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Lair lacks lovingly customized lizards

Over at a place known only as The Slug, some gents got to take a flight around the skies of Lair, due out this summer. If you don't know what the game's about, just imagine Drakengard, but good. If that doesn't help, think Dynasty Warriors meets Panzer Dragoon. Still nothing? Hmm... go watch Dragonheart. Anyway, here's what The Slug had to say about their time with the game:

  • Environments and aerial combat looks great, even in the unfinished version
  • The flight controls are getting tighter, not to mention very easy to get used to. Flick the controller back to do a 180? Excellent.
  • Beyond some unlockable moves, the dragons will not be customizable.

No customization? Aww, but dragons are so much fun to dress up! You can give them silly party hats, fingerless gloves, an eyepatch, maybe a few swords sticking out of it... could be pretty neat. But, it's also understandable that adding full customization would be a lot of extra work. Perhaps for a future update of sorts? What's your two cents?

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1. Ha.

That's a silly option to be disappointed about.

When does Lair drop? Not soon enough!

Posted at 3:34PM on Mar 21st 2007 by Dolla Dolla

2. ah yes.. Pimp my dragon.. i can see it now... custom frame sean john shades.. some big ass subs on that big dragon ass.. maybe a gold grill and some bling.. an LCD panel chest looping "fired up"...

i think they should have the dragon "grow" so that by building different skills (fire breathing, clawing, swooning) it would look decidely different.

Otherwise i couldn't see anything beyond changing the color. Changing out wings and claws would be a little much.. i mean.. unless they showed it.. gimme some pliers and i'll rip those buggers off!

Posted at 3:46PM on Mar 21st 2007 by KillarClown

3. But... I wanted my dragon to have limo tint and neon!
I'd rather they worry about the control and gameplay than add 20 different ways to make your dragon look different when it's sitting still.

Posted at 3:47PM on Mar 21st 2007 by mccomber

4. Nick, I totally agree with you. Drakengard sucks ass. I thought "man, it's square, it should be good", but the music was horrible, the game repetitive, and the graphics were crap.

What pisses me off the most is that I bought both 1 and 2 at the same time.

And yeah, it's a shame you can't customize the dragons. You should be able to put them better wings, fangs, claws, make them taller, fatter, stronger, increase their fire breath size, and so on.

Posted at 3:47PM on Mar 21st 2007 by bootsielon

5. Wow this was the last thing that I would be disappointed about lol. Silly party hats haha.

Posted at 3:53PM on Mar 21st 2007 by Charl3z523

6. ...Sorry, but customizing a living being doesn't make much sense. It's not like a wrestling game where you create a character. Theoretically in the world of Lair, dragon pilots (Got a better name?) don't go "Ohh! I want him, his wings are perfect!", they'd go out and catch any dragon they could.

I... can't believe I just voice my opinion on how dragon selection would take place in a world where they existed.

Posted at 4:28PM on Mar 21st 2007 by Stef Geiger

7. Stef,

Ever heard of genetical engineering? ;)

Posted at 4:50PM on Mar 21st 2007 by bootsielon

8. it'd be cool if you could unlock different dragons to ride, but full customization just seems out of place in this game

Posted at 6:11PM on Mar 21st 2007 by Dreadhead541

9. mmmm LAIR, i hope this game coems through

Posted at 9:05PM on Mar 21st 2007 by charles

10. I would have definitely liked to be able to customize my dragon. Think about it, choosing the number of horns, the size of its snout, wings and tail? Changing the color and putting plated armor on your dragon to match your armor? Totally pimping! But to be honest it would have cost the game to be delayed even more and I have been waiting long for this game. I just want them to hurry up and release the damn thing so I can start kicking some dragon ass!

Posted at 11:37PM on Mar 21st 2007 by Kevin

11. ROLF, at first glance I thought that was a gigantic rat battling an enormous cockroach! Maybe that's one of the better reasons not to miss my eye exam tomorrow.

Posted at 11:43PM on Mar 21st 2007 by 19

12. shit i looked up at the picture and it did look like a

Posted at 2:24AM on Mar 22nd 2007 by sean

13. @19
Yeah it does look like it... but the "rat" looks like a behemoth i think...

Posted at 9:07AM on Mar 22nd 2007 by shase

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