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Petition for immediate PS3 price cut

I'm all for signing petitions. I did it once to save a tree in New York. Well it just so happens we found a petition to lower the cost of the PS3. Yet, seeing as how Sony took a major hit in the pocketbook with the PS3, asking them to lower the cost via signed petition is like haggling over a $0.10 candy bar that should've cost $1.00. Some Sony executives are still quick to point out the value in their PS3 price point, so asking for a price cut now is really just wishful thinking. Perhaps if Sony has a few major hits with their upcoming software lineup, it will escalate the call for a price cut but for now, the prospect is ludicrous. The mere act reeks of self indulgence with little regard for the cold facts on Sony's manufacturing costs. The PS3 parts will get cheaper to manufacture over time but they aren't quite there yet. It just doesn't make any financial sense to lower the PS3 right now. Maybe in five months, but not now. But hey, go ahead. Sign the petition. Can't hurt, right?

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1. why don't we make a petition to make Sony sell PS3 at $12.99?

or better, just give me $400.

Posted at 11:04PM on May 17th 2007 by kingofwale

2. I don't think many people expect this to do anything but die. There's not even enough games to support a price drop. What happens if they drop it to $400, and no one buys it. Or how about the fact that Microsoft has a gun to Sony's head. This petition works, the PS3 drops to $400, and Microsoft pulls the trigger, ending the PS3's life by scrapping the core and bumping the premium to $300.

Posted at 11:23PM on May 17th 2007 by Next-Gen-Gamer

3. Wow, Mr. Vrabel. You called it. Brought it real. I wish people would realize this shizzle.

Posted at 11:27PM on May 17th 2007 by John

4. Next-Gen-Gamer is of course an oxymoron, (look it up in that thing we call a dictionary) since of course he is a spokespiece for Microsoft)-- if he called himself 1.5-Gen-Gamer, at least he'd be being honest.

Microsoft doesn't have a gun to anybody's head except the people who are committing suicide. Put Microsoft in your mouth, suck long, and die hard.

Posted at 11:29PM on May 17th 2007 by John

5. "Put Microsoft in your mouth, suck long, and die hard."

And here I am thinking this discussion couldn't sink any lower...

Posted at 11:34PM on May 17th 2007 by Strike Man

6. Nice. Let's all play "Bash the Realist".

Posted at 11:38PM on May 17th 2007 by Next-Gen-Gamer

7. Next-Gen-Gamer is of course an oxymoron, (look it up in that thing we call a dictionary) since of course he is a spokespiece for Microsoft)-- if he called himself 1.5-Gen-Gamer, at least he'd be being honest.

Microsoft doesn't have a gun to anybody's head except the people who are committing suicide. Put Microsoft in your mouth, suck long, and die hard.

Posted at 11:39PM on May 17th 2007 by John

8. For the good of a company who COULD do things right if given the chance, I, a longtime Sony-hater, will sign that petition.

Posted at 11:39PM on May 17th 2007 by Edge of Blade

9. How about a petition to make people stop being so damn cheap?

The PS3 is worth every penny, a price cut would be stupid.

Posted at 12:33AM on May 18th 2007 by iRoy

10. PS3 is worth every penny to the select few to whom it actually is worth every penny. For a lot of people (without hdtv's or interest in blu-ray) it's really overpriced given the games currently available. This will all change in time, but online petitions won't be what changes it.

Posted at 12:49AM on May 18th 2007 by davebo

11. Definitely a pointless petition.

Whether or not the PS3 is worth $600 is completely irrelevant. Its too expensive, especially compared to the competition. Everyone can see this, including Sony, simply by looking at the sales numbers.

One can only assume that Sony plans on maintain playstation mind-share with strong sales of the PS2; perhaps they'll cut the price when that starts to dwindle.

Posted at 1:19AM on May 18th 2007 by TK00

12. I don't think microsoft "pulling the trigger" would kill the PS3. If the PS3 is $400 by October (making Sony not lose any money by then, or at least a negligible amount), and Microsoft lowers the Premium to $300, but remains with the Elite, I don't see how PS3 would be dead.

PS2 and Xbox were always more expensive than Gamecube, and where's the gamecube now? You're right, the gamecube is the most successful console right now... oh wait ;) Sorry ninty fans, had to do that cheap wii old joke. Anyway, the gamecube failed.

I think that people can swallow the PS3 being $400 if some were able to swallow that it was $600 (well, it still is), let alone that people were able to swallow a $400 Xbox 360.

If PS3 ends up having a $400 price tag by november with Sony incurring in very small loses (lower half two-digit numbers), then the brand, WiFi, larger HDD, HD-player and some good games will help PS3 sell faster than the Xbox 360 originally did when it was (still is) $400 when it launched with not many games (but of course, Xbox 360 could outsell that with more games and a $300 price tag).

