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RUMOR: Sony to address MotorStorm issues via update?

Not sure on the credibility on this one, but it's worth making mention of just to have that "we told you so!" right if it turns out to be spot-on true. So, we got an e-mail from someone who's been on the up-and-up with somebody inside Sony... yeah, we know, it's easy to say that, but the claim the guy made isn't exactly off-the-wall or outrageously unbelievable. What'd he say?

It regards MotorStorm. Sony may come out in a week or two and address a lot of the issues people have been experiencing/taking advantage of -- ultra boost, spawn glitches, quick joining an idle game, as well as additional downloads (free or otherwise). Most of the game's online play will get tweaked and repaired, as well as the possibility of additional maps! Sounds like good news. We'll see how this holds up, but we're giving it the seal of "most probably true".

[thanks DolphGB!]

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Reader Comments

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1. I WANT MULTIPLAYER SONY!!! you hear me?? Split screen multiplayer is what would be nice. Why is it so damn hard??

Posted at 10:14AM on Apr 16th 2007 by Macrike

2. Sony - I love your system, I love your games, and I would love motorstorm even more with split screen multiplayer!

Posted at 10:18AM on Apr 16th 2007 by wkcr

3. I don't think we'll be seeing split-screen due to the fact that the machine will be rendering twice as much (not really with streaming textures and smart instancing of objects in memory etc - but the overhead is larger...). I'd say that's whats in the way.

Posted at 10:29AM on Apr 16th 2007 by Ciddan

4. I think I'm the only person that could care less about split screen...

Posted at 10:36AM on Apr 16th 2007 by Andir3.0

5. split would be nice,.... but i would reather have optimisations that would help decrease load times instead.

Posted at 11:39AM on Apr 16th 2007 by alienclay

6. ya, who cares about split screen? I have always hated it in any game I played before.

Posted at 12:31PM on Apr 16th 2007 by bob

7. Has anyone mentioned split screen yet? That is a feature I'd like to see added (won't buy the game without it.)

Posted at 12:40PM on Apr 16th 2007 by Jeremy

8. How about an update to fix the loading times?

Posted at 12:44PM on Apr 16th 2007 by Cagalli

9. Wow, DolphGB. Didn't know you had connects.

I have yet to play my copy of Motorstorm online, it's all about Mortal Kombat II for me.

Add me and send me a challenge. KosmoCrisis

Posted at 1:50PM on Apr 16th 2007 by Nick Kosmides

10. Never reveal your sources!! Thanks for sharing the good news DolphGB!

Posted at 2:47PM on Apr 16th 2007 by reesimo

11. ppl who dont care about spilt screen have no friends and only play online and thats just sad

Posted at 3:54PM on Apr 16th 2007 by chris

12. add being able to play split screen and motorstorm will be added to my top ps3 titles list

Posted at 4:37PM on Apr 16th 2007 by chris

13. chris - I hate split screen because it makes upcoming turns/objects harder to see, less time to react. Also the squashed image usually looks crap. I would much rather the 2 screens hooked up to one ps3 that they promised but then took out before launch.

Oh yeah and I (and im sure other split screen haters) have plenty of friends, and plenty of things to do other than play split screen races or online. Next time try using your brain before you pull a dumb comment outta your ass! Your the one thats sad

Posted at 6:33PM on Apr 16th 2007 by alex

14. I don't really see a split screen coming really. The AI in the game is based all about catch up. If you're winning really well, the AI will do really well and catch up to you. If you're doing horrible, they will be slow and you can still win. If they made it split screen, it would take away from the catch up of the game, essentially taking half the fun of the game away. The best part of Motorstorm is when you're driving and you've got 10 other cars crashing all around you trying to get first place too. If they add split screen, I feel they'll take that feeling away.

Posted at 8:36PM on Apr 16th 2007 by OptimusRhyme


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