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Medal of Honor: Airborne delayed for PS3

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, everyone, but it seems those of you waiting for your Medal of Honor: Airborne fix are going to have to wait a bit longer than owners of other consoles. In another cheap move by EA (who we believe more and more to be lazy developers who don't even try to optimize their games for each system ... why won't their sports games be at 60fps on the PS3, but will on the 360? We know the system can handle it, so the fault clearly lies within the developer house), PS3 owners get to wait an extra couple of months.

Due out by the end of August initially, MoH:A has been pushed to a November release. A time where they will have to deal with much more important titles as competition. While no clear reason for this delay was explained, we're pretty sure we know why. We highlighted it above. The PS3 is harder to develop for, so the port from 360 to PS3 is giving them troubling results. Instead of optimizing performance for the PS3 itself, they're trying to debug a faulty, most likely less-impressive, port. We could be wrong. Maybe we get extra content. Tell us your thoughts!

[via Joystiq]

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1. EA - either do it right, or don't do it at all.

This is pathetic.

Posted at 6:21PM on Jul 6th 2007 by Kyle K

2. I would totally believe EA are the problem here. Judging by some of the appalling QA on their other titles (Fight Night 3 on the 360 for instance - got many typos?), they don't care at all as long as the money comes in.

Aside from maybe Burnout Paradise I don't see myself buying any more EA published stuff.

Posted at 6:25PM on Jul 6th 2007 by ck

3. This is unforgiveable for EA in that they made so much money from the Playstation 2. And Nick you are not off base by saying it is simple laziness.

Developers used to X86 platforms are lazy. The fact is it isn't so much that the PS3 is difficult to develop for as it is the devs must learn a different way of building a title on a non-X86 platform. It requires reading, and re-learning. Something they are apparently loathe to do. It is all the more sad considering how much a little effort would pay off.

We do have to consider this may be EA (under pressure form Sony) not wanting to release another 30fps title and are instead trying to get it right. But the fact is even with extras, getting the games months later is bad for the PS3 reputation.

Posted at 6:27PM on Jul 6th 2007 by Hatchetforce

4. Thanks Nick for actually speaking up and saying this is bullshit instead of leaving it be. This is absolute horse shit that this giant game company can't fund a multiplat game on systems that have been out a good while.

They have had how much time to get a handle on things? Inexcusable...

Posted at 7:08PM on Jul 6th 2007 by OrganicShadow

5. Usual EA crap trying to due the least and get the most $ out of it.

Posted at 7:23PM on Jul 6th 2007 by Matt B

6. looks more like u guys would prefer not to have the game at all. seriously i would expect a giant games company to prioritize their games releases for an easy to program game console than a bloated BluRay player that can also do games on the side. get used to it.....

Posted at 7:25PM on Jul 6th 2007 by WTangoFoxtrot

7. Hey look! A Sony hater!


Posted at 7:29PM on Jul 6th 2007 by ck

8. wow-
you ps3 fanboys really are blinded by Sony's BS.
the simple fact is that it makes no business sense to optimize a game so much for a system which the creator's underestimated the importance of developer's tools and programming ease. If Sony wont throw them a bone, and the install base is not there, then EA must compromise between developing time and resources.

And i hate to break it to you, but NO, but the PS3 is NOT as graphically capable as the 360, hence the 30 fps comprimise by them AND visual concepts. If they could make it 60 and keep the detail, they would. Why would they cripple the port if games sell more with better graphics? The simple answer is the PS3 is not as capable graphically as the 360. EA could probably sped more time and code madden 08 from the ground up to make for 60 fps, but if they spent the same amount of optimizing time on the 360, it would look even BETTER STILL. NONE OF YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT WHEN IT COMES TO TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION, GAME DEVELOPMENT, and BUSINESS LOGISTICS.

You all can keep wishing and wishing, and praying for the future to prove me wrong, but the simple matter is the 360 has a better graphics card. PERIOD. Cell cannot channel any graphical power through RSX since RSX ultimately must display everything. RSX is the bottleneck. It has a certain fill rate, the cell cannot change that. Oi, i get tired trying to explain to you fanboys how overhyped the ps3 is. It is a bargain machine for all it can do (blu ray, SACD, DVD audio, etc) but the 360 is a better games machine. Any developer who is not beholden to either company will admit this.

Oh, ad Heavenly sword, lair etc are NOT as impressive as you all say it is. Character models are compromised in HS from all ive seen. Lair looks great, but notice it's all dx 9 functionality. 360 gets closer to dx 10, not to mention it has much better anti-aliasing hardware costs due to the edram.

Posted at 7:36PM on Jul 6th 2007 by Fahmbo

9. Maybe MICROSOFT . IS INFLUENCING them in some way??? I wonder How they could do that??? money, money, money

Posted at 7:55PM on Jul 6th 2007 by Troy

10. Fahmbo sucks monkey butt.

Posted at 8:12PM on Jul 6th 2007 by Naaiif

11. ...is there ANY chance that many of these PS3 game delays are the developers adjusting for the upcoming (assumed) rumble controller?

They can't SAY that is the reason until SONY announces (E3?) but it might help explain some of these delays, no?

Posted at 8:18PM on Jul 6th 2007 by Kspraydad

12. they both still can't use directX 10 like a PC tho.

the fact is devs. could create wonders with the PS3, but are not willing to understand it's structure because of time constraints. maybe if SONY bribed the companies to do it they might, but the common (easy way) knowledge of making games for 360 is the way they can make their deadline, sadly.

the length of time between the 360 and PS3 releases are shortening tho. maybe this is a sign they are learning?

also i doubt extra content will be available. most other ports to the PS3 have been solely focused on making it work for the PS3.

which is crap of course.

