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Every PS3 gamer gets an "Elite" system

As fanboys of the competition, we feel it's necessary to write a little about the new XBox Elite thing. Is this flamebait? Most likely, but it's our attempt to look at the "value" behind the system and why the PS3 is still the most badass for the price. Joystiq commented on the new features coming to the XBL Marketplace and we have to tip our hat to Microsoft -- those are some great features and we're not sure why Sony hasn't implemented similar ones, since Sony is a gigantic music and film distributor.

When Joystiq cracked the price and details of the system, we looked it over and said "really? That's pretty unimpressive." We're not alone. Sure, the 120GB hard drive is nice, but PS3 owners can easily swap their 60GB for whatever size they want. About the unimpressiveness, though, even the editors over at EGM/1UP are pretty upset. "No built-in HD-DVD? No built-in Wi-Fi? This new Xbox 360 SKU hardly seems 'Elite' to me. I'm all for a higher-end model, but the lack of those key features makes this one feel half-baked. And actually, this announcement serves as just another reminder that the PlayStation 3 -- at least in terms of hardware -- still offers more." Word.

To top it all off, Dave Karraker, bigwig of Sony America, gave PS3 owners the ultimate compliment and the semi-ultimate smackdown on Microsoft's "new" product: "We view every single PlayStation consumer as an elite consumer. Meaning no one is going to get shortchanged at the end of the day, whether they bought one on day one or just yesterday." We are elite, folks! What do you guys think of the new 360? Is it worth the trouble, worthless, or an inferior attempt to offer what the PS3 always has -- and always will -- offer?

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1. Yeah Kudos for MS for making such an idiotic move... Seriously though.. if they included HDDVD and built in WIFI and REMAINED at 480 then its kinda a critical blow to PS3... This deal is better than PS3 20gig version though but no where near the 60gig version

Posted at 12:55PM on Mar 28th 2007 by shase

2. I just bought a 360 like 3 months ago.... its definitely not worth it to get the elite, its not all that different to make me want to run to get the elite. if it had HD-DVD maybe. I dont consider this a competator to the PS3 what so ever. 120 gig hard drive? so what? thats pointless. Especially when you can get that separate.

Posted at 1:00PM on Mar 28th 2007 by JRA81984

3. Here in canada you can pick up a 120gig ATA for like 120 bucks.. That's under 100 USD. The new M$ drive will cost USD 180 if purchased on its own...


Oh, and most unimpressed about the rest of the new "features".

I heart my PS3.

Posted at 1:03PM on Mar 28th 2007 by KillarClown

4. Yes flamebait. However, good flamebait.

You shouldn't have to re-buy your console. It defeats the purpose. At least I can drop an size hard drive into my PS3 at a REASONABLE price.

180 bucks for a 120 gig HDD? Retarded.

Posted at 1:10PM on Mar 28th 2007 by Kayura

5. It's not like MS just announced Xbox 720. They've just added a few slightly upgraded features to an already successful system. It's only $80 more. There's no need for any discussion.

Posted at 1:13PM on Mar 28th 2007 by Matt

6. @4 MS isn't saying 10 million people have to re-buy a console. Sony didn't ask PS2 owners to re-buy the slim PS2 with integrated ethernet. They same reason Apple didn't ask 60gig owners to re-buy the 80 gig. People, please stop talking about this. I own a premium 360 and i will never need a 20gig hard drive. However, a lot of people have taken advantage of the new television and movie downloads on Xbox Live.

Posted at 1:19PM on Mar 28th 2007 by Matt

7. No one seems to be saying it, but I'm getting the idea here was that Microsoft saw that some people are willing to pay the "high" price for a PS3, and figured they could sway some of them their way by offering an "elite" edition. It's kind of like they're admitting that there IS justification for HDD and HDMI, and that they really screwed up not including it. This move looks pretty bad for Microsoft, as they've now shrunk the gap between the 360 and PS3 price, without adding enough to it to make it comparable. In most ways it's on par if not inferior to the insignificantly more expensive 20 gig PS3!

