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Blu-ray movie releases for the week of March 19th

box art

There's just no stopping the Blu-ray releases. Five more this week. I know I'll be picking up a copy of Finding Neverland. It's a real tear jerker.

Blu-ray Movie Releases

  • Big Fish
  • Chicken Little
  • Eragon
  • Finding Neverland
  • Rocky Balboa

As always, availability is subject to manufacturer delivery.

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1. Man, that Finding Neverland box art is rank. Big Fish though! That is REALLY exciting, I didn't know that was on the way!

Posted at 5:23PM on Mar 18th 2007 by Dave

2. My reasons for buying a PS3(I used to have an Xbox)

~Short lifespan of Microsoft proucts(Xbox is allready forgotten)

~Online is free(all I want to do in online is race someone or kill someone)


~Cheap blu-ray player

Posted at 5:33PM on Mar 18th 2007 by massive_98

3. what the hell does that have to do with blu-ray releases massive?

Posted at 5:58PM on Mar 18th 2007 by scott

4. My reasons for not buying a ps3:(I use to want a ps3)

~Jackasses, like you.( I don't want to even share the same console brand as you.)

~Gears of War , kicks ass.

~Sony's online is competely inferior to xbox live.

~I buy a console for gaming, not for over-priced HD format movies.

^Counterattack for massive_98.

Next time, (like scott pointed out), stick to the god damn point of the post.

Good for BR btw.

Posted at 6:41PM on Mar 18th 2007 by Killer

5. killer you are the living reason why people hate to death faggot fanboys

Posted at 7:04PM on Mar 18th 2007 by naruto007

6. naruto007, you forget the name of the website you're viewing. It's all ABOUT fanboys. Instead of calling people faggots (which, with a name based on an anime, you are in no position to be doing) you could actually, you know, make a post with MERIT and countering points made. Or have you not gotten to that part of high school yet? (I'm assuming. Anyone over the age of 18 who names themselves after naruto is either morbidly obese, into hentai, or wears a neckbeard. Or all 3).

Posted at 7:29PM on Mar 18th 2007 by SpaceButler

7. I just picked up 3 Bluray movies this weekend.

All were used and selling for $14.99. Discs and cases were in PERFECT condition.

SupermanII: Donner's Cut
Sky Captain and the World of Tommorow
Monster House

Nice deal. That takes my Bluray movie collection to about 11 movies. I also have 6 games.

Posted at 7:37PM on Mar 18th 2007 by FrankTheCrank

8. I wanna join in!

My Reasons for Owning all 3

~ I like games...lots of games

~ I dont like being shoe horned into certain kinds of games as i like a wide range of games

~I have an HD set so HD games and movies appeal to me out of the box

~ I like all the different little functions that the PS3 and 360 provide me outside of gaming (Because lets face it...outside of a few titles.. thats where these systems are excelling, bringing you extra content i.e Live, VC, PSN).

~ and shoot i aint no blasted fanboy (in fact i cant think of anyone i know in real life that IS biased one way or another as most own 2 or 3 systems)

So yeah i just wanted to chime in!

Posted at 8:09PM on Mar 18th 2007 by JJ

9. Come on spacebutler, making fun of someones name when its based on an anime is pretty lame, after all this is a blog and in virtual space i have seen MUCH...MUCH worse names.

Granted he could of gone about his post better, but seriously look at half the names people post under these blogs... your comments could lend to 3/4ths of them and most dont have ANYTHING to do with an anime.

(and hey people can be into many things without falling into those stereotypes as it were, heck it used to be gamers were considered lanky, nerdy, pasty, zit faced white guys... and we all know thats just not true anymore)

Posted at 8:13PM on Mar 18th 2007 by JJ

10. SpaceButler i know its a fanboy site i dont have yet a ps3 for various reasons but plan to get one this year or early 2008 actually waiting for the ps3 second version (PSthree?)

i say that to killer cuz thanks to those bashing fans is that some people have negative thoughts about us real fans that love X,Y or Z console

yeah i consider my self a ps3 fanboy and i think bashing other consoles just show that your console is lame and cant fight with positive points so fans have to bash the others.

