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PS3 to have 380 games by March 08 says Kaz Hirai

Reuters is reporting that the president of Sony Computer Entertainment, Kaz Hirai, has stated that by March 2008 the PlayStation 3 will have a total catalgue of 380 games. This will be a solution to the current slump in sales the PS3 is currently seeing worldwide. Apparently Kaz only just realised that having actual games to play might persuade more people to pick up a system.

The current plan is for the release of 200 titles in shops and 180 downloadable from the PlayStation store. Hirai states that there are currently 60 titles in stores and 50 downloadable. If the software library really does almost quadruple in less than a year, then the PS3 will have no problems selling worldwide. The games drought has been hard on early adopters of the console, but with the release of Rainbow Six: Vegas, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, The Darkness and Super Stardust HD all in the next two weeks, the drought looks to be almost over.

So start saving those pennies. Before long there will be so many games vying for your attention, you won't know where to start.


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1. great stuff. this will silence the haters.

Posted at 6:56AM on Jun 21st 2007 by insane

2. how will it silence the haters when hardly any are exclusive except ninja gaiden which is just black in hd? i have a 360 and a ps3 and ill buy most of these on 360 over ps3 because if im going to play them i want something to show for it and ps3 has no achievements as of yet.

Posted at 7:14AM on Jun 21st 2007 by tony

3. "i have a 360" - good for you. There are a lot of people who want quality hardware. ;) Now the games are coming. This news isn't really for those that already have the consoles. Those people are still the "must have" crowd. There's still the general populace that they need to sell to.

Personally, I could care less for achievements. I think it's a poor attempt to gank money from people abusing their competitive nature. It reminds me of the Pokemon "gotta get them all" attitude. Of course, I also prefer cooperative games instead of competitive games.

Oh, and last time I checked, there are like 10+ exclusive games (maybe more...)

Posted at 7:31AM on Jun 21st 2007 by Andir3.0

4. @2

I too have both systems but seriously.. do people actually care about 'achievements'? I perfer PS3 games over 360 cause i hate the 360 controller.. that and I havnt had my PS3 randomly crash on me while playing a game

Posted at 7:39AM on Jun 21st 2007 by Tyler

5. ...I know of "only" 37 games of which can be bought today. That is a far cry from the 60 they claim. If anyone else knows what the other games are...please let me know.

Posted at 7:42AM on Jun 21st 2007 by Stellarpimp

6. how will it silence the haters??? Because the PS3 is getting good games. In fact, the PS3 looks to sell more than the Wii in the long-run due to exclusives like Final Fantasy XIII which should sell the system, just like FFVII did for the PS1 and like FFX did for the PS2. Don't forget Kingdom Hearts III for the PS3. This war is far from over , don't doubt that for a second. Sega announced that it thought the PS3 will last the longest out of the 3, whilst the Wii will grind to a halt soon enough.

Why are people hating on such a good console? It's more powerful than it's competition and it's too early in the war to rule it out. PS3 will become a HUGE seller when the price drops slightly and there are more games. Just wait and see.

Posted at 7:51AM on Jun 21st 2007 by insane257

7. 6. QFT

Posted at 8:03AM on Jun 21st 2007 by Magma

8. "I have a 360" myself.. I rather play more games on my ps3 than the 360 because I know that the ps3 is less likely to end up dying. I can run the ps3 all night long... do that w/ the 360 and it might be the last time you play it. Plus there's no guarantee that MS can make it right...

I'm glad that Sony is getting more aggressive about these games. If Sony had more games out, people would probably stop buying 360s...[and buy more ps3] why the hell would you keeping buying the same system over and over when it keep malfunctioning, even after you get it fixed.

Posted at 8:14AM on Jun 21st 2007 by Thomas

9. Like kotaku mentioned. This much games by next year would mean they would have to release, starting this week, 10 games per week every week.

Yeah this will silence the haters.
I can't wait to see what 10 games will be released next week !

Posted at 8:17AM on Jun 21st 2007 by bleakcabal

10. I don't know what this guy is smoking saying there are 60 games already in stores and 50 downloadable. Is the Sony HQ that far removed from reality? Does he live in the future? Even counting a tiny number of Japanese exclusives, we have probably 15-20 games or so to choose from currently.

