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Some GTA IV details, Rockstar claims 66% complete

The UK's Official Xbox Magazine uncovered some more dirt on the upcoming Rockstar flagship title, Grand Theft Auto IV. Why are we referring to an Xbox magazine? Because the details contained are going to apply to the PS3 version as well, we're certain. We'll summarize the findings, as we love to do so greatly (do you appreciate bullet point summaries as much on any other site? Didn't think so!).

  • Rockstar claims a 66% completion rate on GTAIV.
  • "Liberty City" is bigger than any city they've ever done before (taking into account the loading splits between city areas in older games). The real key is in the level of detail.
  • Expect Central Park to make an entrance, but it'll have a fictional name. Let's see ... Middle City Square Recreational Outdoor Facility?
  • Manual aiming seems to make a debut, as when Niko pulls a pistol, a little crosshair appears on screen. Let's hope it's a more refined aiming system than, say, 50 Cent Bulletproof. Also, there will be some "ridiculous" weaponry ... expect Bubble Guns and Potato Launchers.
  • Hand-to-hand combat is getting reworked to feel more natural.
  • You can climb outdoor fire escapes! Sometimes, meetings take place in high offices of skyscrapers where it's rumored you can toss people right out the window. Eccentric!
  • You might be able to change your camera view in a car to suit your needs (it's still being worked on). Controls will shift, especially control of the radio. Cops will have adjusted reactions, etc.
  • Boats are coming back with "really nice" handling.

What wasn't covered was the deal with disc storage space. While it's been said that the DVD media format and lack of hard drive in all 360s may hamper some features of the game, we're still unsure if the extra space for Blu-ray is going to be taken full advantage of on the PS3 version of the game. I've got a rant on the tip of my fingers, but I'll digress. It's shaping up to be a fine game. Let's hope it doesn't turn into just a pretty version of the last-gen GTA's.

[Thanks, Jonah!]

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1. This game looks awesome. I still wish games picked sides based on consoles they are best on. Sandbox games such as GTA:IV are most suited to the PS3 while shooters such as Halo work better with Xbox 360.

Did I say this game looks awesome?

Posted at 2:54PM on May 13th 2007 by massive_98

2. So.. 360 gets exclusive content and PS3 doesn't?

Posted at 3:26PM on May 13th 2007 by phuink

3. I think it is going to be the same on both the PS3 and the Xbox 360.

Posted at 3:38PM on May 13th 2007 by massive_98

4. They better take advantage of the blue-ray extra space, if they don't, they are just some lazy ass developers. Why not take advantage of the extra features the PS3 has. I really hope this game doesn't come out short just to be compatible with the 360.

This is why I hate games that come out on both consoles.

Posted at 3:56PM on May 13th 2007 by HGH

5. this game is a must have for the PS3

Posted at 4:53PM on May 13th 2007 by Prosche 911

6. I guess people are not updated. Since long ago, it was announced that both consoles would have exclusive content. Besides, maybe it's "exclusive" to 360 because the city is so big it doesn't really fit on a DVD9, so what better oportunity to charge Xbots?

GTA4 would have benefited a lot from being exclusive to PS3. If Blu-ray isn't being used just because of the Red Ringed console, then you Xbots should blame Microsoft for making it impossible to bring truly epic games (and by that I'm not talking about games made by Epic; ironically a 6 hours game is coming from a studio named "Epic").

Poor Xbots, they've been screwed by MS.

Posted at 5:25PM on May 13th 2007 by bootsielon

7. Well originally it was stated that both the ps3 and 360 would each be getting unique downloaded content, but now it's gone quiet on the ps3 front and we don't know anymore.

It's kind of like what's happening to Haze now, at first stated to be multi-platform, the website only states ps3, and all the previews for it are from ps3 magazines. So is it an exclusive now? Probably not, maybe a timed exclusive - which brings me to my point:

I think the DLC for GTA IV will be a timed exclusive to the 360.

Posted at 5:31PM on May 13th 2007 by Naaiif

8. Sony is stuck in a catch 22 situation. They are having trouble securing exclusives because there are not enough PS3 owners but the lack of exclusive titles lessens the reason to own a PS3. Unfortunately cross platform titles are always hampered on PS3. I think that GTA will be a truly great but if it was a PS3 exclusive it could have been all the better. The lack of a hard drive and the DVD9 format requirement of the 360 is unquestionably a problem that could seriously limit the game compared to the potential of the PS3 hard drive/Cell/BluRay.

