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Silent Hill 5 interview ... if PS3 sells, it could be exclusive

Finally, it looks like Silent Hill 5 is bursting forth from the loins of Konami and scaring the bejeezus out of people. No, we don't have any screenshots and yes, we made all of that up, but we do have an interview with one of the creative minds behind the game. Masashi Tsuboyama, chief director, answers some questions in the latest Electric Shock magazine. Here are the points of interest:

  • Konami and the team behind Silent Hill have looked at the current consoles and concluded they all have limitations that hamper their ideas for the game and delay progress. Except the PlayStation 3.
  • No multiplatform plans as of yet. But the sales of PS3 are slow so they may have to reconsider later on down the road if things appear dismal. Which of course means delayed progress and not taking advantage of the PS3's power.
  • Tsuboyama claims Blu-ray will be a very necessary asset in their development of the game.
  • The PS3, he says, is tough to work with, but when they get used to it, the processing power will be far beyond the other consoles.

Keep an eye out at E3, as Tsuboyama seemed to clam up about the game when asked if anything would be shown. Perhaps he's being a tease, but we'd like to believe that the rumors regarding the game's progress are true. The game isn't a system seller, so we expect either a timed exclusive or simultaneous multiplatform release with the 360 -- with the game smartly built originally on the PS3. Keep your fingers crossed, and keep those mannequins out of dimly lit apartment buildings!
[via PS3 Forums]

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Reader Comments

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21. What is the point of having a next-gen system with an old-gen storage format?

An attitude like "Well DVD worked just fine!!" is fucking pointless. SDTV worked fine didn't it? We still brought out HDTV. Shit, living in the forests eating fruit off the trees worked didn't it? But we still built fucking houses!

Posted at 5:35AM on May 31st 2007 by aj

22. @21...

I couldn't have said it better myself. OMFGIcan'tbreathe...hahahah

Posted at 6:00AM on May 31st 2007 by Stellarpimp

23. @SwissArmyBud, you forgot the determinant!

after actually reading the article, i now know the the answer to sales, popularity and everything is soccer.

Posted at 8:40AM on May 31st 2007 by matjet

24. For SOny's sake this game BETTER be exclusive and they better come up with a bunch of other exclusives. 360 is hammering them into the ground in the games department. Yesterday I went to gamestop and picked up Forza and Shadowrun. Both games are good but Shadowrun was Amazingly good. Meanwhile nothing for PS3. I have both systems and love both, but unfortunately for sony not everyone buys all consoles like me. And for a person who only buys one console the 360 is the CLEARLY superior console AT THIS TIME and for the forseeable future. Even though tthe PS3 has some good games coming down the pipeline so does the 360. And it also has the clearly superior online, Live is lightyears ahead of the PSN. There is no excuse for the PS3 to be in the state it is at the moment. 7 months after launch the 360 had a bunch of good games to play. I have owned more games at launch for EVERY system than I own for the PS3 7 moths after launch. Right now we are looking at a perfect example of how to "kill your brand".


Posted at 8:56AM on May 31st 2007 by TheSh0wstopper

25. @SwissArmyBud

If this blog had any editing capability whatsoever I would have edited it to correct the double reference. But it's nice to know that you couldn't use your noodle to infer that I meant PS3. After all, I did as k him to mention why exactly the A.I processing capabilities of the 360 was superior to his weak mind.

By the way, you didn't answer the full questions. What you did was use a matrix calculator. The "off the top of my mind" line was rather weak.

Posted at 10:46AM on May 31st 2007 by Breeze

26. @BlackBeltJones

I hate...so much the 360 fanboys, like you, that choose to soil this forum with your mental dumps.

Posted at 10:46AM on May 31st 2007 by Breeze

27. @poster

Why don't you grace us with those quotes of developers stating that A.I performs better on the 360?

The reason you can't is because all you'll be able to find is a quote from Jade Raymond, of UbiSoft, making a comment that was taken out of context and quickly corrected by UbiSoft.

So, please SPAM us with those developer quotes.

Posted at 4:15PM on May 31st 2007 by Breeze

28. I wish the writers of these blogs would take a few minutes to properly structure their sentences. It would make it a lot easier to read.

"Konami and the team behind Silent Hill have looked at the current consoles and concluded they all have limitations that hamper their ideas for the game and delay progress. Except the PlayStation 3."

The above sentence should read: Konami and the team behind Silent Hill have looked at the current consoles and concluded they all have limitations that hamper their ideas for the game and delay progress with the exception of the PlayStation 3.

By breaking it into two sentences, (though the second one isn't even a complete sentence) the second one invalidates the first one. The first one states all have limitations. That statement is rendered incorrect by stating "except the playstation 3". Therefore, you need that statement to be included in the first statement to make it one complete thought.

That is just one example I am pointing out. It is just a pet peeve of mine to see writers continuously do this.

Posted at 4:31PM on May 31st 2007 by James

29. @ Breeze

Nothing I said in this post is skewed toward loving the 360 I simply stated that if exclusivity of this game depends on sales, PS3 is currently not pushing the numbers to make it a fiscally viable choice. Then I refered to a rumor of 3rd party discontent with ps3 sales. And the reason for my Office inspired comment is not that I hate your love for sony but by the way in you previous comment you assume someone isn't educated and test them because of a statment about a video game console. It was a jackass move.

