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Rumor: Circuit City ads for post-E3 shows $100 price cut on the PS3

Over at Cheap Ass Gamer there is a forum regular by the name of Speedy1961 who regularly posts early pre-release leaks of ads from Circuity City, Target and Best Buy. He's been doing it a long time and appears to be extremely reliable. And he just released the information on the Circuit City ad for the week following E3 and guess what appears? The oft rumored 100 dollar price cut on the PS3.

People have been calling for a price cut since immediately after last year's E3 and their voices have reached a deafening crescendo recently, so it is by no means a big surprise that Sony would drop the price. Unfortunately, this is still going to be filed under the 'Rumor' category because of the lack of hard evidence. Some supposed scans have shown up on the net, but they're a bit dubious. Also there is confusion over whether or not this is a permanent price cut. It seems absolutely insane that it wouldn't be; a temporary price cut (one week) would just aggravate things. We'll find out next week for sure though!

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1. if this passes to be true, i bet that leaked 2.0 update too. ooooh im giddy with anticipation, 2.0ftw

Posted at 6:21PM on Jul 5th 2007 by pete

2. Whats so great about a 2.0 update?

E3 is going to be make or break for the PS3 and I suspect a holiday price cut is coming. Its too early now.

Posted at 6:41PM on Jul 5th 2007 by Andy

3. My question is, are we talking about a permanent across the board Sony price cut, or a Circuit City only temporary price cut... with the 5 free BluRay movies promotion in place as well this makes a great time to buy one if you were waiting to either way.

Posted at 6:43PM on Jul 5th 2007 by mccomber

4. Starting to sound like an across the board cut... i already have one, so doesnt affect me. But, good news for people deciding between 360 and PS3.

Posted at 6:50PM on Jul 5th 2007 by humpty

5. Hmm...this might get me to buy a PS3 soon, but considering the PS3's future game line-up (the earliest game releases that really interest me are Heavenly Sword and Warhawk) I'm not sure if I want to buy-it right when the price-cut comes into effect or wait until Sony starts selling PS3s with the new controller. I guess it depends on how expensive the new controller is.

Posted at 6:51PM on Jul 5th 2007 by TheGuy

6. I have been going for cheep ass gamer for 2 years. I can vouch for speady, not once has he ever been wrong in those 2 years. This is true!

Posted at 7:24PM on Jul 5th 2007 by Patrick

7. When I worked at Eb/Gamestop/Funcoland/Babbages....we would get massive displays for the new console prices. Often a week before it actually happened.

I would put this one in the soon 2 be fact catagory.

Posted at 7:31PM on Jul 5th 2007 by GodisaMyth

8. My understanding is individual stores (especially big chains) can't just cut console prices whenever they want, between contracts with the console makers and the fact they apparently don't make more than a dollar of profit on them. If CC really does have a $100 price drop, it's coming from Sony and it's permanent.

The one week date range in the scan of the ad is boiler-plate, they always have that even for long-term pricing.

Posted at 7:32PM on Jul 5th 2007 by apease

9. Well Thatguy, if you have been following matters then you know that Warhawk is on schedule and you would know about this:


so go get your PS3.

Posted at 8:15PM on Jul 5th 2007 by Hatchetforce

10. http://www.engadget.com/2007/07/05/ps3-price-slashed-to-499-at-least-at-circuit-city/

Posted at 8:22PM on Jul 5th 2007 by Hatchetforce

11. $499 is a great price for the 60 GB PS3 at launch.

I don't know if that will be low enough.
Ending the production of the 20GB model might come back to bite them.

Since MS will lower there price soon a 20GB PS3 at 300-400 would definitely make it more competitive with a reduced 360.

Posted at 8:39PM on Jul 5th 2007 by langx

12. its confirmed
the PS3 will officially drop the price to 500 dollars effective july 12

Posted at 8:49PM on Jul 5th 2007 by lenny0487

13. I find it odd that the ad says $499 reg $599

If it was a new price wouldn't the ad read $499 WAS $599?

Posted at 9:09PM on Jul 5th 2007 by Kspraydad

14. PS3 Price Cut - Yes
360 Price Cut - ???
Wii Price Cut - ???

I wonder if we will see any other price cuts at E3 in reply to Sony. Also is this due to 65nm chips in the consoles?

Posted at 9:36PM on Jul 5th 2007 by sam-evans

15. The big thing about this is — Sony is moving first, which means if MS does anything they're doing it in reaction. Unless they'd already started to make a price move as well, they are going to have to either hold until whenever they had planned, or make a knee-jerk reaction with limited media about their plan.
If this is indeed the new price, I do bet that Sony wishes this had come out AFTER E3 like they had wanted; then again, who outside of the gaming community is going to know until afterwards anyway?