Personally I stopped counting downloadable games after the slew of subpar Midway "classics" hit the store. Original content like GripShift and Go! Sudoku and Calling All Cars are things I actually count.

All in all, it's wonderful that he believes we'll have this avalanche of games by 3/2008, but he's already living in a dream land with overinflated numbers, so I think either he needs to put down the cuckoo pipe, or get a better translator.

Posted at 8:25AM on Jun 21st 2007 by Popfrogs

11. PS3 to have 380 games by March 08 says Kaz Hirai, It should of read like this:

'PS3 to have 8 GOOD Games by March 08, & 372 games that will blow'

We All know that 87-93% of these games will suck, & I can Personally Guarantee that there will NOT be that many games by March, Delays, junk, scrap it, etc. Sorry Sony just stop with the Nonsense....

Posted at 8:36AM on Jun 21st 2007 by HAHAHA

12. We All know that 87-93% of these games will suck

Posted at 8:36AM on Jun 21st 2007 by HAHAHA


well how good games are depend on the people playing them to be fair. E.g i hate Zelda, but other people like it and it sells. There are bad games on every system. Can't be helped.

Posted at 9:02AM on Jun 21st 2007 by insane257

13. @11

What is the 360's library ratio of great to sucky? Where did you get your crystal ball? Cracker Jack box?

Posted at 9:09AM on Jun 21st 2007 by Matt B

14. I dont know about the 380 games games by march 2008... maybe he meant 280 games? Or perhaps 380 games in development? i doubt this is gonna happen...

Posted at 9:14AM on Jun 21st 2007 by shase

15. He's counting for all versions of repeated games (EU version, Japan version, Collector's Edition, etc). Not to mention PSOne downloadable games. If the real number is closer to 100, that I might believe.

Posted at 9:29AM on Jun 21st 2007 by Bored

16. I don't know about hitting the 380 mark either, that seems pretty high. But easily achievable if they release a slew of PS1 for PS3/PSP games in the store, which would be great.

Which reminds me... I still don't get why Nintendo and so far Sony are trickling releases out for their virtual consoles so slowly. I know they have to get re-rated by ESRB, but the I think both services would be far more appealing if the numbers were bigger. It just so happens I don't want Jumping Flash or Wipeout from the PS1 days. I want Castlevania SOTN, Klonoa, Devil Dice, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, and Silent Hill!

And why stop at PS1 games? PS2 games should be available for download as well. Tekken Tag anyone?

Posted at 9:35AM on Jun 21st 2007 by erac3rx

17. if it has 60 games now and 380 in 9 months. that's around 8 games a month. or 5 physical games a week possible if a mass number over 5 come during the holidays

Posted at 9:37AM on Jun 21st 2007 by Kxpuc

18. I have always stated that the PS3 NEEDS more games in order to drive more sales. However, this statement scares me a little. This statement gives me the impression that many titles will be rushed to market in order to satisfy the numbers on paper. This would mean: incomplete games, more bugs to deal with, many features removed to meet new deadlines (look at MotorStorm).

I would rather have a steady flow of games coming to the system than hundreds of rushed titles.

However, I think most of these statements are meant to confuse the Stockholders until the next fiscal year.

Posted at 9:46AM on Jun 21st 2007 by ShadowHawk01

19. jump off a bridge johnnyboy

Posted at 10:11AM on Jun 21st 2007 by Mishi

20. JonnyBoy2U, that comment was ridiculous. The PS3 will outsell the 360 easilly. The 360 is doing awful in Japan, which is the land of gaming. The PS3 will definately take over the 360 and hopefully the Wii. If we're all 'PS3 fanboys', then that's cool because if you didn't notice, this site is called: ''. So take your 360 fanboy comments somewhere else, because you're talking out your ass. PS3 can match and easilly beat your 360 games... E.g Killzone 2 will be better than the over-rated JUNK that Halo is and FFXIII will be better than any RPG on the 360... Some claim Oblivion is the best RPG on the 360......just so happens the PS3 has Oblivion.

We'll soon see who wins the battle, but my money is on the PS3..

and yes, i probably am a fanboy, but least i back up what i say instead of talking crap without facts and evidence behind it.

Posted at 10:15AM on Jun 21st 2007 by insane257

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