VF 5 for 360 gets extra content, improved AI and an Online mode (even when the creators said it wouldn't be done). but games like GRAW 2 and RAINBOW 6 VEGAS for PS3 have had such a long time porting and with little extras upon arrival.

something fishy is going on over at EA...

Posted at 8:20PM on Jul 6th 2007 by Ryu Ryuga

13. i read a lot of gaming blogs, and ive come to conclude that ps2fanboy.com is the faux news of gaming sites. There are very few unique articles compared to xbox360fanboy and wiifanboy, and the unique articles contain incredulous amountsof needless speculation (which is betetr left to the comments) and jab after jab on the 360. the 360fanboy articles do not slam the ps3 every chance it gets. they just say more or less "sucks for sony, oh well". also this site buys into sony's bs much more than any site, even kotaku!

some hints to the admins:

- get yourself some better writers, the 13 year olds i play on xbox live arent quite cutting it as snappy blog writers. its a good effort, but it just seems like you try to hard. relax. let the words come. embrace your readers. have fun with it.
- if youre going to be an outlet of the associated press for most of your news, at least try to get it there timely.
- stop with the needless hits. the ps3 shall satnd on its own merits. while its fine mentioning and comparing consoles, theres just no need for the outright bias.
- start viewing sony in reference to its track record. microsoft is constnatly judged on the 360 based upon the merits and fgaults of windows os, bill gates, MS dominance, etc. Sony's track history of rediculou claims and lying to its customers . im just asking you to look at sony like everyone looks at microsoft.
- stop using that damn killzone 2 pre render, if you are at least label it as such

i wish the ps3 well, and will probably buy the console. I just am looking for higher quality news from this blog site, especially considering your in-network peers.

Posted at 8:20PM on Jul 6th 2007 by larsinio

14. www.ps3fanboy.com rather. i didnt spellcheck, my bad. i note the irony of the matter.

Posted at 8:21PM on Jul 6th 2007 by larsinio

15. Fahmbo - Its already be stated as the most graphically intense game to date is Ninja Gaiden Sigma. Running at 1080p 60fps is by far the best game visually on any console. So to tell me they can't pull off 60fps on a damn sports title you have to be kidding me. 2k sports can do it... NBA 07 and 08 can do it.

NG Sigma is the first game to date I've seen where the hi res still shot photos look the same as the actual gameplay. So until you own a PS3 and actually play a game built from the ground up on the PS3 you have no clue. Basically what it boils down to is...your clueless, just like your friend WTFoxtrot.

Posted at 8:22PM on Jul 6th 2007 by Stellarpimp

16. Wao...

Ninja gaiden sigma runs at 30 frames per second with no realtime shadowing, something that all xBOX 360 games have. The PS3 must have some serious bottlenecks.

And the framerates on Ridgerace, Resistance, Motor Storm and Oblivion are F-ing terrible... OMG! No matter how hard developers try, they will never get to develop graphically respectable games on the PS3.

And I just love how the xBOX 360 is going to be able to load 20 Gigs of textures on future games from id software. The MASSIVE storage capacity of DVD-9 is just incredible.

Oh and one last thing... Did you guys know that take two begged Microsoft for permission to develop extra downloadble content for the 360 and I think they even had to pay Microsoft some money. Which makes me wonder if EA had to do the same thing.

Oh well ... Long live the XBOX and may the PS3 R.I.P.

Posted at 8:24PM on Jul 6th 2007 by Nelson

17. I'm pretty much jaded to this kind of news by now. What actually does burn is that VF5 for 360 will have online play. How's that for giving excuses, then bowing to the buck?

And Fahmbo, who pissed in your Corn Flakes this morning? By the way, I know plenty about "business logistics" and can tell you that you're not even using the term properly.

Posted at 8:25PM on Jul 6th 2007 by upz

18. Fahmbo is an idiot who doesn't realize that the technical specs are FACT, meaning the PS3's processor is more powerful than the 360-FACT (and don't forget the PS3's powerful RSX GPU which was specifically made by nVidea for the ps3), meaning anything the 360 can handle, the ps3 can do, if not better. And DX10 is an app that makes it easier for the CPU/GPU to process high quality graphics more easily and get the most out of your hardware. However, the cell processor can easily do such calculations without the need for DXI0, with 8 SPUs DX is not needed for the ps3 to produce HQ graphics, especially this early in it's life cycle when no dev has even come close to tapping it's power. So next time you go on a rant in a playstation blog/ website because you have nothing else better to do with you pitiful life (or because your bored with your 360) get some facts first and better yet, go do something productive with your life.
/end rant

Posted at 8:27PM on Jul 6th 2007 by Deathalo

19. I can't tell if Nelson is being serious or sarcastic. If the sarcasm was intended, it was biting. Otherwise, I don't even know what to say about the cluelessness.

Posted at 8:33PM on Jul 6th 2007 by upz

20. Hey guys, I've noticed a lot of comments concerning Virtua Fighter 5 and it's online functionality for the 360. I'd like to point out there is a fundamental difference in "having online capabilities" and "having online capabilities that work". VF5 separates moves into individual frames of animation -- something that any amount of lag will completely obliterate the abilities of even veteran VF players. I love the game, but I'm fine without any online mode. I don't think it can be done perfectly, unless everybody is playing across some insane connection. Still, if it turns out to play well, I'll be a bit jealous, but I see no reason why it can't be patched up for the PS3.

Posted at 8:37PM on Jul 6th 2007 by ndoerr

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