yeah yeah, I know the 360 can do that now, but you need to crank the volume to where the neighbors calls the cops just so you can hear the dialog over the 360's fans. Plus no way I'm giving MS $180 for a bigger hard drive.

Posted at 10:17PM on Jul 8th 2007 by GRT

5. 80 gig harddrive and a free game,
so that is a 20 additional gigs and a 60 dollar game for a hundred more than the 60 gig. you don't even get to choose which game (Motorstorm of course is upper tier game...) still doesn't seem like a good deal to me. Does anyone think the 80 gig model is a good deal compared to the 60 gig? but i guess the big question is how will Microsoft respond?

Posted at 10:38PM on Jul 8th 2007 by dradiant

6. >I'll bet the 60 gb is going to lose wireless internet and a few USB ports just like the 20 gb.

I will take that bet, how much will you wager?

and no, I will not take your RROD 360 off your hand. ;)

Posted at 10:54PM on Jul 8th 2007 by kingofwale

7. The 80 gigger will come with the new rumble controller . The 60 giggers will then be phased out. The price cut is basically the only way to unload the 60 gig rumbleless ps3s before the new sku. They will drop the new sku down to 500 bucks before christmas.

Posted at 10:59PM on Jul 8th 2007 by Thaddeus Whithed

8. this was totally published as intended .. its been on the wire since friday sans the fairplay xbox 360 bit .. bloggers need to get some AP access ;)

Posted at 11:00PM on Jul 8th 2007 by WhackMushroom

9. The lower price on the 60gb is to clear inventory so that the 60gb can eventually be phased out.. much like the 20gb version. The 80gb will take its place at the higher price point and lower cost of production (its based on the non-EE Korean version).

Then, in a few months, the price of the 80gb will drop to (1) clear its inventory and (2) make way for a 120gb version. Thats how the PS3 model revision will be phased in.. you've gotta do something with that existing inventory.

no. 3 is a moron

Posted at 11:01PM on Jul 8th 2007 by humpty

10. If the 60GB version remains unchanged, I cannot see this selling at all. I wouldn't think anyone would see more percieved value with this than with the 60gig model, especially considering hard drives are user replaceable and dropping in price all the time. (hint: the 60gig is more 'worth it'),

Unless you really, really want motorstorm, I guess.

Posted at 11:02PM on Jul 8th 2007 by uberwaffle

11. ah ... i see this was via engadget .. people getting back from the beach i guess ;)

Posted at 11:06PM on Jul 8th 2007 by WhackMushroom

12. yea i can only see this selling to uninformed people, who unfortunately wander into a store where the employees don't know jack about what they sell, to buy their PS3's. since the PS3 is already easily upgradeable on the HDD side, i would say there has to be more to it like maybe included rumble controllers like someone else mentioned since i seriously doubt they would downgrade the 60gb SKU. only time will tell. bring on E3 already!

Posted at 11:20PM on Jul 8th 2007 by B1gC72

13. I'd like to think it will get rumble as well. I haven't missed it in any of my games so far, but it will shut some people up.

Luckily rumble is all in the controller and games, so anyone that has a 60 now can pick up a new controller if they want it. There will probably be a firmware update to go with as well.

Posted at 11:27PM on Jul 8th 2007 by trev

14. >yea i can only see this selling to uninformed people,

no offense, as much as I want everybody to get a PS3, i don't think any 'uninformed people' would throw out 500 dollars for a game console, Heck, I don't even throw out 50 bucks for a game I don't know.

Posted at 11:28PM on Jul 8th 2007 by kingofwale

15. Well! The 80gb arent coming until August.. so, maybe they will announce then that it will have the Rumble controller. just in time for the rumble patch for MotorStorm?

Posted at 11:31PM on Jul 8th 2007 by humpty

16. Eh.. I think they shoulda made this part of the price drop really. But then again who knows. I mean Sonys denying the Price Drop right now anywys arnt they? nah.. unlikely. But would be cool if that was the case.

Posted at 11:32PM on Jul 8th 2007 by Murry

17. Yeah, it is official, and here is the first box shot! :

Posted at 11:37PM on Jul 8th 2007 by Rivithed

18. dont believe this one. Local news groups like this dont get special info from big name companies like sony before anyone else. Their sources are other news sources. The 80gb sku is only about Korea, the US and Canada was a rumour also surfacing the web and the price drop is from the leaked info from the circuit city ad. trust me local news stations suck at getting straight facts. and their source is directly from them, its from other news sources that they just threw into to make a full story.

Posted at 11:41PM on Jul 8th 2007 by Se7enwolf

19. It's real, but the story was supposed to be embargoed until 3 a.m. tomorrow.

Posted at 11:54PM on Jul 8th 2007 by Ozyman666

20. The price drop is confirmed....effective....without being able to read the rest of the WSJ article I suspect the rest is also the only question is should I return my PS3 now (since I'm still within my 30 days at Amazon) and wait for this new one to come out....decisions, decisions....


Posted at 12:00AM on Jul 9th 2007 by Kenneth H.

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