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Devil May Cry producer may cry if system wars continue

Famitsu Xbox 360, an obviously 360-centric publication of the Japanese Famitsu magazine, recently got a short interview with Devil May Cry 4 producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi. They finally got the answer everyone has been arguing over: why did DMC4 go multiplatform? We're satisfied with the answer, so we'll outline that along with other queries asked below.

  • About the move toward multiple platforms, Kobayashi said "We're using an engine called Framework for development, and it's extremely easy to have a multiplatform strategy including the PC. You can say that Devil May Cry 4 is the first such offering. With the increase in platforms, we have the chance of more people being able to play the game, so we're also happy as developers." The strong name of the game overseas help, too, he said.
  • The game is definitely built originally on the PS3 and ported to other systems (which will yield better ports to other systems and easier for the developers). Kobayashi said that "we've just started with the Xbox 360 version following the announcement, so there's still a ways to go." If the PS3 version is nearly complete, can't we just get it now? We wanna play.
  • The content, as we've said before, will be the same across platforms. Minor graphical differences may exist, plus the PS3 can install the game onto the hard drive, but the game will play the same regardless. Kobayashi laments, "We wanted to avoid arguments about which one is better."
  • The game will indeed run at 60fps. Kobayashi actually claimed keeping to that goal has proven to be one of the biggest challenges in developing for next-gen consoles so far.

Finally, we've been told to expect an advanced build of the game at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show in September. It wasn't made clear if it will be any specific console build, but we'd anticipate a booth for both the PS3 and 360 versions of the game. Not for comparison purposes, but just to show how they're progressing. So they say.

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Reader Comments

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1. I am not going to buy it or rent. I would have if it was an exclusive but it isn't so they don't get any of my money.

They are almost 80% done the PS3 version and then wham they make it into a fuckertardo relardo.

Posted at 6:16PM on Jun 2nd 2007 by massive_98

2. They just started with the 360 version!?! Can we still get our version when it's done? Can't they just release the PS3 version as a timed exclusive at least?

Posted at 6:27PM on Jun 2nd 2007 by Vincent060

3. Well, by NOT buying the PS3 version, you'll be telling CAPCOM to develop exclusively for the 360 next time. Well done.

Posted at 7:03PM on Jun 2nd 2007 by Bored

4. Yes, TOTALLY agree with the ABOVE STATEMENTS!

NOT having it a PS3 exclusive has made it NOT so much "appealing" anymore.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the SERIES and am STILL extremely sad to see it go Multi-Platform.

With DMC4:
There is a chance the game WON'T EXCEED 10GB or less (in data), JUST TO ACCOMODATE FOR THE 360

There is ALSO a chance they WONT implement the SIXASIS Controller, JUST TO ACCOMODATE FOR THE 360


There is a chance the game WONT LOOK AS GOOD as it SO easily could, JUST TO ACCOMODATE FOR THE 360

There is a chance the resolution will NOT go upto 1080p, JUST TO ACCOMODATE FOR THE 360

The BEST GAMES should be EXCLUSIVE TO PLATFORMS as they are developed SPECIFICALLY for them. (DMC4 fits in the BEST GAMES category)

What do people do when they want to play Super Mario?!


What do people do when they want to play HALO?

BUY themseleves an Xbox or Xbox 360, RIGHT!?!?

SO, WHY, WHY, WHY, WHY, DONT you people who want to play Devil May Cry buy themseleves a PLAYSTATION!?


Posted at 7:31PM on Jun 2nd 2007 by Suly2k

5. That just irritates me. Not the fact that it is going multiplatform, but that they are delaying a (possibly) finished game just so they can simultaneously release it on two other platforms. Just plain ridiculous.

Posted at 7:42PM on Jun 2nd 2007 by Jason B.

6. @ Jason B. -- that's exactly my complaint. I have no other issues with the multiplatform move except for the needless delay.

And those saying that not buying the game for the PS3 will edge Capcom away from further PS3 releases? Right on. That's very true. If anything, we should all buy out the stock in our game stores of the game for PS3 to inflate sales =P But with most people, spending nothing is an easier escape than spending a lot.

Posted at 7:46PM on Jun 2nd 2007 by ndoerr


Posted at 7:55PM on Jun 2nd 2007 by massive_98

8. If you want Capcom to keep on making games, you should be happy that they choose to make money with the same game on two platforms just to recoup next gen development costs. If you had fun with DMC3 and are complaining about how the 360 is going to make DMC4 worse, then you should really reconsider what you like so much about the series, because I prefer the gameplay over uber visual polish.

