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You'll never guess what game will support 1080p...

We'll make it short so you don't have to guess: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End is going to be displayed in 1080p where available. Why is this such a surprise? Because normally games based off of movies (based off of amusement park rides) hardly get any sort of beauty treatment. Well, despite this announcement, perhaps that's not entirely false.

A problem arising for games trying to attain 1080p is a performance hiccup. Kind of sucks. However, this game is promising not to have any penalty for the utmost of graphical output. Why won't it hiccup? Nick has an idea. The game isn't that visually impressive. Now, don't judge me, it's true. It looks good, but more like a 360 launch title than a second-gen 360 and semi-first-gen PS3 title. Check out the picture we used. Don't look at Jack -- look at the dude in the middle. Completely emotionless, like an N64 character. While the game may sport the highest resolution, it just lacks something else. I'd rather see more 720p titles with much better graphics if this is what 1080p forces devs to churn out. Maybe in a year things'll be different.

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1. I thought you were just kind of being nit-picky until I looked at the other screenshots. Just this one out:


Let's see, first off Jack's hand is on the wrong side of the sword to be blocking that attack. (clipping/animation issues?)

Then, we can see the skybox texture corner in the background towards the right side.

Next up, you got a light blue solid color texture for the water (ps1 water FTW!).

And thats not even mentioning the low-rez shadow maps, poor quality textures, or low-poly background objects (whatsup with that cannon?).

Looks like another solid movie tie-in. ;)


Posted at 3:03PM on Apr 20th 2007 by Colin

2. OMG Colin, that was a big OWND. hahahahha I can't believe the company actually published that screenshot! :O

Posted at 3:14PM on Apr 20th 2007 by Macrike

3. well...

Lair is also 1080p and look at how awesome that looks. oh my God am I gonna say it, I think I will, Omg this is my first time saying it, here we go... FTW!!!!!!!!!!111111111!!!!!!!!

wow that was fun.


Posted at 3:18PM on Apr 20th 2007 by TheSh0wstopper

4. is this something we relly want to see in 1080p?
it reminds me of those arguments over porn on blu-ray.
well, a hot chick looks good in every resolution. but ugly just gets uglier the closer you get.

Posted at 3:59PM on Apr 20th 2007 by alienclay

5. for example

Posted at 4:01PM on Apr 20th 2007 by alienclay

6. The difference is that Lair is being designed for the PS3. What we're getting now is ports from the 360. I'm not talking about Pirates so much as games like Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

Heck, the cut scenes in that looked like they were ported from the PS2.

We need games that are developed on the PS3, not ported to it, before we start seeing what the system can really do.

Posted at 4:47PM on Apr 20th 2007 by GRT

7. who cares, garbage game.

Posted at 4:50PM on Apr 20th 2007 by charles

8. I've said it before and i'll say it again. Anyone comparing ANY current-gen graphics to N64 hasn't played an N64 in a while

low poly count alone doesn't match N64 quality, the advances in shaders, lighting (not only in-game, but brightness in general), and anti-aliasing are too significant..

Posted at 4:51PM on Apr 20th 2007 by Mr Khan

9. I agree with Khan. This looks more like PS2 graphics with unrealistic game engine structure (i.e. the hand on the wrong side of the blade) than N64.

Posted at 6:21PM on Apr 20th 2007 by Triforceowner

10. This game is going to be a pile of crap... crap at 1080p is still crap.

Posted at 6:31PM on Apr 20th 2007 by humpty

11. Mr Kahn/Triforceowner,
I'm pretty sure Nick was exaggerating. ;)

Remember not to take everything you read literally.


Posted at 6:49PM on Apr 20th 2007 by Colin

12. Might be a crap game but more games boost the software library, which is a good thing.

Posted at 7:11PM on Apr 20th 2007 by AJ

13. This game is good enough for the casuals. The movie is for casuals, this game is going to be casuals, and now the casuals are going to look at the "supports 1080p" they'll be like: "wow, 1080p, this is teh 1337 game"

Posted at 7:14PM on Apr 20th 2007 by Jitty

14. I'm not feeling that complaint, Nick. A background character judged from a still screen? To back it up, we would need to see a background character from a still screen that displayed the emotion you speak of.

The main characters look better designed than a lot of next-gen I've seen, particular sports games. Because the resolution is so high, it's even more obvious that their eyes aren't focused properly.

I wonder how PS2 achieved the correct eye thing with FF X-2, when next-gen stuff isn't getting it right?

I think this pirates displays better facial animation (ala still shots) then most of what I've seen.

This was also done fairly well in Kingdom Hearts II... on the PS...II!

I agree, I would rather take a hit to resolution than detail or expression or framerate, but from these still shots, the only thing I can tell is that it has a rather matte look to it, a low dynamic range, another way of saving processor power.

Ultimately, designers would give a choice: 720p with smoother and more stuff, 1080i somewhere in between (for those whose tv's default to 480p on a 780p input) and 1080i, for those people who just have to have resolution.

This is what GT4 did. We play it on my friends' plasma at 480p, even though it'll do 1080i because there's too much sacrifice at the higher resolution, it really looks better at the lower resolution.

Posted at 9:59PM on Apr 20th 2007 by John

15. This game really sucks...
The posted image is one of the finest, others are still worst...
Wanna play ?

Picture 1
The mother of all shadow's nightmares (you cannot stand those jaggered shadows).

Picture 2
Shadows are ugly either when you look at them from a distance... that's something.

Picture 3
Who needs a roof when you can float ?

Picture 7
I saw a triangle on your jacket...

Picture 11
Look ma! The floor is marble painted as wood, and I'm hoovering over it.

Picture 14
A new rock band, the "flying pistols" (plus glued face, plus too few poligons with too complex textures).

Picture 15
Can you look under the feet and don't say "hell, my PS2 can work a better grass" ?

Picture 17
Where the skyes meets.
The white strip texture is also really amusing, same for the hand, same for the floor, same for the glued face.

It still can do to a decent game, it just have to be reworked, rewrited and probably packaged with an official excuse letter from the staff in every package...

Posted at 12:02AM on Apr 21st 2007 by ConteZero

16. I would also developers spend more time adding high detail textures, lighting and other fancy effects at 720p instead of bland looking games at 1080p. 1080p is not the end all of great graphics....a great example is comparing VF5 at 720p and Tekken 5DR at 1080p......VF5 looks 20 times better than Tekken 5. If you upscale Resistance to 1080p, it would still look inferior to GOW on the other system running at 720p. So seriously, let's concentrate on using our resources more wisely instead of boasting about how great 1080p is for gaming.

Posted at 7:06AM on Apr 21st 2007 by Steve

17. I know I'll be shunned for all eternity, but this week's IGN insider has a ton of footage of the game, and in motion, it doesn't look bad at ALL. The shadows are crappy, but EVERY item casts them, and one sequence in the jungle where a character is balancing on a beam looked like it was almost on par with Drake's Fortune.


And while I agree that developers should concentrate more on the graphics than on output resolution, I really wish Sony would force all developers to make all games run at at least 1080i, because I'm one of those unlucky bastards that can't do 720p. It really blows when I'm forced to play a game in standard definition.

Posted at 11:35AM on Apr 21st 2007 by Stef Geiger

18. @16: Of course Tekken doesn't look as good, it's a PSP title. They didn't really do anything more than up the resolution to 1080p when they ported it.

Posted at 11:37AM on Apr 21st 2007 by Stef Geiger


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