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Killzone devs say they'll shut up the critics

Ever since that over-ambitious trailer from E3 2005, the fellows in charge of Killzone have had to dodge tomatoes from everyone in the universe, it seems. Surely, no game could look that good, could it? Guerrila Games has issued a pretty telling statement regarding their showing of Killzone 2 at this year's E3: "hopefully it will all go brilliantly and we'll shut up even some of the most ardent critics." Well, that and their inner voice telling them "OH MY GOD WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!" So says Sebastian Downie.

We can't even imagine what they'll have to say at E3. It's going to be very difficult to satisfy fans and critics alike because they can't get over the fact that the graphics in the game can't possibly match that shown in the 2005 video, which served more as a tech demo than a hint at a game, like Final Fantasy VII. At least, not gameplay. What we were told to expect, however, was the announcement of online capabilities and some kind of public beta coming later this year. We'll see these guys at E3!

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21. "Motorstorm is one of the best looking games on the market, and some of the mud effects are fantastic. But run the game side-by-side with the original CG video, and there's a very large gap in visual quality."

Actually it's very small. Many reviewers agree. IGNs video interview claimed they got it exactly

"it was Sony's own claims, such as the "it is real gameplay""

That man later admitted he got the game confused with Resistance:Fall of Man.

Way to stay up to date, that was years ago

Posted at 9:34PM on Jun 8th 2007 by Extinction

22. Anyone here happen to know the success rate of a crappy videogame having an awesome sequal? I'm pretty sure it's a rare occurrence. Like Ben Affleck being a good actor in a movie. The chances are slim. I'll applaud them if it is a success, though.

Posted at 9:52PM on Jun 8th 2007 by Killer

23. Wow, listen to that Gamer X rant. Almost like some sort of Microsoft propaganda spewing, Xbox loving robot - an "X-bot," if you will.

Posted at 10:49PM on Jun 8th 2007 by upz

24. Could anyone fathom the fact that it was actually rendered on a PS3?
If anyone knows anything about business, it is that the PS3 was multiple prototypes. They just selected the best build.

Posted at 10:49PM on Jun 8th 2007 by Matt B

25. The trailer was too cinematic to be in-game. How the hell are you gonna aim and fire a gun when people are all up in your face talking to you while you're looking down at your weapon to reload it? The game might be able to look like that, but I doubt the characters and animations will feel so "alive". Games will always have a rigid feel to them because that's required for solid controls. If Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is any indicator of the PS3's graphical powers, however, Killzone will probably end up looking pretty damn good!

Posted at 11:00PM on Jun 8th 2007 by Tom

26. I'm not trying to stray off-topic and go back into some sort of flamewar from 2005, but...I do have some questions for you Extinction. And yes, I do realize that this is the "PS3 fanboy" section of Joystiq, not an all-purpose gaming discussion blog.

"Actually it's very small. Many reviewers agree. IGNs video interview claimed they got it exactly."
Very small? You honestly believe that?

I'm not using the video above to base my opinion on this, but with the time I've spent playing the game. Again, the game's graphics are quite impressive, but I never saw a single moment that visually looked like it was from the E3 2005 video. Did you?

As far as the claims that Jack was referring to the wrong game, one of two comments pop into my head right away. Either:
A) The man, at the biggest annual industry-wide showcase of goods, where companies spend massive amounts of money and tons effort to produce, doesn't even know enough about his products to accurately speak to the press about it. Or...

B) The PR team simply was on damage control, and used that excuse to explain the gaffe.

And where do the explanations that the game was running on an actual dev kit (@5fps and sped up to be "realtime") fit in with that excuse? Or when gaming news outlets like Gamespot asked Sony PR to clarify Tretton's comments, and were again told that "Yes, it is real time."? Were they also thinking of Resistance?