Posted at 1:22PM on Mar 28th 2007 by Stef Geiger

8. I think Microsoft may be shooting themselves in the foot releasing the Elite edition so early in the Xbox 360 lifecycle. Gaming consoles are far from Ipods...meaning console gamers are not going to upgrade to the latest and greatest console each year...this is not the PC gaming business. I think it was hypocritical of Microsoft to be a primary backer of HD formats (VC-1 for example) and yet exclude HDMI (which was the chosen interface for High Definition at the time the Xbox 360 was developed) from their next generation console. I also think the Elite edition adds skepticism about Microsoft and the Xbox brand since new added features force the consumer to purchase a new sku instead of adding onto an existing platform/sku. I think it leaves current Xbox 360 owners wondering what else have they or will they miss out on in the future. I think that many Xbox 360 owners and potential buyers will now more closely evaluate and analyse the value between the PS3 and Xbox 360...and let's face it, the 20GB PS3 is looking better now that the Xbox 360 Elite has been announced. As a matter of fact, if I were Sony I would market the 20GB PS3 much more and consider a $20 price drop.

Posted at 1:33PM on Mar 28th 2007 by saccorator

9. Ha ha ha Microsoft. Look they've just tried to make their console more like the PS3; colour and everything. Seriously how many times has MS rapped Sony for "forcing HD on people" now Peter Moore is saying that gamers have an "insatiable desire for it". Since Sony released their console they've been scrambling around making half-assed additions to try and imitate PS3 functionality. All the while they try and spin that that funcitonality wasn't needed in the first place: HDD, HDMI port, more hard dive space etc. Tsk tsk. And Stef Geiger is absolutely right about closing the price point gap. MS are walking a dangerous line. Also what's all this multiple configerations and SKU's of the same console? I play console because its a standard. I don't want to be in the same situation PC owners are in. Its fine to change the form factor (like PS2 slimline) but not functionality.

Posted at 1:36PM on Mar 28th 2007 by IB

10. The 360 Elite should also come with wifi and the 65nm chip at the very least in addition to the 120 GB HD and HDMI. I say get rid of the Core altogether, drop the price of the premium to $300, Elite's price is set to $375 and $75 for the 120 GB hard drive for the people who want to upgrade. The current pricing structure with the features that come with it is not acceptable for the Elite system or the 120 GB hard drive standalone. MS is in for a rude awakening when they release the Elite.

Posted at 1:40PM on Mar 28th 2007 by Josh

11. Hey... I guess this should mean the end of MS fanboys saying Sony is ripping people off - the Elite is a mere $20 less than the PS3, and still doesn't have wifi or blu-ray.

Hey, here's a fun question, how much do you Sony would sell a DVD based, non HDD, non wifi, non HDMI unit for? My guess: Less than what the Premium 360 sells for.

Posted at 1:41PM on Mar 28th 2007 by Stef Geiger

12. @Matt

Sony didn't release the Slim PS2 until 4 years later as a way to make the cost of the console cheaper, not one year later.

Did you also know that this new console will not feature the new 65nm chips that reduce the heat in the console?

I really don't understand how lazy you have to be to pay for television shows that you can get just by changing the input on your tv to the one that connects to your cable or satellite. Movies, I can understand. TV shows on a non-portable machine? No way.

Posted at 1:43PM on Mar 28th 2007 by Jason B.

13. "We view every single PlayStation consumer as an elite consumer. Meaning no one is going to get shortchanged at the end of the day, whether they bought one on day one or just yesterday."

Unless you live in Europe

Posted at 1:48PM on Mar 28th 2007 by Sean

14. I'm an Xbox360 owner, and I'm sure I can speak for a large number of gamers out there when I say that we don't care who has the better specs. The only thing stopping me from buying a PS3 right now is its lackluster game line-up, but I'm hoping that will change this year and that titles such as Lair (amongst others) will sway me to get a PS3. Bottom line: Sony had a rough start, kind of like someone else we know (for those of you who remember, Xbox360 didn't have such a stellar launch line-up either), but in the end I hope they recover and give me plenty of good reasons (read: GAMES) to buy a PS3. For you technophiles out there who want to continue ranting about who's got Blu-Ray or HDMI built-in, carry on with your flaming. HDMI is most definitely a technology that looks ahead to the future, but if there are no GAMES worth playing, I'm not buying a PS3 just to say I have HDMI and Blu-Ray. Give me GAMES!!!!

Posted at 2:14PM on Mar 28th 2007 by xGeneral DEATHx

15. @12 (Jason B.) I realize that and no one is denying this is clearly a response to Sony and a way to keep awareness and excitement about the 360. I wish they would have released this for $399, dropped the premium to $299 and discontinued the core.

