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Offensive poster at GAME removed

It's always a bold move when guerrila marketers post up a flyer comparing two rival goods in a store without the store's consent. It's even more bold of a move if the retailer posts the flyers, claims they didn't authorize it, then take it down when they receive a good ol' fashioned back-hand to the face by angered consumers. Whichever the case, European store GAME recently had posters in their store comparing the PS3 and XBox 360 -- comparisons that were biased towards the PS3.

The contents of the poster have been debated here in our comments section on more than enough posts -- price. Simply put, comparing the price of all that you get with the 60GB PS3 model compared to everything you'd have to buy to get an equivalent... um... media center (not sure how to word it) out of Microsoft's system. In the end, it comes down to what you want out of your console. If you want games and games only, yeah, the 360 is a far better deal. Especially if you don't need to worry about running an ethernet cable from your roommate's room, down the stairs, and into your system. Otherwise, wireless is so, so helpful.

Posting stuff like this is clearly a no-no in retail stores. But we should discuss the points raised in the poster once again, just to see if we can get any new notions plopped on the comment board. Is it a better deal to get everything you'd need all at once at a "higher" price, or get a cheaper base unit and build from it as you deem it necessary? It's an interesting dynamic Sony and Microsoft have worked out with those two options, don't you think? Pretty good stuff, this business thing.

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1. It's not really offensive, it's MISLEADING, promising people a 100% BC compatibility that is not there.

Very irresponsible, I hope the clerk who placed it got fired.

Posted at 10:53AM on Mar 16th 2007 by Bored

2. Backwards compatible? LOL
Sony's #1 selling game last month (GH2) isn't even BC with the PS3.

I understand the wireless issue. Although nowadays, most people just have their cable modem/router in with their entertainment center. So hardwiring the 360 to the modem/router is simple, no wireless needed.

The argument "you get so much more for $600 if you get the PS3" is plain stupid. I want a GAMING SYSTEM. Sure if I wanted a high def DVD player AND a gaming system, $600 for a PS3 seems reasonable. Ok, not exactly reasonable. But when I can get a premium 360 for $399 that has THE BEST GAMES AVAILABLE, as well as THE BEST ONLINE SERVICE - it's a no-brainer in my book.

Once the premium 360 drops to $299 in a few months and the new black 120 GB, HDMI 360 comes out for $399 - put a fork in the PS3.

Posted at 11:36AM on Mar 16th 2007 by Brad

3. I didn't understand the poster in the first place. Yes, if you want wireless and HD DVD, a 360 costs more.

But isn't this store trying to sell PS3's AND 360's? They're basically kicking themselves in thier own balls with this one.

And you know what happens when you kick yourself in your own balls, don't you? That's right. It hurts.

Posted at 11:49AM on Mar 16th 2007 by KilgoreTrout XL

4. Yeah it's not a good thing to put it in the store, but I mean for uninformed consumers... they just ask the equally or moreso uninformed/biased employees.
I remember reading lots of cases of people overhearing conversations at Gamestop/BB/Target between employees and customers calling the PS3 a piece of crap and 360 is much better.
So, it's not a good thing, but it's not like similar things haven't happenened.

Posted at 12:09PM on Mar 16th 2007 by Dan

5. @Brad
You sound like an idiot.

Posted at 12:09PM on Mar 16th 2007 by Dan

6. Is it really strange for a store to post a poster like this? Yes. Is the PS3 a better deal over the 360? Yes. Let's say the 360 does release a Black 120GB HDMI 360. So what don't you still have in that release? HD DVD and Wireless. You also still are paying $50 a year for Live. Apparently, the next iteration isn't slated for any time before 2012, so now you're talking 5 years of live, so about $250 just to connect to the internet with the 360. Add in the DVD and Wireless, and you're looking at $650 extra ($250 for HDDVD, $250 for Live, $100 for Wireless). So basically, if they release the next iteration and Sony doesn't drop the price, you're getting a larger hard drive and similar functionality (HDMI) for $250 more, if you don't get the wireless and hddvd addons. Oh, and the console will be black. Sounds like an excellent deal to me!

Posted at 12:13PM on Mar 16th 2007 by James

7. It's one thing for a 3rd party to post anything in a private retail establishment without permission. But if GAME created and posted the the materials, why would this be a no-no? I know we've reached the point where we accept in all our retail dealings some idiot or liar earning something far beneath a living wage shoving garbage at us because they've been told to or don't know enough to know it's garbage. But what's wrong with a retailer offering buying advice? Sure it may be motivated by wanting to sell the higher priced system, but you have to be a wise consumer, too, read the comparison and decide for yourself.