Posted at 1:29AM on May 18th 2007 by bootsielon

13. What purpose does a petition serve in this instance? To tell sony people want a cheaper PS3. Sony executives never could have come to that conclusion on their own. People actually like affordable things, when did this happen?!

Technology does get less costly over time. However, in order for sony to drop manufacturing costs as fast as some of you want them to all they need is one thing...magic. You expect too much too fast.

When I read you calling Next-Gen-Gamer an oxymoron, I was thinking it didn't really sound like an oxymoron. I actually looked up the defintion as you suggested to see if I was right. Next-Gen-Gamer is NOT an oxymoron.

"Put Microsoft in your mouth, suck long, and die hard."

Die Hard 4 movie title confirmed.

Posted at 2:12AM on May 18th 2007 by yomanDS

14. Price isn't the biggest problem; lack of desire is. If you make people want something, and they can find a way to afford it, they'll pay whatever you ask. Steve Jobs could tell you that much.
The ps3 could easily sell at $600 if the content was there to support that price, plain and simple. Luckily that content seems to be on the way, the problem is that with a launch a year late and the games we all want at least a year after that, 360 basically has a two-year headstart on the ps3. A price drop wouldn't hurt anything, but it needs to have the games people want before we'll see big sales.

Posted at 2:24AM on May 18th 2007 by mccomber

15. Thank you, bootsielon. Even though I'll respond to your counterpoint with one of my own, I must say one thing. Its nice to know that someone else went the intelligent route. Its been awhile since I've had civil debate and discussion, what with John claiming everyone who makes a negative point about the PS3 being an "xbot" and all.

If its a matter of dropping the price due to manufacturing costs lowering and losses lowering, then I would agree with you that the PS3 isn't dead. However, if we're talking strictly this petition, I think the PS3 would get buried if Sony just suddenly dropped it to $400. Microsoft would likely keep their Premium at $400 for a few months, and if the PS3 started putting up a fight, I think they'd drop it to $300. As good as that lead is, Microsoft doesn't want to get into a brand war with Sony at $400 vs. $400.

On a similar note, I want to get your opinion about something. Not to start flames or anything, as I've been asking a many people this. With the Wii supposedly selling 7 million in 6 months, do you think we'll start seeing Sony and Microsoft hammer home the "it isn't our competition" arguement?

I figured I could ask you, since you seem to be capable of answering without going "OMG STFU WII TROLL!!!" (because apparently, even when its a part of the discussion, its against the law to talk Wii here).

Posted at 2:27AM on May 18th 2007 by Next-Gen-Gamer

16. What about a petition to release some games worth buying?

Posted at 7:58AM on May 18th 2007 by Adrian vG

17. The price of the console doesn't matter, content does. That's the main thing the PS3 is lacking.

Sony is accustomed to operating in a vacuum and doing things at their own pace. They're a typical stodgy corporation that watches their competitors but don't take drastic measures to correct failures. The US launch, honestly, could have gone better. The European launch didn't do too well either. Europeans love soccer and other euro sports games, and they still don't have FIFA or anything else to play.

Not only that but compared to the X360 the PS3 is lacking a ton of functionality. Where is all the network sharing stuff? Why can't people do simple things like play their own music in games, watch their videos from their PC or even change the background in the XMB? All of these features should have been there from day one. If you expect the PS3 to be a media hub, Sony, MAKE IT ACT LIKE ONE.

Once they work out all the kinks and add things to be *competitive* as well as get some must-have games into the market, we'll see it start selling more, regardless of whether or not it gets a price cut.

Posted at 8:17AM on May 18th 2007 by Popfrogs

18. It's ridiculous for a petition and it's equally so to expect it to drop it down to 400. If there's a drop it will most likely be 500 and i think Sony will do it a little after the Lair, heavenly sword etc. games come out - because those games will sell consoles and they would want to milk that first. Also if MS drops Sony should definitely drop or else they will be in deep trouble. Either way I see a price drop before the holiday season.

Posted at 9:29AM on May 18th 2007 by shase

19. shase
I don't think anyone is trying to say it would drop as low as $400 so quick. The only reason I used $400 is because that's the best way to show what may or may not happen in a competitive brand war. If it was $500, then I wouldn't have even bothered.

Although, to be completely honest, the PS3 has a pretty good shot at doing better at $600 than the 360 Elite does at $480. Its just the Premium it has to worry about (I'm sorry Xbox lovers, but no one cares about that HDD-less Core).

Posted at 10:22AM on May 18th 2007 by Next-Gen-Gamer

20. Petitions are pointless and bringing them up is a waste of time. Damn fanboys.(and I come here for some good ps3 news just in case someone has to ask why I'd come to a fanboy site.)

Posted at 11:00AM on May 18th 2007 by atsui

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