Posted at 6:08PM on May 13th 2007 by allmodcons

9. It says that manuel aiming will be making a debut. But didn't San Andreas have manuel aiming? Like when you press the aim button when no one is around or moving the left analog stick when it is locked on. I always thought that was a cool feature.

Posted at 6:12PM on May 13th 2007 by Vincent060

10. Poor Manuel. :( Why do you always hafta be shooting at him?

Posted at 7:05PM on May 13th 2007 by ck

11. You know guys, Bethseda did a great job using the extra space on the BRD. They put certain bits of data on the disc in more than one spot to reduce the time if would take for the laser to seek back and forth between two areas. Hopefully this'll be what they end up doing with the extra space, since it's really unlikely they'll bother giving us extra content.

Posted at 8:08PM on May 13th 2007 by Stef Geiger

12. Actually Stef is kinda wrong here. The devs use a 4GB cache file on the PS3 for Oblivion that helps the game load areas alot faster. True that this data is on the BR disc but it gets transferred to the HD over time.

It's sad that the GTA series, which made all of its money on the PS2, it no longer a Sony exclusive. Sony needs to learn how to bribe studios to prevent bad ports.

Hopefully they'll give the PS3 the better game and make Xbox owners download the extra data we get on the PS3 although I seriously doubt this will happen.

Posted at 8:19PM on May 13th 2007 by Popfrogs

13. Actually, I don't think I'm wrong here. I never denied that they use the HDD, all I said was that they used redundant data to help with the load times. In fact, I'm pretty sure that's what that fiasco a few months before it was released was about - Bethseda said they were doing this, and some fanboy spun it as "PS3 Blu-ray disc not fast enough to run oblivion."

On that note, I think it's really weird that only a few games have an initial, one-time install. The HDD is there, why not let us shave down the load times?

Posted at 9:13PM on May 13th 2007 by Stef Geiger

14. Well considering all games that were below potential on the Xbox considering the PS2 being the worst (spec wise) system... it's all about the install base not the specs.

That's just how these things go these days. That's what you get for being a day late (a year late) and a dollar short (or $200 too much).

Posted at 9:19PM on May 13th 2007 by Ninegauger

15. It really is too bad that this game isn't an exclusive. I figured it would atleast gets it debut on my glossy console before being released to all the other "second hand gamers." And considering the past success of this franchise on the sony consoles, it should definitely have DLC. and all the hype on oblivion...whoa, this is not a game we need to be discussing with such a heated manner...we need to focus ahead, to a time when better games shall be available!

Posted at 9:42PM on May 13th 2007 by grass

16. Man, people just don't get it. Developers want to sell as many copies as possible. Why in god's name would they release a game to a single console when they could port it to others and greatly increase sales? Rockstar doesn't give a damn about pleasing Sony fanboys, and neither does any other third party developer. They're in it to make as much money as possible, and you can't fault them for it.

Posted at 10:02PM on May 13th 2007 by Stef Geiger

17. Stef Geiger, Everyone refers to oblivion, but it's not really that much of a disk space eater, and that's because they used SPEEDTREE. Most of what you see is trees and they're just copied over a few thousand times.

GTA, will not be able to do this because I'm assuming that most of the buildings/scenery will be unique

Posted at 12:09AM on May 14th 2007 by aa

18. Uhhh... the nature of whatever the content of the disc is has nothing to do with the points I've made.

Regardless, the MAP (including textures) of the city in GTA could probably fit on to a Blu-ray disc multiple times. Why does everyone think that maps take up SO much space? It's 3D models with textures. Even those "HD textures" don't take up that much space.

Posted at 12:20AM on May 14th 2007 by Stef Geiger

19. Here, here #4 HGH! Sadily but I will have to say NO THANKS to RockStar if the build the game to fit the lowest common denominator DVD only Xbox 360! F'EM!!

Posted at 12:20PM on May 14th 2007 by Frankenstein Black

20. I really wonder why Rockstar says the 360 will get exclusive downloadable content when the every PS3 has a hardrive and Blu-ray...

Boggles the mind

Posted at 3:16PM on May 14th 2007 by Jettic

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