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Dark Sector may be the mutiplatform Gears of War

We've taken our jabs at Dark Sector before, but when it all comes down to it, we've gotten the impression from other people's hands-on with the game that it's actually something to look out for. In fact, it's been likened to Gears of War, which was apparently some game for the 360. We kid, we know what it is. IGN had a hands-on of the game and said "Digital Extremes, really, really likes Gears of War. Dark Sector plays and feels almost exactly like it -- right down to its cinematic storytelling, control scheme and visual style." There's even a context-sensitive action that controls the cover mechanics, as well as a shaky-cam when you bust into a sprint. Another major influence, both PSU and IGN report, is the similarity to Resident Evil 4's over-the-shoulder camera and aiming system.

While you get a small arsenal of weaponry, the Glaive is what sets the game apart from the ones it draws influence from. Not only can it destroy enemies in quick, painful stylings, not only can it get powered up by a bevy of elements, not only does it have a built-in light source and solve puzzles, but it can ... wait, that's about it. It's awesome, though. Every other weapon you pick up can be upgraded, a la Resident Evil 4. Your main character can also be powered up, a la KOTOR, with new abilities and powers.

Enemy AI? Brilliant, says IGN and brilliant at times says PSU. Graphics? Well, the game is being built on the PS3 as the primary platform and ported elsewhere, so we know we'll be getting the best game we can get as far as multiplatform titles go. What's more, is we've got some more info about this game coming to us later tonight. Stay tuned, as we'll give you some more details you might just find intriguing.

[Thanks, Justin!]

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Reader Comments

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1. Damn, what a pressure, I hope the game will actually look better on PS3, since I can build a game on my 4 years old computer as a primary platform, and then port it to a high end computer !! Pressure !

Posted at 1:27PM on Jun 26th 2007 by eddyk

2. I don't get it, if the PS3 is their lead development system, then it should theoretically be the most far along and best looking, yet so far we've only ever seen video from the 360 build (as evidenced by the "Press B button" prompts etc). It's not an encouraging thing when they keep the PS3 build hidden till the last minute...

Posted at 1:34PM on Jun 26th 2007 by Stef Geiger

3. i like cheese :)

Posted at 2:00PM on Jun 26th 2007 by Troy

4. @2

Its easier to make games first on the 360 thats why PS3 get multiplatform games later

Posted at 2:28PM on Jun 26th 2007 by jason

5. It's very encouraging to see developers starting to use PS3 as the lead platform more and more days. It'll be great news for PS3 owners if this catches on.

Then again, Stef brings up a good point in the 360 build being the one shown. Let's hope PSU's explanation that they didn't have a PS3 test unit on hand is the true explanation for this.

Posted at 2:29PM on Jun 26th 2007 by upz

6. @jason

Like Stef said, the PS3 is the lead platform. That means they are developing on the PS3 and porting to 360. So that's apparently not the reason they're showing on the 360, in fact the PS3 version (again, as Stef said) should be further ahead than the 360 version.

I find it worrying as well that games are often demoed on the 360 instead of the PS3. Another example of this is GTA4, which is consistently previewed to game reviewers on 360 hardware.

The PSU article seemed to blame it on PS3 test units being "hard to come by", but that seems a bit odd since PS3 hardware is definitely in abundance.

Posted at 2:33PM on Jun 26th 2007 by Travis

7. "Its easier to make games first on the 360 thats why PS3 get multiplatform games later"

Pay attention much?

Posted at 2:35PM on Jun 26th 2007 by mccomber

8. Not to be Captain Obvious, however, the 360 also has a much bigger install base, therefore it's much more likely a dev will make their money back on the 360 and they can push their PS3 game back until they feel they can make their money back on the PS3, as we've all seen; hence more often then not, the 360 is the lead platform. Not withstanding the fact it is easier to program for, and has been out a year longer.

Posted at 3:04PM on Jun 26th 2007 by WebMaster

9. @WebMaster, see post #6.
We all know that normally the 360 has been the lead platform with development of new titles for the whopping half-year the ps3 has been available, but that seems to be changing; in the case of Dark Sector, it's being touted as the lead platform but isn't exactly be shown as such. I'm (safely) assuming the test ps3 hardware isn't exactly the same as ps3, so it's not like they can just bring along a unit off the shelf, so their explanation makes a smidgen of sense. I would think however that if that platform is the strongest one, that's the one you'd use to show off your wares, and you'd make sure to have the hardware for it available to you.

Hence, wtf.

Posted at 3:29PM on Jun 26th 2007 by mccomber

10. Gee, how about this.. after X number of games PROVING that the 360 has the better version, added to that that EVERY multiplatform game is first previewed on the 360, that the 360 is the better/best looking/more graphically powerful system.

Done and done.

Posted at 3:56PM on Jun 26th 2007 by jas

11. @ jason
Not a day goes by without one of your MS trolling comments. Well done. Now you look stupid. again. and again and again.

Posted at 3:57PM on Jun 26th 2007 by Roarrr

12. @ jas/jason.
Dude. Give it a break. No for real. Whopy do for you. Do you want a medal or something?

Posted at 4:00PM on Jun 26th 2007 by Roarrr

13. What's wrong? Your bite not as powerful as your 'roarrr'. Fitting, since that's the mantra of the PS3 and Sony - overhype and underdeliver as always.

BTW, I bought a brand new car last November and I've yet to drive it. I'm hoping to get it out of the garage for the first time, sometime this fall.

I can't wait!!!