Posted at 10:14PM on Jul 5th 2007 by mccomber

16. let's say sony cuts PS3 by 100 dollars

will Microsoft counter? Yes, but only AFTER Halo3. so, that will give Sony about 3 months to blast the ads of price drop. at the same time, put out all the great exclusives and we have a war in our hand.

Posted at 11:12PM on Jul 5th 2007 by kingofwale

17. MS has long planned a counter attack. Do you really think they would drop their price before the PS3? I think its a good move by MS. Basically Sony has been forced to make a price cut. MS is already ahead and come late summer or fall time frame MS will cut the price of the 360. I dont see 100 bux helping Sony out too much. Maybe it will. We'll see. The game line up is still weak. I know it will get better, but it may be too late by then. MS has a lot in store for the latter part of this year. Halo 3 will definitely move some consoles and the extra content on the 360 for GTA 4 might move some more as well. That and the fact that the 360 has proven itself as far as its capabilities so far. Sony has a battle ahead of them. I know they are capable though. But with Nintendo kicking everyones ass with a cheap and "cheesy" system, it will be Nintendo on top followed by MS. Then the PS3. Hard to believe that a system with pretty bad graphic capabilities is winning out. I know the controller is what people got excited about, but doesnt it get old after a few weeks? I loved the Nintendo way back when. Basically when it was just them, and even after Sega came along, I stuck with Nintendo. But you have to admit, most of their games are just lame. But in the age of next-gen, they come out with something barely even mediocre, and still sell like hot cakes. Sooner or later I think the Nintendo will slow way down and itll be just two of the big dogs in the ring. But unless developers find easier ways to make games for the PS3 and show what it can supposively do, its going to be the 360 and Nintendo from here out.
Im already looking forward to the next gen. MS will no doubt come out with a new system first I believe and will learn from some its few mistakes from this round. I wish them well, (but not too well) but Sony has a long road ahead of them for this gen and next atleast.

Posted at 11:26PM on Jul 5th 2007 by CJ

18. How is a 500 dollar 60gb ps3 going to sell faster?

Like Langx said.

If they kept the 20GB they would have had it made. If 500 dollars really was the sweet spot, then why didn't the 20gb sell more than the 60gb? 500 bucks is still alot. It's a step in to the right direction, but it's not going to get the majority of people off the fence for it. It will get about 1/4 or 1/5 of the people, that's about it. Not every gamer looks at the features of the ps3. They want to play games on it. Little 10 year old Timmy doesn't care it has blu-ray, a memory card slot, or bluetooth. He doesnt care because he wants to play games. Parents still won't pay 500 dollars for it. (unless the kid gets everything, oh how I hate kids that are like that) It's a good start. Will move alittle more, but won't really do what Kingofwale said it would do, win a war.

Posted at 11:40PM on Jul 5th 2007 by Killer

19. @ 11 langx

Except the 360 costs more then the PS3 over the life of the system. If you don't believe me Xbox live alone evens out the cost (if you Xbox lives that long at least) then you have to take account of all the extra stuff the PS3 gives you like Wi Fi, and BluRay.

The PS3 at $600 was a Steal, the 360 at $400 was a rip off! Dumb consumers fall for hidden fees all the time.

Wifi and HD DvD alone would bring the 360 model up to $700. Then assume Xbox live costs for the 5 years of the system, at about $200s more so that brings the Xbox up to $900. Then the Repair costs out of Warranty to keep your system lasting its 5 years. And buying that BluRay Drive when it comes out since no one carries HD DvD's a year from now. Easy enough the 360 could cost you over $1000 for what you get from the PS3.

Now I know you Xbots don't like to hear it and will recant that not everyone buys those things that the PS3 gives you, and your right. However Xbox live alone is enough to make the 360 cost more.

Now also to be fair if you want a sorta new gen system to play some games on, and watch a few normal DvDs in SD the $300 bundle for the Xbox is a great deal for you. (worse if you like Online Play).

So buyer beware.
(FYI my Xbox is now out of warranty, broke twice before it was over, and is having issues again now! Do I know how to take care of my systems? PS3 in the same spot I kept my 360 is always cool to the touch and well vented, 360 with the add'd cooler propped up on a box overheats.)

Posted at 12:00AM on Jul 6th 2007 by Jldowning

20. Take it down another $100 or throw in a free game (not genji) and some rumble and you got a deal.

Posted at 12:07AM on Jul 6th 2007 by BlackBeltJones

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