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Jaffe unhappy at the internet - quits blogging

Yesterday, David Jaffe announced on the NeoGaf forums that Calling all Cars! was delayed (again). The general reaction on the Internet to the announcement was disappointment mingled with acknowledgment that fixing bugs is a worthy reason for a delay. Some people took it better than others though and when our parent site Joystiq compared Jaffe to "a little girl struggling to keep her favorite doll out of the garage sale bin," they clearly hit a nerve on the outspoken developer.

Though he didn't specifically call out the Joystiq post as the one that pushed him over the edge, Jaffe posted another one of his infamous rants in which he expressed his ... strong dissatisfaction with a certain 'unnamed' website and declared that he is going to stop blogging:

"I'm going to go dark. My stylings have upset some folks within the biz I care very much about and that I can not live with"

Personally, I'll miss his blog but he's such a volatile guy that maybe some time out of the limelight will be good for him. According to Jaffe, we can expect to hear from him next in July when he announces details on his next PSN title - or until somebody gets him drunk on camera.

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1. I would consider myself a PS3 fan and even I have to say...


even though he has a baby face.

Posted at 5:16PM on May 2nd 2007 by kingofwale

2. I have a PS3 (and I love it) and to my opinion, Calling All Cars will be very nice "value game"! I will buy it when it will be released! But, indeed, Not before!!

Anyway, I don't think that to delay a game from 2 weeks is worth to be discussed. It's really harmless, to be serious!

I don't know who is that guy, I never read his blog but if he decides to begin to sulk like a baby, it's his choice! Even if this the creator of GOW, FF, Mario, GTA or anything else...!!! Moreover, he can sulk anyone he wants, I don't care about that!

Posted at 5:19PM on May 2nd 2007 by Dan

3. Cynicism/Fanboysism claims another victim today. Too bad, as Jaffe's comments just demonstrate his enthusiasm for his career and interests.

In related news, the series of tubes that make the internet have become less clogged.

Posted at 5:45PM on May 2nd 2007 by oo7ev

4. A lot of attention is being paid to Jaffe's reaction to criticism. However, I think he's shining a lot on some very bad writing going on at Joystiq. It's not so much that they're anti-PS3 or anti-Sony as they are sensationalists.

They'll always spin a story to make it something that it isn't. Such as saying the delay to fix bugs was because of bad reviews and Jaffe being scared of his game going to the "bargain bin". Considering the game got an 8.5 and an 8.0, I'm not sure how those are bad reviews. And how does a $10 downloadable game go to a bargain bin?

I use to frequent Joystiq, Kotaku, and the fanboy sites. But this latest thing with Jaffe has really made me stop visiting Joystiq. Kotaku seems to have a bit more integrity and is interesting in getting industry news instead of just generating ad revenue by stirring up flamewars.

Posted at 5:46PM on May 2nd 2007 by Travis

5. That is thought producing Travis.

You coming here to post that you never come here anymore.

you are aware the fanboy sites are essentially run by the same people as Joystiq?

Posted at 5:50PM on May 2nd 2007 by Draco

6. Also, I strongly suggest people go and ready Jaffe's posts on his blog. If you've just been hearing about this from news sites then you're really only getting half the story.

I think Jaffe was more thinking out-loud about how game reviews may not work the same way when the subject is a downloadable game. One of the major points was the criticism that CaC was too short. Is that a valid criticism against a $10 game?

They're interesting points, but the gaming press seemed to want to spin the story as Jaffe whining over poor reviews instead of a discussion about how to review the new smaller & cheaper games.

Posted at 5:50PM on May 2nd 2007 by Travis

7. I stopped reading Joystiq a long time ago. They're all about running controversial crap to generate page views. Just because the same company owns them and the fanboy sites doesn't mean the content is the same.

In fact, gaming journalism is going down the toilet because every site is concerned first with generating more page views, and second with the actual content they publish. And since controversy = page views, stuff like 'facts' become less and less important. It makes more sense, economically, for them to print something that'll get the various fanboy armies up in arms and shouting at each other, than it does for them to spend time doing, y'know, actual journalism and bringing balanced news reporting to your browser.

Posted at 6:41PM on May 2nd 2007 by GRT

8. @ GRT -- I'm so glad you brought that up. That's exactly why we didn't go on the God of War 2 goat party story right away. The facts weren't available yet. In fact, there are -still- headlines claiming this or that about the party or about the goat which are pure sensationalist nonsense. So... yeah, we're definitely focused on getting you the facts.

...And the occassional Nick-style rant that Nick loves.

Posted at 7:31PM on May 2nd 2007 by ndoerr

9. Err, Travis, thats not what Joystiq meant with their Bargain Bin comment... I suggest you check out their explaination:

Posted at 7:41PM on May 2nd 2007 by Fatass of Kickassness

10. Oh boo-fuckin-hoo. Geez, Jaffe is such a baby.

Posted at 7:53PM on May 2nd 2007 by Arno

11. "Jaffe whining over poor reviews instead of a discussion about how to review the new smaller & cheaper games."

News site have been reviewing "smaller & cheaper" games since the 360 came out, Calling all cars isn't the first small and cheap game to be reviewed so there shouldn't be any discussion about how it should be done this is just Jaffe being pissed that one site didn't kiss his ass and give him the review he wanted! This is similar to Dennis Dyak complaining about the bad reviews Too Human got back at last years E3. As long as ppl kiss these dev's asses and tell them what they want to hear everything is wounderfull but as soon as it doesn't work out in their favor then the industry must change the way games are review or ppl are just stupid! These dev's should spend more time making games then triing to chande persecptions.

Posted at 8:32PM on May 2nd 2007 by Azorean

12. Jaffe needs a very long vacation. Maybe take up photography or something.. anything. He looks tired, old and needs a reboot.

Posted at 8:53PM on May 2nd 2007 by humpty

13. Joystiq's headline for that article was pretty gimpy. I found Jaffe's blog interesting, because he's a type of artist, and like many entertainers/people in the spotlight, there is a huge concern for reviews.

I'm not impressed with everyone sticking their tongue out at him and calling him names.

I'm not particularly a fan of his work but I enjoy watching him and other designers, what they say, think/feel.

Posted at 10:13AM on May 4th 2007 by John


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