As for TV shows etc. I agree, but since last November when the TV and Movie download section of Xbox Live launched it has become...

the number one online distributor of television and feature film content in the living room

the number two online distributor of television and feature film content, second to iTunes.

Is currently the ONLY online distributor of major feature films and television programming in high definition (HD) resolution.

See the full press release here:

Posted at 2:27PM on Mar 28th 2007 by Matt

16. The 360 comes with the ability to play and display in HD right out of the box in EVERY version unlike the PS3, hell the "elite" 360 even comes with HDMI cables.

Posted at 3:05PM on Mar 28th 2007 by Azorean

17. "If you ever hear someone say “Blu-Ray isn’t needed for this generation,” rest assured they don’t make games for a living. At Insomniac, we were filling up DVDs on the PS2, as were most of the developers in the industry."

Where's your HD-DVD games?

"The problem with including a hard drive in one version of the 360 and not in the other is that developers can’t use it for the games. Or, at least, they can’t use it for any required features. When you are guaranteed to have at least a 20 GB hard drive in the console(PS3), you can write your load caching routines around it, or use it for your application’s storage needs. To a developer, an optional hard drive is roughly equivalent to no hard drive at all."

"Another advantage of the PS3 is that it will let you put in any third party hard drive you want."


"The PS3’s eight parallel CPUs (one primary “PPU” and seven Cell processors) give it potentially far more computing power than the three parallel CPUs in the Xbox 360. Just about any tech programmer will tell you that the PS3’s CPUs are significantly more powerful."


-Quotes from Brian Hastings - Insomniac Games

Ah I love those. But seriously, the new 360 looks cool. It should have looked cool to begin with, but hey, now it does. More storage space is awesome. Especially with their cool downloading service. Good job with the HDMI addition. It does makes a huge difference to me, way to go. 1080p though...not exactly, it just formats a 720p signal to 1080p. (Upconversion, ie BULLSHIT)Hopefully we'll start seeing more 1080p PS3 games come out so that we can brag about Blu Ray some more. Oh and expect that free HDMI cable that comes with the 360 to cause massive amounts of screen flicker and color problems. And the hard drive price is hilarious. Why arent these people getting a PS3 again? PS3 already has all this stuff and looks cooler...and wifi...and more expandable...and open...and ah screw it yall get the point.

Posted at 3:06PM on Mar 28th 2007 by Justin

18. We all saw this article coming. It's justified if you are just looking at HDMI and hard drive space. Some people find those things important, but most gamers really don't. I find it interesting how everyone online makes a big deal about HD-DVD and Blu-ray...but out in the real world, most interested in gaming just want to play games. That leaves HDMI with little value.

So it's true. Microsoft is catering to people's stupidity. But it would be stupid not to, really. People pay too much for iPods, PS3's, and Plasma TVs, so why not take advantage? The consumer continues to prove that they are willing to drop dollars for things they don't need. I still have no idea why I wasted the $100 for the 60GB PS3 when I don't care about card readers, cheap-looking chrome trim, worthless wireless connections, or hard drive space on a non-PC. See? They won; for some reason I assumed it was better and had to have it. They got my $100...for essentially nothing in return (well, more like $600 for nothing). The 360 Elite will end up doing the same for a few. Being unimpressed with HDMI and not needing hard drive space...my like of the new color won't be enough to put an "elite" in my rig.

A better question is: "When will MS change the pricing for the Premium and Core packages?" When they do, then they cater more to choice and wallet sizes, leading to more buyers. When Sony does the equivalent, we'll see the same.

Posted at 3:08PM on Mar 28th 2007 by SuicideNinja

19. 15. "oh and another thing, I want someone to invent a gadget so i can use the far superior 360 controller on my PS3. What were sony thinking, pile of doggy do"

Sony were thinking? What were you thinking?

Anyways, I hate the 360 controller. Case in point: cant make everyone happy. People hate things...it happens...

Posted at 3:10PM on Mar 28th 2007 by Justin

20. Suicide Ninja!!! For the last time Blu Ray matters!!!!!!! Larger disc size means that you can fit more information on a disc. It means better compression which means better graphics, bigger games with better graphics, better sound etc. etc. etc. These people that say Blu Ray doesnt matter for games are just retarded.

Posted at 3:13PM on Mar 28th 2007 by Justin

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