If this was GAME's authorized intent there's nothing wrong with it at all. Microsoft may not like it, but that's their issue with GAME. Plus, you know, they're right: to get all the features of a US$600 PS3 -- the big things being Wi-Fi and an HD-format DVD player -- you have to spend US$100 *more* on the 360 system.

(Before Xbox people smack me, I have both systems, I like games *and* HD movies, and feature-for-feature the PS3 is a better deal for the money. This doesn't say anything about games, graphics, whatever. Just on feature set, if you need/want these things, PS3 is less expensive.)

Posted at 12:28PM on Mar 16th 2007 by san

8. Just to be clear, making comparisons between two similar products is permitted under the UK Advertising Codes but only if the comparisons are fair and do not mislead, otherwise they offer the opportunity to run competitors’ products down and provide the advertiser with an unfair advantage.

Unfortunately, I can't actually read the text properly on that picture, so I can't say whether it's misleading or not.

GAME probably took it down because a bunch of Xbox fanboys kicked up a fuss, and knowing Bluewater well, they're probably a mob from Chatham who scared the manager silly. ;-)

Seriously though, they obviously put this up as an answer to customers saying 'why is it so expensive'. They should have kept the comparisons in their heads so they can tell customers the differences and not put it on paper...

Maybe PS3 Fanboy ought to produce an 'official', full-blown, non-misleading comparison between PS3 and Xbox 360 in the UK and Europe to put this topic to rest.

Posted at 12:31PM on Mar 16th 2007 by Dolphgb

9. I am SO TIRED of the whole PS3 / 360 HD-DVD add-on comparison! Around the end of last year, I believe MS said they sold around 100,000 of the HD-DVD add-ons for the 360. They sold MILLIONS of 360's. That shows how many people want their GAME machine to play HD video. NOT MANY!!! (BTW, I have the HD-DVD add-on for my 360 as well as a 60GB PS3)

I think MS has a better approach. Get the console out sooner by not using the new DVD tech. That's why there are a lot more games for the 360. The 360 has proven (100+ games) that you do NOT need the Blu-Ray for this generation of games. Also, MS lets you choose the options, not force feed them. (HD-DVD/Blu-Ray, Wireless Networking)

You sound like an idiot.
(Sorry, had to defend Brad since it appears he's not here to defend himself. Brad's comment doesn't sound like he's an idiot. Does that make me one too?)

Posted at 1:06PM on Mar 16th 2007 by Rob Holiday

10. Hey... Where is my last comment. Never showed up!

Posted at 1:08PM on Mar 16th 2007 by Rob Holiday

11. @ Rob Holiday -- your comment is there! Sometimes the system lags and takes a few minutes to stick it up there (read: about half an hour at times). Sorry for the delayed reaction.

Oh, and BlackJack? Good call. Pocketed about 100 big'uns last night.

Posted at 1:26PM on Mar 16th 2007 by ndoerr

12. James,

The store should have put up a similar poster that asked:

Do you have a 1080p capable TV?
Do you have WiFi in your house?

No? Then the premium 360 will be $250 cheaper than the premium PS3!

How: $400 (component cables included) versus $650 (no HDMI cable included which you would need to hook up to your 1080p TV) = saving $250!

It's a stupid f*cking sign to put up by, obviously, a Sony fanboy.

And Brad's comments are obviously from an xbox360 fanboy.

All fanboi's suck!

Posted at 3:20PM on Mar 16th 2007 by Phil

13. Phil, where are you getting the $650 price from?
Also, if they don't have wi-fi and don't care about about only having the same size HD as the premium 360, wouldn't the 20gb ps3 be a better choice anyway, making the savings a mere $100?

Posted at 5:03PM on Mar 16th 2007 by mccomber

14. @12 - $599 PS3 + $50 HDMI cable = $650

Posted at 6:00PM on Mar 16th 2007 by Brad

15. like 13 i'm sick of people comparing the 400 xbox to the 600 ps3... also if you give two shits about hd games explain why would you not want hd movies? try using logic if you are compelled to answer, thanks!

Posted at 6:03PM on Mar 16th 2007 by vizunary

16. Rob Holiday: "I think MS has a better approach. Get the console out sooner by not using the new DVD tech. That's why there are a lot more games for the 360. The 360 has proven (100+ games) that you do NOT need the Blu-Ray for this generation of games."

By not using HD DVD, MS have guaranteed they're restricted to using plain DVD for the entire life of the console. They can't release any games that require HD DVD without alienating a huge chunk of their install base.

Saying you don't need "Blu-Ray" for this generation of games is like saying you don't need HD for this generation of games. No, you don't *need* it, but by not using it you end up with a product that's behind the pace and is only going to look worse in a few years.