Posted at 8:18PM on Mar 18th 2007 by naruto007

11. sorry said instead of say

loz i didnt even notice space was making fun of my nick meh its not like i care about it so i just ignored that part XD

Posted at 8:21PM on Mar 18th 2007 by naruto007

12. Do they really have self-applause on the cover art? Do Blu-ray movies have self-serving ads on the disc, too?

My dad has an HD-DVD player, and EVERY friggin' disc has a 2-minute blurb about how great HD-DVD is. It drives me nuts how we're paying for movies just to watch this crap. It's almost as bad as Disney DVDs.

Posted at 8:36PM on Mar 18th 2007 by Burnt Meatloaf

13. Meh, nothing for me... i still have to crack open the Layer Cake CD i bought last week. Will get to it eventually. Oh, and Spiderman 2 on BD should be coming out shortly.

Posted at 9:17PM on Mar 18th 2007 by humpty

14. Naruto007. Have you seen the other shit that has been put on this site by other people? Please, talk to them before you talk to me because they are 100 times worse then that Joking/counterattack I did to massive. Sorry I offened your family, becuase you seemed to take it that personally.

Also naruto, why did you only address me? I mean is massive also a fanboy just like me or are you one sided? Please tell me, why I'm the reason, yet massive said almost the exact same thing I did. It sure seems like you are taking one side, which would make you like me. (A "Faggot" FANBOY.)

So please tell me one bashing thing I said about the ps3?

I said, that gears of war kickass. That is ps3 bashing how? motorstorm is cool too

I also said, over-priced hd format, which is a fact becuase its new tech. I never said that the ps3 was over-priced.

and I said sony's online is inferior to xbox live. It's true at the moment, but I guess you can't see that with the "faggot" fanboy mindset you have.

Also, massive is a jackass becuase, he post non-related posts on a forum.

God, just take a breather and calm down. I don't want you to get high blood pressure from all the angry fanboy hate you have.

Oh, I have positive points too, but as I stated before all of that was directed to massive and massive only. I mean he bashed microsoft, but I guess since you are a ps3fanboy that's ok, so that makes me a "Faggot" fanboy, because I did exactly the thing you did. All I have to say naruto007, practice what you preach, you hypocrite.

Posted at 10:32PM on Mar 18th 2007 by Killer

15. @Killer
Was massive really bashing MS by saying that the Xbox was "forgotten"? Seems to me like MS did move forward. PS is free online so again a comparison could be drawn to Live but just as he likes the free (inferior) service some like Live's service and are willing to pay, seems just an opinion.
Otherwise, yeah pretty much off topic post.

Posted at 10:57PM on Mar 18th 2007 by Dirt Diver

16. ok ok massive didnt said anything bad against MS(in my opinion)

MS really left behind xbox
the psn is free and the ps3 is a cheaper bd player against the other bluray players

now i know i over react over the faggot stuff i said and am sorry i was wrong and i know there are worst fanboys out there compared too what you have said this is nothing

sorry pal my bad,forgive me and peace between fanboys =)

Posted at 11:33PM on Mar 18th 2007 by naruto007

17. The box art for Finding Neverland looks absolutely horrendous. I've seen the movie, and it would have been much better to promote the imaginative aspect of the movie by including more of the "mystery" aspect shown in previous promotional covers/posters.

I would avoid buying the disc for its Red font + ugly white background.

Nice to see a fair bit of effort being put in to really push the BR format though by greatly increasing the number of BR titles whenever they can.

Posted at 11:56PM on Mar 18th 2007 by wav

18. "Instead of calling people faggots (which, with a name based on an anime, you are in no position to be doing)"
Oh, the irony police are going to be all over this one...

Back on topic though, I look forward to seeing Big Fish on BD, as Tim Burton's films just about ooze fantastic visuals from almost every frame.

Posted at 1:56AM on Mar 19th 2007 by Strike Man

19. Big Fish is awesome! It was good on dvd it should be kickass on BD.

Posted at 2:37AM on Mar 19th 2007 by Deorum

20. Killer.. you are faggot; why the fuck are you here anyway? you should quit life

Posted at 3:47AM on Mar 19th 2007 by Rustysoldier

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