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The first six months show PS3 lagging behind everything

PlayStation 2 is one of the most successful consoles of all time. Last generation, it devastated its competition, with Xbox claiming a very distant second, and Nintendo's Gamecube trailing behind at third. Interestingly, the first six months of sales for these consoles show a similar pattern: PS2, followed by Xbox, followed by Gamecube. While correlation does not imply causality, these figures certainly show that the interest a product garners within its first six months can be quite important.

Fast-forward to today. PS3 has suffered a crucial blow last month, and with fewer than a dozen games coming out in the next month, the immediate future does not look much brighter. Infendo (a Nintendo fan site) has constructed a graph, pointing out PS3's lackluster momentum in its first six months. Comparatively, it has been outpaced by last generation's "failures."

What can we garner from this data? Firstly, Sony is going to have to try much harder. Secondly, the PS3 isn't that much farther behind the Xbox 360. Finally, the most startling revelation: people aren't as interested in this new generation of console technology as they were previous year's. A look at Wii's phenomenal success is indicative of the industry moving in a direction that many could not have predicted. As distressing as this information may be to Sony fanboys, we have to remember that the battle is far from over.

[Via Joystiq]

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21. OK, first post to deal with all the bashing.

@12 ""Sony is trying to play it off and say how many big titles will be coming out later this year, which is true. The problem is that that's true for all the consoles. The 360 has Bioshock, Mass Effect, Halo 3. The Wii has Metroid Prime 3, Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Smash Bros.: Brawl. While it might boost sales a little, I don't see new titles like Lair and Heavenly Sword (which, by the way, are receiving less than stellar reviews off the previews so far) saving the console. The PS3 is doomed.""

your worse at spinning than the sony PR guys, maybe you should work for them. Way to bypass metal gear solid 4 (so far, its still dated for this year, except in EB games computer, and there soooo reliable), and suprisingly, (althought this one is more personal, as i know about 5 peopel buying ps3's for it) little big planet. and also, just to put it out there that Final fantasy is the second largest system seller in japan and metal gear solid is HUGE world wide. Final fantasy may not be out until 08, but it is a BIG factor. And no matter how much online haters it has, metal gear has a lot more people who dont come to game blogs who eat it up like candy. Also, bioshock is for PC as well.

@19. wtf are you smoking?

@20. ""Sure, ill answer your question of why it needs its ass kicked, at the 2005 E3, when Sony announced the PS3, they were arogant, dismissed all the other systems and stated that theirs was going to have better games, online service, and everything else a game sytem could possibly dfo better. They havent shown me any thing yet that I cant get for even better on my 360.

wow, theres a good point. They said there console would be better then the competition. Im sure it would be GREAT for sales and hype to say "well, our new console will be good, but the other new ones will be better." Thats a great buisness plan to have. Microsoft has NEVER said anything like that! Way to prove your point! Im sure glad your not responsible for a company, cause it would go bankrupt. What an ASS sony has been, you've changed me, I've seen the light. Time to start backstabbing! (sarcasm)

Posted at 8:40PM on May 19th 2007 by Atomu

22. Ok, now that thats done, heres what I think about the "next gen" consoles. The war will not be even close to being decided for at least 2 years. Look at those sales. Sony may have been showing off how the ps2 was still dominating, but they are over looking that probably almost EVERY one of those people will NOT buy a ps3 for years. (same for the xbox 1 sales)

And I think your average casual gamer (and the casual gamer is who ultimatly decids the winner) is waiting for better reasons to upgrade. The ps3 has shit all for games right now, and the 360 has next to shit all. quantity, but few quality. you can spout off the big names and say "this.. crap? no, not that one, but the hundred other games. I own gears and dead rising, and pre-ordered halo 3 and bioshock. Other than that, theres nothing in the future for xbox i want (yet). Ps3 has a great looking 08, and so far xbox no so great. So they will even themselves out more before it really matters.

xbox 1 owners already have live, so its not a reason to upgrade, and ps2 owners wont upgrade for just resistance. and lots of the new games like armoured core and virtua fighter are high res versions of the same thing they have on the ps2 and xbox 1. not a real reason to upgrade YET.

I say that during 2009 the real war will be decided. And both systems will still be around and both have there fanbases. The amount of consoles sold right now are so low for both systems that they don't prove anything yet. a 2:1 ratio means nothing if 93% of potential buyers havent made their choice yet.

