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GDC wrap-up poll: Did the PS3 deliver?

GDC has come and gone like a bad rash... minus the itchy part. Did the PS3 deliver the goods at the event? Did it meet expectations? Did you laugh, cry or kiss about $700 bucks good-bye? Let us know by answering the poll and then contributing to the inevitable flame war below!

Did the PS3 rock your world at GDC?
Yes, it made me cry. Hug me.
Nope, the PS3 puts the "con" in console.
What a stupid question. Xbox 360 rulz!
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1. why do xbox fanboys and chicks, ok there are no chicks, but why do they keep coming to this site if they hate Sony so much. answer me xbox fanboys i know you are here reading this and if it was $200 dollars lower they would be PS3 fanboys i swear it, but they r broke shame, shame, why do they have an option in this poll anyway.

Posted at 10:55PM on Mar 14th 2007 by Joshua Campbell

2. @Joshua Campbell

Because like most people who make fun of others they feel insecure and need to make fun of another console to prove theirs is "better". Meanwhile they don't wanna give time for the playstation 3 to get on its feet and start running. It all boils down to one thing......fear.

Posted at 11:10PM on Mar 14th 2007 by ETS

3. Fear of sorts. They've made a commitment. Not everyone can afford to spend $1000 on both consoles, and be it impatience or they are genuinely convinced that the 360 is superior, the point is, they made a $400 investment that they don't want to see fall to the wayside.

Which is why, since I have a PS3, I go out miles of my way to buy Blu-Ray over DVD. You should do the same.

Posted at 11:25PM on Mar 14th 2007 by dave

4. @ Dave

I understand that they don't want to see their console fail but it's not gonna happen. The 360 is good. It's not my console of choice but I like it. There is no reason for them to be so malicious towards the ps3.

And for your blu ray comment: I totally agree. I have not purchased any dvds since i got my ps3. Its blu-ray all the way.

Posted at 11:55PM on Mar 14th 2007 by Eric Thomas Soto

5. I allways had faith in the PS3 and i knew it would deliver.
You must remember when the PS2 came out the games looked crap but now they look just as good as the xbox
I know that it will take a while for game developers the come to grips with Blu-Ray but they do look out MS
because the games will look Phenomenal.

Posted at 1:04AM on Mar 15th 2007 by gamer andy

6. I needed a voting option in between one and two. I don't feel conned but I'm certainly not ecstatic.

The writers probably dont mind the 360tards coming here cos traffic is traffic right? Hence the frequent posts with bait for them.

Posted at 2:03AM on Mar 15th 2007 by onimuusha

7. Well, because of GDC, it has basically come down to a test of will with me. On one side, There is the $500-600, on the other there is LittleBigPlanet. It'll basically come down to a few things, Can I hold out for a price break before LittleBigPlanet and Monster Hunter 3 come out or not. With each new exclusive they show, it makes it harder and harder to wait for a price break.

The day Monster Hunter 3 comes out for PS3 in America, is the day I will have a PS3 for sure, but will my fortitude be broken before then? If they keep having shows like the one at GDC, chances are high.

Posted at 2:34AM on Mar 15th 2007 by Aex

8. I feel PS3 owners are so insecure about their $600+ investment that they stay quiet and start to boast about how 360 owners talk about the PS3, and I feel it really immature, really uncool, two thumbs down. The truth is, that the PS3 really does suck, Sony is not cool they are draining your wallets and brainwashing you. P.S.3=GAY

P.S. I'm a 360 fanboy

Posted at 3:16AM on Mar 15th 2007 by Peron Stevens

9. Well i'm a Xbox360 fan(thats fan not fanboy) who used to be into Sony and their ps one and PS2 until i kept reading all those broken promises and over the top claims about this new console. I just like having the next new gadget so i am slightly impartial. But since seeing home this is the first time i have got excited about the PS3. i didn't intend on buying one until atleast a year into its launch(i'm from UK) but as soon as i see those demos of Home i went straight out and pre ordered. I'm more into the whole community stuff than a hardcore gamer and Home really does appeal to me. especially all the streaming of music and videos to friends. I really think Sony have swayed alot of people into thinking differently about the PS3 after that keynote. Take no notice of others coming on and putting it down. the same happens over on the 360 blogs. The best thing of all, There will be PS3's on the shelves at launch. which is a good thing for Sony fans. As they will all be able to grab one

Posted at 5:15AM on Mar 15th 2007 by godgivemestrength

10. oh and i have bought it for Blu-ray also. i have a 360 HD DVD drive but want more choice of films

Posted at 5:23AM on Mar 15th 2007 by godgivemestrength

11. Has anyone here played an HD DVD on a PS3 yet via linux with the 360's HD DVD Drive?

Posted at 5:59AM on Mar 15th 2007 by sam-evans

12. @11

why would you wanna do that when you can play Blue Ray? for all other movies that arnt on blue ray, i buy standard DVDs... i don't wana to support HD-DVD in anyway... the success of the PS3 relys on the success of the Blu Ray drive... go Blu-Ray...

oh ya, 360 sucks and it is for girly men...