I bet you weren't bitching and moaning when RE4 was ported to the ps2, and neither were the people who were happy with the gamecube version.

Posted at 8:20PM on Jun 2nd 2007 by B33b3s

9. "I bet you weren't bitching and moaning when RE4 was ported to the ps2, and neither were the people who were happy with the gamecube version."
Oh, I recall quite a bit of bitching from both camps.

Something along the lines of "ZOMG C U LAMECUBE GUYZ DONT HAV NE XCLUSIVE GAEMS SEPT SMASH BROS LOLMIRITE? PLUS WE GET BONUS MISINS WITH ADDA AND TRU WIDESCREEN SUPPORT! GAYCUBE SUX BALLZZZZ!!!1" from the Playstation fanboys, and "RE 4 was a fantastic game and I played it quite a bit...when it came out NINE MONTHS AGO! Enjoy your watered down port (complete with extra jaggies!) at full price!" from the Nintendo crowd.

My thoughts regarding DMC4: If it's done for one system, and there's a decent amount of time (2+ months) before the other platform's version is completed, release the one that's finished (assuming the game is sitting "in the can" and not being optimized in the meantime). However, I can't find a single part in the article that claims the PS3 version is complete, or near completion. He only said that they just started on the 360 version. Considering the amount of content (game engine, textures, music, etc.) that will be virtually the same on both platforms, I'd imagine they'd be able to get things up to speed fairly quickly.

When done correctly, a multi-platform release will be tailored to each system's advantages, so it's fairly insulting for everyone to think that Capcom will somehow completely "screw" so-called "loyal Playstation fans". Capcom makes games to make money, and unless Sony or Microsoft is willing to offer a SIGNIFICANT financial incentive, there's no reason for them to stick with only one platform.

Posted at 8:53PM on Jun 2nd 2007 by Strike Man

10. I too will not be buying Devil May Cry. The first one was good but the last two were mediocre in my opinion. But I too will not buy DMC4 because their defection hurts the sale of Sony consoles, PERIOD. Why buy a PS3 if you can get DMC on 360? Anyone that thinks otherwise isn't looking at the big picture and doesn't care about the success of the PS3. This is what Capcom does, don't forget how they left the playstation for nintendo with the Resident Evil series. They are not loyal to any brands, and are only interested in consoles that will make them money. After all, once the gamecube took a dive and PS2 was kickin ass capcom went back to developing for other consoles. If we don't buy capcom games because of their defection that's a perfectly fine choice. Lets just get one thing straight, if they go 360 exclusive then that just makes them hippocrits because they are the ones wanting to be able to "sell to more gamers". I don't respect their choice, and I hope trading PS3 buyers for 360 buyers bites them in the ass!

Posted at 9:06PM on Jun 2nd 2007 by dalejrfanfreak

11. I'll buy it, and I hope long-time fans will continue to do so as well. Although I agree with Nick in that if our version is close to done, why not get it completed and release it? That too is my only complaint about the whole multiplatform situation... well that, and constant gloating from the other side... but that's a different story.

PS fans need to show Capcom they were mistaken and that we deserve exclusives too!

Posted at 9:47PM on Jun 2nd 2007 by Cagalli

12. Dude don't do that. Do you capcom to not develop games on our favorite platform? And I hate to say it but it is kinda Sony's fault. Phil Harrison said it himself, Sony would rather spend all that money on making their own Original IP games then give it to third party's.

That's the question to ask, Do you want Original IP games or the big franchises? I mean I understand where you guys are coming from (Believe me I do). Like you would think Capcom would be a little fair and give us one exclusive game since we didn't get Lost Planet & Dead Rising and SONY Pictures did make the Resident Evil movies. You know, you scratch my back I'll scratch yours.

Now since I'm thinking about it, I'm guessing that's how UBIsoft gave us HAZE. Microsoft is getting 2 exclusives Naruto and Splinter Cell. Nintendo is getting Rayman and I think some other ones too. HAZE used to be next-gen multiplateform game but then I guess ubisoft looked at what they were giving Nintendo and Microsoft and then decided to give one to Sony.

Posted at 9:58PM on Jun 2nd 2007 by Marco Cano Jr

13. Haze is just a timed exclusive. They just want to avoid running into Halo 3.

Posted at 10:12PM on Jun 2nd 2007 by Bored

14. >Haze is just a timed exclusive. They just want to avoid running into Halo 3.

so, in order to avoid running into Halo 3, so instead of selling 500,000 copies, it will be PS3 exclusive and sells 0 copies on xbox?

that math makes PERFECT sense.

