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Does Uncharted play as good as it looks?

You probably read about and watched the incredible video for Uncharted: Drake's Fortune earlier today, but we're going to take a more critical look at the actual gameplay from a demo released to some individuals, like IGN. This side of the story isn't all roses and chocolate boxes, we're afraid. While the game looks gorgeous and fluid, there seems to be an issue with some mechanics. Luckily, combat is saucy and fun, the AI is boasted as being smart and difficult, so those aren't a concern.

What was IGN complaining about? Some pretty important stuff, if you ask us. While the demo they played was an early, but polished graphically, build, there are a few concerns worth noting. First, they mentioned a strange sort of linearity in a jungle. Sure, it's probably made that way on purpose for demo reasons, but we hope there isn't a linear "jungle path" you have to stay on, or invisible walls will nudge you along. Grabbing onto things was hit or miss, and Drake had difficulty judging which action to take when two objects of different sizes were close to one another. Also, timing your jumps isn't a problem, but the game often did the wrong thing and allowed Drake to plummet to his doom.

It sounds like pain, we know, we wanted this game to be perfect, too. But that's why it's an early build and these kinks can be ironed out with ease. Hopefully we'll be back in another month with more hands-on impressions about how the game has turned itself around and everything works beautifully.

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1. I don't really think it's cause for concern. They have until sometime in November to work out the kinks. That's at least four months, assuming they don't push the game back.

Posted at 6:19PM on Jun 30th 2007 by Stef Geiger

2. that whole linearity thing plagued Metal Gear 3 also. they were rooms but textured like a jungle. so un-jungle-like. why can't i go through these trees? why is this path so clean? it's game design i realize...but not very real.

also i'm disappointed in the graphics of trees and foliage this generation.

even games like Crysis still use flat Alphas for leaves. looks good far away, up close: "why are my leaves so...stiff lol?"

Posted at 8:25PM on Jun 30th 2007 by ryano

3. Weird... this game looks better in screen shots than in videos. Usually it is the other way around, but the animations and lack of interactivity with the environment really killed the pretty graphics. I'm sure the animations will be ironed out in the final build (you can tell they were aiming for more complicated movements). Also, the environment interactivity will probably be better in the final build as well.

Posted at 10:12PM on Jun 30th 2007 by Triforceowner

4. Weird... this game looks better in screen shots than in videos. Usually it is the other way around, but the animations and lack of interactivity with the environment really killed the pretty graphics. I'm sure the animations will be ironed out in the final build (you can tell they were aiming for more complicated movements). Also, the environment interactivity will probably be better in the final build as well.

Posted at 10:12PM on Jun 30th 2007 by Triforceowner

5. Sorry about the double... now triple...

Posted at 10:13PM on Jun 30th 2007 by Triforceowner

6. I dont mind a linear game, I am sick of games like jak trying to copy GTA's free roam. MGS3 was still a great game.

Posted at 1:00AM on Jul 1st 2007 by sirpilf

7. @Dax:
erm, the alphas bend with your movement, other games do this as well: Far Cry did it over 3 years ago. i'm talking about individual leaf structure. it's been the same forevarrr!

i actually hate GTA go anywhere games. but i also hate invisible walls, i.e. the trees in MGS3. MGS3 was a fun game i just hated going thru "rooms". hopefully in MGS4 and Fable 2 everything will be seemless.

Posted at 2:10AM on Jul 1st 2007 by ryano

8. Uncharted indeed looks better in screens - namely because they didn't competently design an animation-blending system... and he uses some realistic-cum-unnecessary actions for what he is doing. IE - Jumping next to a wall.

Posted at 2:15AM on Jul 1st 2007 by Kyle K

9. Yeh i like the look of this game but they have ti fix the animation mechanics a bit, and with a character that moves so human like, there should be collision detection on the walls, so when you run into them you fall back - or something.

Posted at 5:21AM on Jul 1st 2007 by Naaiif

10. I know that Naughty Dog will have these issues fixed by the time of release. They still have over 5 months to work on this title! this is still an early build with lots of work to be done on it.I saw the 6 minute gameplay demo on the french site and to be honest I dont think it was all the games problem-the person playing it seemed like a noob anyway-I hate it when someone who cant play games makes a game look bad LOL I have total faith that this game is going to be great.I have this marked as my Christmas day game I have watched the trailer so many times I know all the dialogue off by heart. Naughty Dog will not let us and Sony down with this title.

Posted at 7:47AM on Jul 1st 2007 by carl

11. People complain about everything.

Posted at 1:22AM on Jul 2nd 2007 by Joey_Numbers

12. Well, now the clock is ticking, and I'm sure we'll see more in-game vids before this comes out. I am quite sure that many of the problems that all of us saw, were seen and earmarked by the devs. Oh, and one thing no one had even mentioned - was it only me, or did the character actually begin running differently when going downhill? I thought my eyes might've been playing tricks on me. =D If so, then what we are seeing is only the tip on a very grand iceberg. Now, if only someone would make a game about getting laid, with this much attention to motion... =/ ...okay, I admit it - I wanna see a DOA game on the system!... but better (bouncier?) motion... and sixaxis controls for, well, i should stop while I'm ahead...

In conclusion, this game looks to be shaping up very nicely! Can't wait to play the thing! =)

Posted at 5:35AM on Jul 2nd 2007 by Consolcwby


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