Posted at 6:14AM on Mar 15th 2007 by WaSSaBi

13. @Joshua Campbell
"Why do xbox fanboys keep coming to this site if they hate Sony so much?"

Well for me when I'm waiting for my 360 to be returned from the repair center I feel a bond with PS3 owners since we both have nothing else to play but our old PS2 games. =]

Posted at 8:58AM on Mar 15th 2007 by Bandit

14. I've owned just about every console ever made and I just don't know if I like the direction the PS3 is heading. It seems like Sony are making the PS3 out to be the next Myspace instead of a gamers console. I play my 360 the most mainly because online multiplayer is awesome on XBL and there's a great selection of games for the 360 now. I haven't bought a PS3 yet because as of right now there's nothing I can do on a PS3 (that interests me) that I can't on a 360. A $600 Blu-Ray player is nice and all but I buy a video game console to play video games.

Posted at 9:00AM on Mar 15th 2007 by Josh

15. @ Peron

So if your so secure why are you here in "enemy territory" and your sitting hear claiming your machine is better. ive never EVER went to 360 fanboy and proclaimed the ps3s greatness at all but then again im not a fanboy. And you wanna talk about money. like it doesn't add up when you buy a 360. how bout the hassle of having to send it back all the time cause of the 3 rings of death. and how bout live for windows. good idea but another 50 bucks after u have to shell out $300+ for vista. get real.

Posted at 10:19AM on Mar 15th 2007 by Eric Thomas Soto

16. @15 MS took a different approach than Sony did with how they desinged what comes with their console, the HD-DVD add on is a great example of that. You can criticize MS's strategy all day long but there's over 10 million 360's sold so people obviously like their freedom of choice. PS3 fans agree with Sony and X360 fans agree with one's wrong it's just thier preference. Also, Vista Home Premium OEM (the version that most people will get) is $120 which is very reasonable for an OS that is as good as Vista is.

Posted at 10:50AM on Mar 15th 2007 by Josh

17. Josh paying $120 for a OS that make same stuffs as XP and his only difference is effects his price dont worth at leasts for now besides games run a bit slow than XP so what good can come from vista? none

Posted at 11:39AM on Mar 15th 2007 by naruto007

18. I can see why people support the Xbox 360. It's setup so well, being user-friendly, gamer-centeric, gives life to classics (think achievements), and revolves around a fun experience. The PS3 is the antithesis of that. I cannot see why people think the PS3 is worth anything in its current state. I find it so anti-fun it actually bothers me.

While people here blame 360 fans for being "insecure" because the "PS3 is so much better", I sit in my living room, playing the 360...while a room mate plays his next to me, and I wonder if the black taco sitting next to the old Xbox will ever repay my $600 via play time (FFXIII will have to be about 110+ hrs to even start showing value). When I have to force myself to finish Resistance...the PS3's top's not a good sign.

The next upcoming game I'm looking forward to for the PS3 is a game I've played several times on the original Xbox: Ninja Gaiden. More games are trickling in, but that is still rather sad.

Prattling on about the $200 difference doesn't address the real issue. In my case, money has nothing to do with it for me. It's entertainment value. Judging from my experience in that a hopped up gamecube is more fun to play, the PS3 is worth about $10 right now.

And for the inevitable question: Why do you bother coming here? I do own the console after. Besides that, I come here, just as I do with PSPfanboy, looking for the glimpse of hope that I can get something out of Sony's latest products, and soon. So far...the only hope I have for either unused system involves Final Fantasy.

To date, I think putting the "con" in console sums it up quite nicely.

Posted at 11:47AM on Mar 15th 2007 by SuicideNinja

I hate xbox, microsoft and bill gates and all other mothafuckers.

Posted at 12:16PM on Mar 15th 2007 by miki

20. (Well for me when I'm waiting for my 360 to be returned from the repair center)

Look at this comment all you 360 fagboys! How many comments have you read on any ps3 forum that says "while I'm waiting for my ps3 to come back from the repair center" OH YEAH, NONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted at 12:26PM on Mar 15th 2007 by STEVE

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