ANd to Capcom, so, I suppose Lost Planet and Dead Rising aren't 'multiply platform' friendly, right? but wait, isn't Lost Planet coming to PC? hmmm, I smell more lies.

Posted at 11:26PM on Jun 2nd 2007 by kingofwale

15. You can play Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Heavenly Sword, God of War 2 and all 4 DMC versions on PS3. You can only play DMC4 on 360.

Posted at 9:06AM on Jun 3rd 2007 by rfom

16. Ubisoft is officially my new fav devoloper. Certain games work better on certain systems, for example Rayman would not be a good choice for PS3 or 360 but works perfectly with the Wii

It is going to be a huge fight for everyones gaming dollar come fall. Haze is a PS3 exclusive. And out of the games Ubisoft is making exclusive Haze is the best out of all of them.

To be honest, I wouldn't have bought/rented DMC4 even if it was exclusive. It might have gotten a second look but thats about it.

I am planning on buying some Ubisoft stocks. There sales are going to go through the roof with their new exclusive releases.

Posted at 10:45AM on Jun 3rd 2007 by massive_98

17. " Lets just get one thing straight, if they go 360 exclusive then that just makes them hippocrits because they are the ones wanting to be able to "sell to more gamers". I don't respect their choice, and I hope trading PS3 buyers for 360 buyers bites them in the ass!

Posted at 9:06PM on Jun 2nd 2007 by dalejrfanfreak"

Oh yeah, that's going to happen. Just like it did with Dead Rising and Lost Planet right? You fanboys are idiots. "I won't buy or rent it"... HORSESHIT. You losers will have it the day it comes out and you know it. If by some idiotic quirk of Sony loyalty, you did leave it to rot on the vine, you could probably kiss Capcom goodbye as a developer for the PS3. Is having no games and watching game after game come out for the 360 really bothering you all that much? If so, have a look at your "gaming console" and see where the problem lies. It's sure ain't Microsoft's fault.

Posted at 12:09PM on Jun 3rd 2007 by GimmeSumGamez

18. Well, this statement essentially guarantees that DMC4 is going to look good in a 360 kind of way, but we should not expect more:

>>What's different is perhaps the shape of the controller and graphic peculiarities for each hardware. We wanted to avoid arguments about which one is better.

That's fine, I guess. Gameplay has always been the DMC strength, and an ounce of good art direction is worth a pound of pure polygons (or was it pickled peppers?) in the pipeline.

Still, will it match or exceed the look of Ninja Gaiden Sigma, my own current benchmark for what a comitted developer can do with established IP on this platform? I dunno. If it plays well I may bite, but I'll be playing it alongside Heavenly Sword and NGSigma...I just may be spoiled.

Posted at 12:21PM on Jun 3rd 2007 by Gibson335

19. @22 Gibson335

I agree with you. Fast-paced, non-stop action has always been what DMC is about. Because of this I think the PS3 version would be better because the controller is better suited for this type of game. The buttons are spaced out evenly and are easy to reach.

Also, does anybody know if there would be multiple weapons in the game? Every video I've seen always had Nero using the same gun and sword. If they had the same gameplay like DMC3 and added more to it, it would be sweet.

Posted at 12:25PM on Jun 3rd 2007 by Vincent060

20. @23 TRUE Fan

Yeah, because rumble is absolutely necessary to pull off all of his moves and without it limits the gameplay.

I don't see how alittle detail like lack of rumble is the #1 selling point for people. It seems to these people that if a game doesn't have rumble, it would suck. How can you notice when the controller rumbles when you're too busy slicing-and-dicing, jumping-and-gunning? I sometimes don't even notice when I start a game where the rumble starts off turned-off in some games. Only when I go to the menu to change settings do I remember about it. Then when I turn it on, I go on playing and forget about it again. But then again I guess some people still notice it when they play. It was fun in the beginning, but it isn't so special now.

But now that Sony has said that they would release a controller with rumble in it again because people bitched about it, everyone started saying,"Oh, NOW they're going to put rumble back in? Sony said it was last-gen, but I guess they don't know what they are doing." Then people forgot about it and keep saying how the PS3 won't have rumble. Do you people want rumble or don't you? If you do, then don't bitch when they said they where going to release a controller with it.

Posted at 12:40PM on Jun 3rd 2007 by Vincent060

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