Trust me, my giant "BS" flag was raised just as high when Peter Moore was spouting crap about "lucid dreams" and such when the 360 was announced. I would just prefer that game companies, both on the hardware and software side, would stop making unrealistic "target" videos that inflate people's expectations of what the finished product is going to look like (such as EA's "next gen" Madden video). I'm sure that Killzone 2 WILL be a great-looking game, just like Motorstorm is, but I believe it's foolhardy to think that it will look "exactly" like the 2005 renders.

Posted at 11:36PM on Jun 8th 2007 by Strike Man

27. Strike Man, I agree wholeheartedly with both of your points. I LOVE Motorstorm, but even I can see that it doesn't come close to the visual quality of the E3 trailer. Seeing the HD in-engine MGS4 trailers, however, have me believing it is actually possible to achieve Killzone E3 graphics on the PS3.

As for your second point, I've thought the same thing since the start. Either Trenton doesn't know a damn thing about his own products, or Karraker is doing his damnedest to make up a believable excuse.

Posted at 1:04AM on Jun 9th 2007 by upz

28. There are too many damn Xbots posting here claiming Killzone 2 will have shit gameplay. Lol.

Killzone 1 and Killzone 2 are completely different games - Why? Different consoles, allows them to do things much better. The game has been in development for over two years now. Surely the gameplay is refined enough? There won't be any lag either since the PS2 version had some sort of lag when playing since the hardware wasn't strong enough. There was a very un-natural feel to Killzone 1. But that won't be the case with Killzone 2 I'm sure. They also have far more developers working too. Killzone 1 was a rushed game. This game won't be.

I'm just hoping Killzone 2 will surprise EVERYONE including those Xbots.

p.s. Sony themselves did not hype up Killzone as the Halo Killer. Anyway, Halo 1 was an average shooter. The single player campaign was crap. I have played Halo 2 on Vista and that isn't at all amazing either. I've played far more enjoyable shooters on consoles/PC, such as Chronicles of Riddick. Resistance was also a better game than Halo.

Posted at 6:21AM on Jun 9th 2007 by LOLOLOL

29. I don't think the developers should suffer for what Sony did.
As we all know the amount of PS3's out there is quite small. So if the developers want money out of their franchise they will have to consider that Gears or Wars already sold over 4 million copies. So whatever happens it will be as good as impossible to match that.
So it will probably end up on the XBox 360 anyway, and if not this one, the next one.

I guess that if Sony can double it sales by the end of the year, or like they say: 10.000.000 witch would only require to sell better then the DS, i don't see this game coming out this year but by the end of 08 of the PS3 and XBox.

So don't whine yet about the graphics, it will be out on both the XBox and PS3 and they will look alike.(like always, but this time not like the CGI version)

Posted at 9:24AM on Jun 9th 2007 by Iother

30. Iother, what the fuck are you babbling about? Guerilla Games is a FIRST PARTY developer for Sony. They're owned by Sony. If Killzone ends up on the 360 then Halo will end up on the PS3.

Posted at 1:19PM on Jun 9th 2007 by LOLOLOL

31. About the Jack Tretton interview;

GT deceived ut into thinking that Jack was talking about Killzone when he is actually talking about Resistance and Ted Price of Insomniac.

If you listen to what Jack Tretton is actually talking about in that GT-video, he is not claiming that Killzone is realtime, but Resistance. (I-8) The interview with Jeff is longer than the Youtube-video and they are talking about Ted Price (CEO Insomniac) and Resistance before this question, and as the question was asked of what was realtime Jack is still talking about Resistance (And Ted Price) when Jeff/Gametrailers has shifted to Killzone with the overlayed Killzone-video.

Posted at 1:28PM on Jun 9th 2007 by morlock

32. Why cant Killzone look as good as the trailer? Gears of War looks even better than that, and supposedly, the PS3 is more powerful than the 360, so why cant they make it look that good? Heck, Unreal Tournament 3 looks even better than Gears, and with all this hoopla about the graphics in Killzone, there will be a game out with better graphics, and a game released in 2006 with better graphics. I say, focus on the gameplay as much as possible and make the game good first, because what theyre aiming for is a Halo-killer, which will never happen. The first Killzone sucked, and theres no way these arrogant jackasses who make KZ can possibly make a better game than Halo, with better graphics than Gears.