Also here is the article by joystiq about ubsoft's producer saying that the 360's assassins creed has better AI.


It boils down to the 360 having better threading technology.

Posted at 8:02PM on May 31st 2007 by BlackBeltJones

I assumed you weren't educated because of your silly and ignorant comment that the 360 had the better CPU for processing A.I. Nothing personal, but if you had the facilities to understand what A.I is and how it's processed that you wouldn't have made such a comment because you would have realized how futile and baseless it was.

Now, the person you are referring to is not a developer, Jade Raymond is, well the cover girl/producer for Assassins Creed and nothing more. Her quote was taken out of context and quickly corrected by Ubisoft after she received her spanking. Here's the link to the retraction, jackass (and remember, try and do your research before looking like a fool by quoting something that's been corrected thousands of times)

"While the method for distributing AI load is different on each platform, the AI code itself is the same. Players will experience the exact same crowd results on PS3 and Xbox360," Ubisoft explained."


Basically, it boils down to knowing that the PS3 has more threads than the 360. Ouch, that must hurt not knowing a simple fact like that.

Posted at 8:31PM on May 31st 2007 by Breeze

31. @ Breeze

I wasn't the poster to originally mention the AI, I merely posted what article that poster was refering too. So next time you take out your aggression on another poster remember, try and do your research before looking like a fool and childishly yelling at the wrong person. It is good to see that you are rude and condescending to everyone on the forum, consistency ftw!

Posted at 11:54PM on May 31st 2007 by BlackBeltJones

32. I see, so you merely posted a link to the false article the poster was referring to? Oh Really? Then please explain your closing line in message #31:

"It boils down to the 360 having better threading technology."

Was that line also from the article or did you come up with that deduction all by yourself? Why do you Xbox 360 fanboys continue to visit this site and post your garbage? Are you so pathetic that you must spend your time refuting all claims on a site dedicated to the PS3? Just stick to your fanboy sites and leave us be.

Posted at 2:35AM on Jun 1st 2007 by Breeze

33. @ Breeze
Here we go, more unbridled aggression. First off, calm down Joe Mccarthy, not everyone that doesn't agree with your exact point of view is an xbox fanboy. I admit I am a gaming fanboy, the more strong gaming systems out there competing for my money the better, nothing like competition to keep creativity up and prices down.

In reference to the article in question, in one of its updates it reads:

[Update 1: clarified wording with regard to comment #4.]

and comment 4 reads:

4. The developer didn't say the 360 had "advanced" threading capabilities. With single-issue cores and no out-of-order completion, there is nothing advanced about the 360's threading capabilities.

PS3's SPEs are less capable when it comes to threading than a general-purpose processor is, but that doesn't mean the 360's capabilities are particularly advanced.

Posted at 4:15PM on Sep 29th 2006 by Steve

I apologize for paraphrasing my understanding of the comment that joystiq made reference to.

In conclusion don't get mad at me, get mad at Steve.

Posted at 3:22AM on Jun 1st 2007 by BlackBeltJones

34. So you're not going explain this?

"It boils down to the 360 having better threading technology."

Posted at 10:53AM on Jun 1st 2007 by Breeze

35. @ Breeze

I did, as I mentioned before the comment from joystiq mentions:
The PS3's SPEs are less capable when it comes to threading than a general-purpose processor is, but that doesn't mean the 360's capabilities are particularly advanced.

It is from that conclusion that I paraphrased the 360 having better threading. And from this article:


Concerning threading:
"Because of the PS3 CPU only having 1 PPE compared to the 360’s 3, all game control, scripting, AI and other branch intensive code will need to be crammed into two threads which share a very narrow execution core and no instruction window. The cell’s SPE will be unable to help out here as they are not as robust; hence, not fit for accelerating things such as AI, as it’s fairly branch intensive and the SPE lacks branch prediction capability entirely."

Concerning AI:

The 360 CPU however, due to its 3 symmetric General Purpose Cores, is not only much easier to program for than the cell, but having 3 PPE capable of handling things such as AI also means the 360’s CPU will be the better of the 2 CPUs when it comes to AI code. Either way we can look forward to great things from both CPUs in the future."

The entire article is 11 pages and points strengths and weaknesses out of both consoles eventually saying that both Sony and Microsoft fans should be happy with their respective consoles. Can we end this now, I want to go read about Uncharted.

Posted at 4:49PM on Jun 1st 2007 by BlackBeltJones

36. Did it ever occur to you that the Joystiq article was just quoting what Raymond stated before UbiSoft was able to correct her ignorant statements? So you were perpetuating a story that has been corrected by UbiSoft. You really should know better because this lie seems to have a life of its own in the minds of xbox fanboys.

As for that article you posted, it's full of inaccuracies and sheer ignorance to Cell architecture and development.

Posted at 9:22PM on Jun 1st 2007 by Breeze

37. The first quote was from a commenter not a Ubisoft employee, read more carefully. And as far as the 2nd article that agrees with that statment (2 Corinthians 13:1) I trust a professional writing an article he's obviously done research on over an angry poster.

Urban Dicitionary definition of fanboy:
An arrogant person who goes into an outburst every time something he likes is questioned. Fanboys usually acuse others of being fanboys.

But seriously I'm done, go ahead and take 4 hours phrasing the perfect retort because I'm not coming back to check it, I need to go play Ico.

Posted at 12:31AM on Jun 2nd 2007 by BlackBeltJones

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