Posted at 4:20PM on Jun 26th 2007 by jas

14. Jas: I don't like to get into flame wars, but what the hell. You made a cute little metaphor with your whole "buying a car and not driving it for months" bit, so you're clearly knocking the PS3 for not having had any really great titles till a year after its launch. I think that's pretty foolish, seeing as the 360 didn't have a really great title till Gears came out, which was... oh, a YEAR after the system launched! And what, now, 1.5 years after launch, there's, GOW, Forza and R6 Vegas.

Can't you just go troll elsewhere? I wouldn't even bother stepping in, except your comment about the 360 "being the better system" etc actually didn't really address the topic at hand. Go post your Sony hating comments on the 360 forums - I promise we won't bug you there.

Posted at 4:31PM on Jun 26th 2007 by Stef Geiger

15. 1) The 360 had PLENTY of great launch titles.
Perfect Dark and Kameo were truly nex-gen games and would be heraleded if they were exclusive or launch titles on the PS3. Call of Duty 2 was a 9.0+ title in every way. Even though it took some time for the devs to work out the online bugs, it still is a better game than COD3. If you consider GRAW in the launch window, it can be 'tit-for-tat' if comparing to Resistance. Project Gotham 3 has better graphics than Forza and the all important in-car view.

TRUTH: The "Gears is the only good game" is a f-ing cop-out by PS3 fanboys such as yourself. The 360 has system sellers in EVERY category.

2) Topic at hand.. Dark Sector is a lead platform game for the PS3, but release gameplay shows the 360. That's telling enough (without explanation), but what the hell.

a) All multi-platform release trailers (even the highly anticipated GTA4 are ALL SHOWN ON THE 360. Do you think the devs are REALLY going to NOT display the BEST VERSION??

b) All multi-platform games release so far are either tit-for-tat in comparision to the PS3 or better on the 360. (Here comes your Oblivion comment). Sorry, but the Bethesda said that AFTER THEIR EXTRA YEAR of improving the game, the SAME improvements are available for the 360/PC.

c) Virtua Fighter - this lead platformed PS3 game is being greatly improved upon for the 360 version to come out soon. I guess the devs found 'power' that didn't exist on the PS3. Huh?

Posted at 4:45PM on Jun 26th 2007 by jas

16. Say what you will, Gears is the only title on the 360 that looks remotely worthwhile to me.

And yes, obviously these days games tend to look a little nicer on the 360, but it's really too soon to say "it's the best system" because of that. We all know that developers have been working with the hardware longer, so of course games on the 360 look better right now. Give it 6 months, a year, then we'll see which system is more capable in the graphics department.

Posted at 4:56PM on Jun 26th 2007 by Stef Geiger

17. "think that's pretty foolish, seeing as the 360 didn't have a really great title till Gears came out, which was... oh, a YEAR after the system launched!"

Right... because COD2, GRAW, Condemned ,Oblivion, Fight Night3, PGR3, and Dead Rising all sucked ass.
The sad part, is that the games i listed are just the Great games that showed up on the 360 during the first 6 months. I could list at least 7 other good games and about 5 crappy games. So yea, the 360 had games, and the majority of them were good.

I understand that Jason is a troll and it's annoying, but if you dont respond to him, he'll move on to the next post. you called him out on a subject that he is right on. The 6 months into the 360s life, it had plenty of good games and a handful of great ones. 6 months into the ps3s life and we are still waiting for its potential to be unlocked.

On that note:has ubisoft shipped R6: Vegas for the ps3? Its been almost a year.

Posted at 4:58PM on Jun 26th 2007 by Bangbang...

18. @ jas

And likewise, as said by many of the devs, the PS3 doesn't even have a limit yet to how much power it can harness.

It has been stated time-and-time again that the 360 is easier to DEVELOP FOR. However, the PORTING to PS3 has always been crappy as mentioned by the many examples seen.

Devs are saying that though the PS3 is much more difficult to develop for, however its easier to port to 360. (THUS the abundance of games going multi-platform after being named exclusive). And games that have been PORTED to 360 FROM PS3 have a good thing going for them as stated by Nick's and everyone else's dozens of articles.

THEREFORE, games that are being developed ON the PS3 have much better success of being a good game on ALL platforms. There should NOT be a difference, and there has not been one yet so far.

Dark Sector has been STATED as being developed on PS3. THEREFORE the game has good potential to be good on ALL PLATFORMS.


Posted at 5:00PM on Jun 26th 2007 by Dahk

19. Some good points but I bought a PS3 to save my with online fees. $60 bucks are year (Canadian dollars) is expensive. Even over the short lifespan Microsoft products last.

360 does have the porting advantage because games that are built on 360 stay on 360 or look bad on PS3. And games that are built on PS3 can be easily ported to 360 and look the same(or better...or worse)

In the end all platforms have their strengths and weaknesses. Dark Sector looks awesome.

Posted at 5:18PM on Jun 26th 2007 by Andy

20. "And likewise, as said by many of the devs, the PS3 doesn't even have a limit yet to how much power it can harness."

While I'm all in favor of recognizing Sony's technology, let's not be foolish here. To say that the thing's power is currently "unlimited" is ridiculous. It's technology. It has performance limits. Performance limits that even we mere humans can comprehend. All those developers saying "the power is limitless" are just throwing Sony some good press. The system is no different from any other that's been released - developers will hit the glass ceiling with what they can do with it, and then two years later the PS4 will come along.

Posted at 5:23PM on Jun 26th 2007 by Stef Geiger

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