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How about some Worms, er, Zwok?

Sony has been hard at work... making some online game that strongly resembles Worms, but it's online! It's called Zwok and it's pretty neat. We have no idea why SCEE would stick this up on the internet when there's a perfectly good PlayStation Network that would love to see some games -- especially in Europe!

To play the game, you've got to sign up. Don't worry, it's free. You then customize your little character... is that a Zwok or just a really ugly thing? Whichever it is, you make it your own. There are two teams for every match: Blooz and Grienz. Yes, that's "blue" and "green" in crazy-speak. Choose a weapon to fire, get into position, and let loose. Seriously -- this is Worms. Regardless, we'd love to see something like this on the PS Store. Wouldn't you?

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1. This just seems like another great example of piss-poor management going on at Sony.

Sony, if you haven't looked around lately, you're selling a $600 console that is struggling due to a lack of good games. How exactly does paying your employees to make a free Macromedia Flash game help?

I would understand if you had a full-blown version of this and the flash-based one was just to bring attention to the better full-featured PS3 edition. Sadly, that doesn't appear to be the case.

Seriously, can Sony decide on some sort of direction?

Posted at 2:41PM on May 7th 2007 by Travis

2. The thing is... games dont get made overnight and there will always be "down time". Sony is trying to create "distractions" with Home, this game and many other online ones while the good games are being made. I dont see it as a problem right now. Xbox doesnt have many good games to my liking at all and thats why i didnt get one, ps3 might not have anything you dont like right now but hopefully there will be.

Posted at 2:53PM on May 7th 2007 by shase

3. @2

Yah, I hear you. People just don't understand the dev time it takes for games nowadays. I mean, wow, who knew the PS3 was coming? Shoot, if we'd have known about it a year or 2 ago, maybe we'd have some games.


Posted at 3:15PM on May 7th 2007 by Devils Advocate

4. You can also play it without signing up. Just click the "Quick Play" button at the bottom.

Posted at 5:03PM on May 7th 2007 by Laurens Holst

5. "3. @2

Yah, I hear you. People just don't understand the dev time it takes for games nowadays. I mean, wow, who knew the PS3 was coming? Shoot, if we'd have known about it a year or 2 ago, maybe we'd have some games.


mmm...well, as mentioned many times before, the ps3 is the hardest out of the 3 new consoles to develop a game for, and the developers never saw it coming, so yah, it does take time to develop for the ps3. I guess you wouldn't have seen this answer coming 2 years ago either... :)

Posted at 5:17PM on May 7th 2007 by Noshino

6. Old. :/

Posted at 5:49PM on May 7th 2007 by Ghost

7. Yeah seriously guys quit your bitching this game has been around far longer than the PSN. I first played it summer last year. Quit jumping to conclusions you stupid fools.

Posted at 7:15PM on May 7th 2007 by Jess

8. Just look at the bottom. it's such a minor thing that they didn't even updated the year.

It's really old. I've played it and quit long ago.

Just because you found it now doesn't mean it's news ^_^

Posted at 9:24PM on May 7th 2007 by 2Perfect

9. Euck, it's not really that great a game is it? I know it's flash, but the pinpoint accuracy you need for some of the shots just sucks the fun right out of it. I liked the Worms, "close counts" style of combat.

Maybe I just play like a goon. :)

Posted at 5:23PM on May 8th 2007 by Wolfrider


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