Posted at 8:42PM on May 19th 2007 by Atomu

23. "you can look at the chart like this: what has more value, more bang for your buck right now? "

If you liked a lot of games...wouldn't that be the PS2?

If you liked online gaming and community...wouldn't that be the 360?

If you liked casual gaming...wouldn't that be the Wii?

If you like Blu-ray...wouldn't that be the PS3?

It's different for everybody.

If you're just talking about gaming...the PC is the worst value. A PC isn't standard...the hardware changes too fast. With a console, not only is it cheaper, but you'll get a solid 5 years out of it, where with a PC you'll only get 1-3 years (for up-to-date gaming).

Posted at 4:00AM on May 20th 2007 by SuicideNinja

24. "The amount of consoles sold right now are so low for both systems that they don't prove anything yet. a 2:1 ratio means nothing if 93% of potential buyers havent made their choice yet."

Yet, if I remember correctly. Some months ago Sony was shouting all over the world that BlueRay had won the HD war... and the sales are kinda similar to this console war.

What the chart is trying to show is tendencies, what happened last gen and what might happen this current one. If you correlate what it tells ya and join the dots you might see what would happen. Which ever console has the biggest install base, that console will have more game developer support and with that comes the games.

Anyways, if you are a serious gamer and you don't want to miss out, just buy all the consoles and quit discussing which one is going to succeed. Because if you have them, the one who succeeds is you!

To sum it up, buy all the consoles there is and live happily playing all day indoors!

Posted at 1:20PM on May 20th 2007 by Natawa

25. VPT:

Microsoft reports SHIPPED too, not only Sony. Nintendo reports sold.

Someone said Microsoft has sold "10,770,000" consoles, which is not true; they've shipped that. They haven't even sold 10 million. That's not surprising, considering it's a flop in Japan, and its sales are mediocre in Europe. In the states, its biggest customer, it's being beaten by the Wii. So no, Xbox 360 has still some time left for reaching 10 million units sold. By Christmass, they might reach 18 million units, thanks to GTA and Halo 3, while Sony might reach 10 million thanks to GTA and other exclusives.

http://www.vgchartz.com is way more accurate than "nexgenwars", since it relies on sales numbers, not on "predictions". Hell, the "nexgenwars" website is owned by a minor, lol.

Posted at 1:41PM on May 20th 2007 by bootsielon

26. can one of you crazy cats explain to me why this supposed "ass kicking" is so "rightly deserved" and what all of this "sony is arrogant" stuff is all about?

from the way i see it, it was like you had a best friend for a number of years in high school, then they got more popular than you did, and now youre jealous, or upset by the things he's doing, so you kick him when he's down, and claim you're not friends anymore.

bottom line: i added my +1 to the ps3's number, and i am damn glad i did.

Posted at 3:47PM on May 20th 2007 by daniel.

27. The situation is even more bleak for the PS3, because both the PS2 and 360 had major supply issues within the first 6 months after launch. The PS3 doesn't.

It'll be interesting to see the 1-year charts.

Frankly, all I care about is that software is released. When interesting software is released and the PS3 drops below $500, I'll get one. No sales charts are going to change my buying logic. Buying a console under the impression that good software MIGHT become available in the future because the system sells well is a pretty lousy way of thinking.

Posted at 10:55PM on May 20th 2007 by Burnt Meatloaf

28. Face facts Sony: the ass-kicking you so richly deserve after all the gaffes with the PS3 is upon you right now. The Wii and 360 are going to stomp all over the PS3.

Sony is trying to play it off and say how many big titles will be coming out later this year, which is true. The problem is that that's true for all the consoles. The 360 has Bioshock, Mass Effect, Halo 3. The Wii has Metroid Prime 3, Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Smash Bros.: Brawl. While it might boost sales a little, I don't see new titles like Lair and Heavenly Sword (which, by the way, are receiving less than stellar reviews off the previews so far) saving the console. The PS3 is doomed.

By the way, you can't go off how much money the consoles have earned them so far. That doesn't take into account the production prices. Each PS3 sold costs Sony around $250 right now, while MS and Nintendo make a profit off each console sold. Using the numbers above, Sony has lost about $317,750,000 off the PS3, not counting all the money sunk into the development of the console.

Posted at 4:11PM on Sep 22nd 2007 by stdmffn2007

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