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Sony and Immersion start working on a rumble...axis

Keeping with the palindrome name of SIXAXIS, we'd like to invite you guys to think up a palindrome for a PlayStation 3 controller that rumbles. Let's see... RUMBLBMUR? Terrible. That's my offering. Anyway, Sony and Immersion are officially in chats to discuss how to incorporate their technology into the SIXAXIS and other such peripherals.

This is coming from Sony PR honcho Dave Karraker, who replied to some curious people on a Killzone fansite. Asking about rumble and whatever, Karraker responded thus: "We are currently in discussions with Immersion on how we can incorporate their technologies into our products. No word on when that will happen." By "no word" we are of course going to take that as "announcement coming soon. E3? TGS? Sure." Thoughts?

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1. It'll happen... the PS2 rumble with 1.70 was the fist step in the post-lawsuit relationship.

Posted at 7:37PM on Apr 26th 2007 by humpty


Posted at 7:38PM on Apr 26th 2007 by Bogdan

3. Dualshock 3 : The SiXaXiS

Posted at 7:45PM on Apr 26th 2007 by bootsielon

4. This is what I see will happen.

announcement soon, but with combination of PS3 120GB version that will include

*Silver version
*Rumble feature controller
*HDMI cable
*upscale for regular DVD and games.

and it will sell during Christmas for 599.. the current version (60GB) will be lowered to 499.

now, that'd be sweet.

Posted at 8:05PM on Apr 26th 2007 by kingofwale

5. "ShockAxis" controller, there I said it, done, that should be the name of the controller...

Posted at 8:08PM on Apr 26th 2007 by lenny0487

6. Shoxis ?

Posted at 8:11PM on Apr 26th 2007 by RedSpecial

7. ShakeShock
3mote (like wii mote, only with a 3)
CC (complete controller)

Posted at 8:11PM on Apr 26th 2007 by Dustin

8. yeah, but how soo do we have these controllers in our hands. and how soon will developers use the funtion? will mgs4, and heavenly sword use it? will popular games like motorstorm and resistance be backwards patched to support it?

is this the same "weights on a cheap motor" form of rumble or will we see something more advanced? if it's a gyroscopic force feedback than a name like "spinaxis" might be more appropiate. perhaps "mo-shock" for a more rumble centered name. will the price of an already expensive $50 controller go up? gamers want to know!

Posted at 8:14PM on Apr 26th 2007 by alienclay

9. Yet another company that says something else, but does it anyway. It's not a bad thing, it's actually good for ps3 owners. Just saying i'm getting tired of BS of companies saying one thing and doing the oppisite. That goes for any company anywhere, (not just sony). Also if you are one of the people that said that they hated rumble and that it was past non-needed technology. You're a hypocrite for being excited over this. (Not saying anyone that posted here before this, is. Just saying if you were one of them don't even say, "OMG, I'm so going to buy it.")

End of rant.

Good news though.

Posted at 8:15PM on Apr 26th 2007 by Killer

10. Apparently PS3 fanboys aren't aware of what a palindrome is, if you didn't catch on to Nick's attempt, I'll help you out.

A Palindrome is spelled the same way forwards and back. Hence his RUMBLBMUR.

SonYnoS .. ShocKcohS

Things like that. Both are horrible, but at least when you go to bed tonight you'll know what a Palindrome is.

Your welcome.

Posted at 8:17PM on Apr 26th 2007 by Patrick

11. @kingofwale

Man, that would kinda suck for me since I just now brought 60gb version.

I hope that they just make another sixaxis with rubmble built in. They can start shipping the new 120GB versions with the new controllers.

Posted at 8:17PM on Apr 26th 2007 by Luke

12. It'll probably end up being a jazzed version of SixAxiS 2. Probably something like:


or 2ixAxiS

So the '2' matches the S on either side. This would most likely be the case, as they wouldn't want a whole new brand out of nearly the same device.

Posted at 8:30PM on Apr 26th 2007 by Brad Hodson


Posted at 8:42PM on Apr 26th 2007 by xswinnyx

14. Well, as someone who keeps tabs on most things that go on in the gaming world, I can tell anyone reading this that the PS3 already has the capability to upscale DVDs, and this will NOT be an option in a future version of the console, as it's standard. Not to say that it has been IMPLIMENTED, just that they're all capable of doing it already. Word on the street says May firmware will unlock the scaler, which means all games should play in any resolution, and Blu-Ray should do the same (goodbye 1080/480 Blu-Ray problem)... Also look for some kind of implimentation of IPTV before christmas. The future is looking kind of bright...

Posted at 8:43PM on Apr 26th 2007 by Andrew

15. Does this mean that we can stop hearing complaints about lack of rumble, and move on to complaints about buying a new controller now? In that vein, how about the "flamemagnet"; not a palindrome, but it's an appropriate name.
As for a "new" ps3, I hope Sony was smart enough to see the reaction to the xbox elite overall, and just drop the price on the 60gb to $500. Add anything you want to that package (cheap hdmi cable to placate complainers?), just get the price in line with the elite.

...actually I sort of like 2ixAxiS...

Posted at 8:53PM on Apr 26th 2007 by mccomber


Posted at 8:59PM on Apr 26th 2007 by Naaiif

17. Andrew: I'd love to know whoever you get your info from. There will be no firmware update to "unlock the scaler" - because the PS3 doesn't HAVE hardware scaler. So unless they completely change how the PS3 runs (and make the last SPE do nothing but scaling operations instead of running the XMB), games will NEVER get scaled like that. It's a completely different situation for DVD playback though, because there's so much free processing power. For what it's worth, I really think Sony (after pushing all this "1080p is the only HD" crap) insist that all developers code their games to output at at least 1080i.

My suggestion for the new Sixaxis - SomanydynamoS. Hey, it almost makes sense, since a dynamo is basically a backwards motor.

Posted at 9:16PM on Apr 26th 2007 by Stef Geiger


^ Look at the date on the press release.

Despite this, next gen rumble baby!!!

Posted at 9:19PM on Apr 26th 2007 by smco

19. Dualshock SA or SixAxis DS should be fine. They would probably go with the latter since it puts more emphasis on the SixAxis name.

Posted at 9:35PM on Apr 26th 2007 by Jason B.

20. Call it the AFTERSHOCK.

Posted at 10:10PM on Apr 26th 2007 by bearattack79

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