*Looks at Nintendo.

Posted at 7:06PM on Mar 16th 2007 by ck

17. @brad Less than $10
Although, I'll admit that most people probably aren't aware of that, but saying you have to have hdmi, then saying it's basically $50 added to the price is sort of dumb. If you want to go apples to apples, the 360 comes with component, and the same thing from Sony costs $20. Not starting the debate about whether Sony should include component/hdmi cables (so often it's the same people saying "not everyone has hdtv" that are also saying "sony should include hd only cables") but that's the price for them. My HD doesn't do hdmi, but does like component, which are totally fine for it's 720p native output. Including hdmi cables would have done nothing for me, and that holds true for a lot more owners than would have benefited I'd bet.
Also, I'd like to add I totally agree with ck. In the long run I think the blu-ray inclusion in every machine was a good idea from a gaming standpoint as well. Good enough is not always.

Posted at 7:57PM on Mar 16th 2007 by mccomber

18. Yo Brad.
The $499 PS3 + $10 HDMI Has everything that the $399 Premium 360 has + it has BluRay and better backwards compatibility.

The $599 version is ONLY comparable to the $399 Premium 360 + $99 Wireless + $199 HD-DVD.

Plus on the the 360 it is $49 a year for Online Play.
Over 5 years thats $250. I'll stop you now... Live is not better that Playstation Network if all you want to do is Online game, Download Videos & Demos. I own Both Systems I know. Brad I would guarantee does not own a PS3 so he is comparing something he has NO experience with.

(I listed $10 for HDMI because only idiots pay $50 for HDMI, Its Digital People Not Analog like Component, anybody who tells you different knows nothing about electronics)

I originally came to post that the Poster shows the Price of the 360 without the extras, then adds them along the way, I think they were trying to show it feature for feature to educate the people who may not know how the systems stack up.
My 360 cost more than my PS3 because $99 for wireless, Live has costed me $99 so far and I had to pay about $100 to transfer my XBox1 gamesaves over ($15 on PS3).
My 360 $399 + $99 + $99 + $99 = $696
(thats Without the $199 HD-DVD add-on too)
So when people tell me the PS3 is too expensive... Well... I think their full of it.

Posted at 9:56PM on Mar 16th 2007 by Scott Krueger

19. i bought the PS3 for Gaming only... but lately, i have been drifting from the gaming and started to explore the other things the PS3 can do...and im actually happy that the extras were included in there out ofthe box... I have been watching BR discs (and after doing so, i find it hard going back to regular DVDs)... i've been coding TV shows to PS3 format to watch HD TV shows on my PS3... and thats not even all the PS3 can do...

I can't wait for Home to come out... i think that will be the iceing on the cake... If someone asked me if the PS3 is worth $650, i would say, yes (and this comming from someone who didnt have a PS2, Xbox or Gamecube... I had PS1 however and played alot on my PC) Also, in the next update, you can help the world by keeping your PS3 idle, because there will be a program included to help solve the mystery of certain diseases... so if you buy a PS3, your also kinda helping other people... makes you feel better about shelling $650...

@9 - it is too early to tell if the next gen games are going to require more disc space or not... i heard that Hedio Kojima (maker of the MGS series) asked sony to supply him with the 50GB double coated version of BR discs instead of the 25gb version... so there is an example already where blu ray comes in handy... unless, ofcourse, you wanna stand up and keep changing discs... and as for your game comments, the PS3 has only been out for what? 4/5/6 months? what games did the 360 have 4 to 6 months into its life? and even though the 360 has 100+ games out, most of them are, well, not that good (besides the few exceptions GoW, Crackdown and a few others...)

Posted at 12:06AM on Mar 17th 2007 by WaSSaBi

20. I traded in my PS2, two contollers, and a few old games and got a 60GB PS3 for $350. I wasn't going to be using the PS2 anymore. At least the PS2 was still worth something. Gamestop said they only give $10 for an original XBOX.

The PS3 does need to drop in price by at least $100 by november. By that point Sony should be able to do it. Anyone thinking that Microsoft is going to drop the price on the 360 unless it has to is fooling themselves. The rumored 360 revision is going to lose Microsoft a lot of money if they price it at $399. The 360 just simply cannot drop its component prices much farther right now. The next four months are going to show if the PS3 has the muscle to gain ground on the 360.

Honestly I don't put it past Microsoft to purchase 100,000 360s a month to inflate thier numbers. They have the cash to do so and then can just re-enter those purchased units back into shipped inventory. That company is by far one of the most dishonest and underhanded companies in history. This type of thing actually does happen all the time in US business practices.

Posted at 12:27AM on Mar 17th 2007 by Iridium

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