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Some news on Last Remnant -- SaGa Frontier 3, almost

Critics hate Square Enix's Romancing SaGa, SaGa Frontier, and Unlimited SaGa efforts. Many critics never even bothered to review the PS2 remake of the original Romancing SaGa which was, all things considered, an incredibly deep, nonlinear, difficult game. But, like many games that can either be graded very high or very low, being different doesn't always work. So what do a number of the SaGa developers do when they're tired of getting hammered by critics? Make a game that looks amazing, like Last Remnant. We make this reference because Famitsu Xbox 360 scored an interview with the four main designers behind the game and guess what? They're the four main people behind many of the SaGa games. We'll summarize the info they divulged below.

  • Production on Last Remnant began shortly after the completion of the PS2 remake of Romancing SaGa, dubbed Minstrel's Song.
  • Getting used to Unreal Engine 3 was a difficult task, they said. Early work started with getting tons of characters on screen at once.
  • The battle system may be too complicated, they've been warned. Well, if any of you experienced the hellish amounts of fun and confusion from SaGa Frontier 2, we're sure this won't be that tough. The four designers agree.
  • Like in games akin to Ogre Battle (the N64 version comes to mind), you can organize your units in groups of five, choosing who to put in which units. Their attacks won't be automatic, though. You issue commands yourself, like a standard RPG.
  • The trailer shown at the Square Enix party was all real-time, but the rendering and such were only at 30%. So expect a lot to appear different with the final product.
  • The game should be about 30 hours in length.
  • No release date, yet.

Our interest in this game went from "very interested" to "seriously, get my checkbook right this moment" after hearing the staff behind the game are being just as ambitious as with every SaGa title. But does this portend a poor reception for the game? Or will the casting aside of the SaGa name, a different direction, and other such artistic and gameplay choices turn people on?

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1. its "THE Last Remnant" btw...just letting you know...

Posted at 10:12PM on Jun 2nd 2007 by xion

2. Wow, this looks rather awesome.

Posted at 10:20PM on Jun 2nd 2007 by Taylor B

3. 30 hours is pretty good. But I would rather have GTA:IV and play that for 162.5 hours

Can I still pray for a MERCS:2 exclusive?

Posted at 10:35PM on Jun 2nd 2007 by massive_98

4. Has anyone else noticed how good Sony is at making websites. Just look at some of the best ones.

People around this blog must hate me. I am always posting something that has nothing to do with the post

Posted at 10:52PM on Jun 2nd 2007 by massive_98

5. I LOVED the Romancing SaGa remake for the PS2.. it has the coolest art direction, all watercolor-like... if the guys who worked on that game are working on The Last Remnan, then thats a seller for me.

(Romancing SaGa WAS one of the deepest, hardest, non linear RPGs ive played in a long time too)

Posted at 4:31AM on Jun 3rd 2007 by KiraXD

6. "the rendering and such were only at 30%"

That made me happy...I'm hyped for this game, and it certainly looks OK, but sort of like a scaled-up PS2 game, know what I mean?

Better visuals and this will be a monster.

Posted at 4:52AM on Jun 3rd 2007 by burninhell

7. I bet some of that was editor comments, not developer.

Posted at 7:53AM on Jun 3rd 2007 by The Hedon

8. Mercs 2 has now been announced for Xbox 360.

This looks like it will be a good game on both systems, but I will probably get it for my Xbox 360.

Posted at 12:14PM on Jun 3rd 2007 by Stan Reeves

9. At the very least, this does look quite entertaining visually. But seriously, Square-Enix. For the love of whatever, can you PLEASE take time away from making games with guys that look like girls and not forget your other franchises that could use more love around the world? I'm looking at Front Mission and Einhander here. You make enough money to keep running the Mana name into the ground with a sledgehammer, enough to allow for experiments like this. >

Posted at 7:04AM on Jun 4th 2007 by Alexander Mu

10. I agree with Alexander, Square-Enix keeps running their games into the ground to the point that they are losing their best people (Don't hate on me because I forgot the name, but what about that Blue Dragon guy. I mean come on Square). Square will make really cool side games from time to time like Drakenguard (again no hate) and then will make awsome games that they only release in Japan, which is bullshit unless you read Japanese. Please Square keep making new and innovated games like this one.

Oh and by the way, I love the FF series, but isn't enough enough? They are starting to get a little repeditive story wise on that one :)

Posted at 2:51PM on Jun 4th 2007 by Robotuna

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