Posted at 2:23PM on Jun 9th 2007 by austin

33. "Why cant Killzone look as good as the trailer? Gears of War looks even better than that..."

Lol, fanboys. NEXT.

Posted at 6:58PM on Jun 9th 2007 by bootsielon

34. #3 I own and love my 360 but I have this to say. FUCK HALO AND THE HALO NUT SUCKERS.....honestly why do they see in that damn game....

Ya ya i know different strokes for different folks, but I mean I hate that game with a passion because most of the people that get online and play it are retarded degenerates....I mean how many people do you know are going to mod their consols and get banned no less just to try and get a sneak peak at what "might" be in the upcomming game....

I'm tired of it...I just wish that Killzone, and MGS4 would come over to the 360 because I really don't want to shell out +600.00 for the ps3....

And truth be told thats whats keeping me from getting it...

Posted at 2:05PM on Jun 10th 2007 by Carnie

35. #34 ...I should take one of the many miniture figurines off of your your wall and shove it up your ass...Killzone rock and no it wasn't a "Halo Killer" as most claimed it would be, but the online was a hellva lot better then Halo.

You give X360FB's a bad name by coming over here and starting shit because mom didn't give you the money to go see PofC 3.....

If I had my choice I would have both the PS3 and the 360 but given the cost of the PS3 I only have the latter which I love...both platforms are just need to realize that the gaming world doesn't revolve around M$...

Posted at 2:11PM on Jun 10th 2007 by Carnie

36. i'm just hoping they bring back that sexy water cooler shatter effect!

the game can go to shit as long as they bring me that mmm mmm mmm water cooler goodness!

Posted at 12:07AM on Jun 11th 2007 by ryan

37. @16: I actually haven't seen that video, which by the way is pretty fucked up of him to just blatantly say that. All of the misconceptions and misinformation flying around that I have witnessed was related SPECIFICALLY to the developers saying that it used in-game assets.

Thanks for showing me that though, it helped reassure me that there was something about Tretton I didn't like.....

There are some things about the trailer that I want to be in the game, and there are some things that I feel the opposite about. A lot of it is really negligible, and the graphics have a little to do with that too.

As said before, if it comes out looking fantastic, but only 85% of what that trailer had, then fine. If it comes out looking the same or better? Then well, hopefully the gameplay doesn't suck. The first Killzone was fun, but could use some pointers from other FPS games as far as gameplay was concerned.

Posted at 10:27AM on Jun 11th 2007 by OrganicShadow

38. I don't know that anyone is debating whether the PS3 has the Tech prowest to pull it off. So I must agree with (#6 MattB). With all the time spent there is no reason that they cant pull it off graphically. Don't let this turn into the next Gen version of, wait for it .......... Duke Nukem for Never!!

Posted at 2:09PM on Jun 12th 2007 by Frankenstein Black

39. Killzone still need to improve (in graphic department): Facial Animation for character; Fire and Explosion Effect from Gun, Machine Gun, Rocket Launcher; Smoke Effect turn it into Volumetric Smoke Effect to make it more real; Flame Effect from Flame Launcher Gun, Someone / object that are getting fire, make the color and the effect of Fire and Explosion more "Hollywood Style Movie" - more spectacular ... from what I saw in the trailer, Killzone 2 really need to improve in that area: Facial Animation for character, Fire, Smoke, and Explosion Effect.

Don't forget also about the gameplay, try to watch the other good FPS game that offer a good gameplay, what the puzzle, or the mission, or maybe the landscape, etc that those games bring ... a good FPS usually in the PC's Games: Just for example ... Unreal Single Player Mode, Doom, Quake, Fear, etc ... or maybe from Halo Series, and from Gear ... what they offer that you can see, improve, and applied it into Killzone 2.

Posted at 5:41PM on Jul 18th 2007 by mickel

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