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Unreal Tournament 3: mouse, keyboard, SIXAXIS

This is a great move by the Unreal Tournament 3 folks over at Epic Games -- the PS3 version of the game will support the SIXAXIS, sure, but it also gives you the option to plug in your (hopefully wireless) mouse and keyboard to give you that "PC Shooter" feeling consoles have always been criticized for lacking. What's the SIXAXIS gonna do? It controls where you're looking -- we're assuming it takes the place of the mouse.

How about the Unreal Engine 3? How's it holding up? Glad you asked, me. According to the fellow who got his greasy hands on the only booth set up for the title, the game is looking fantastic. "The game looks at least as good as Gears of War or Doom 3 with glitzy lighting galore...With strange glowing tubes and other bits of high-tech machinery coating nearly every surface, the whole package was really incredibly striking. All this, the framerate was still sky-high." We're looking forward to hearing more about this. If you want to learn more about the hands-on impression, feel free. We'd love to hear from Epic, Midway, and Sony about a demo coming soon...

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1. Uh, no way would using the Sixaxis' tilt control for looking around (and thus aiming) work. The tilt control just isn't responsive or accurate enough to allow for such control.

What I'm curious about is how they'll handle multiplayer - it would be really unfair to pit sixaxis users against keyboard and mousers, so they'd have to segregate the online community.

Personally, I love using the analog sticks to aim, largely because it seems that everyone else finds it so hard.

Posted at 5:39PM on Mar 11th 2007 by Stef Geiger

2. am sure this will be one of those games that will blow up ps3 sales

Posted at 6:00PM on Mar 11th 2007 by naruto007

3. I hope they give server options to enable/disable this feature and filter games by thefeature being on or off, the game will be runied for anyone using a controller

Posted at 6:06PM on Mar 11th 2007 by mike

4. SIXAXIS? More like SUXASSES, am I right? Wokka wokka! You guys can steal that joke if you want, I haven't copyrighted it or anything.

Posted at 6:29PM on Mar 11th 2007 by boot

5. I'm interested to see how the controller will work with aiming... seems like a pretty decent idea to me.

Posted at 7:53PM on Mar 11th 2007 by Caleb

6. @1

I'm just a friendly xbotfanboy reading your site, and in response to:

"What I'm curious about is how they'll handle multiplayer - it would be really unfair to pit sixaxis users against keyboard and mousers, so they'd have to segregate the online community."

We shall see how that plays out, as we have a game called Shadowrun coming out in June I believe. It will be playable vs Vista Players.

Posted at 8:12PM on Mar 11th 2007 by scott

7. "We shall see how that plays out, as we have a game called Shadowrun coming out in June I believe. It will be playable vs Vista Players."

...vista players? All three of them?

Posted at 8:18PM on Mar 11th 2007 by dave

8. @6: Everyone! Look! Someone who likes the xbox is talking on a PS3 fansite and he's not talking trash like a retarded fanboy! And no one is flaming him for opening his mouth! It IS possible! Why can't be we always get along like this instead of resorting to grade-school level one-upping?

@5: Using the tilt control for aiming will be wonky. Keep in mind that all the controller can do is sense the angle you're at and convert that to a speed at which your view should move. It'd work GREAT for games where aiming isn't crucial, like some 1st or 3rd person adventure game. In fact, it'd probably be more fun than any other method, but for a shooter, garbage.

Posted at 8:34PM on Mar 11th 2007 by Stef Geiger

9. @2

Or not. It's coming out on the 360 as well. So how would this make the ps3 sales go up big time? From what I hear all the time on this site. Lots of ps3 owners hate FPS.

Posted at 8:45PM on Mar 11th 2007 by Killer

10. "Uh, no way would using the Sixaxis' tilt control for looking around (and thus aiming) work. The tilt control just isn't responsive or accurate enough to allow for such control."

Yes because you're wii-induced fanboy assumption is much more accurate than the developers who actually worked on it.

In case you don't know, Wii and PS3 use the same motion sensing. They are equally as accurate and responsive.

Posted at 8:59PM on Mar 11th 2007 by Extinction

11. for killer: well R:FOM is a fps and there a more fps coming

if am not wrong in halo pc version online players are able to play agains halo xbox live players, controller vs mouse and i havent see no one complaining it

Posted at 9:24PM on Mar 11th 2007 by naruto007

12. @10: Wow. For starters, I'm a Sony fanboy, and I hate the Wii. And you're wrong. The Wii's controller is 10 times better suited for "aiming", and it has NOTHING to do with the tilt control. It's because the controller has an optical sensor that allows it to figure out its relative position in space thanks to the light bar you put on top of your TV.

Once again, we've got some inane fanboy who's getting needlessly hostile because he THINKS someone doesn't like his console. I love the PS3, and I even like the Sixaxis, all I'm saying is that you're not going to be able to get the... intuitiveness needed for aiming from the controller.

Posted at 9:50PM on Mar 11th 2007 by Stef Geiger

13. The reason this will sell a lot of PS3s is because it appears that the 360 version won't support Mouse and Keyboard. Furthermore, the PS3 is a great machine for hackers and the tech savvy; if UT3 comes indeed with features for user generated content, then it might end up being better than the 360 version, in that aspect. After all, UT3 is a great representative of the FPS genre, especially for PC enthusiasts and other geeks.

Posted at 11:19PM on Mar 11th 2007 by bootsielon

14. I got my hands on UT3 at GDC as well.

The only sad thing was that they didn't have inverted controls (menu's weren't in the build) so I couldn't play it well :(

Posted at 11:26PM on Mar 11th 2007 by Iced_Eagle

15. God, some of you guys are idiots. The Sixaxis will be used to move around and the mouse will be used to aim (duh!). That will be just one of many options. I'm sure the analog left stick can be used to walk around as well, while using the mouse to aim.

Posted at 11:29PM on Mar 11th 2007 by cheese

16. The wiimote would be FAR to slow and imprecise for FPS gamers.

Posted at 11:36PM on Mar 11th 2007 by humpty

17. Wow Extinction, do you know anything about the Wiimote or Sixaxis?

Posted at 11:37PM on Mar 11th 2007 by SKI

18. Does someone know how to play it?

Posted at 2:43AM on Mar 12th 2007 by flyingchong4

19. @ bootsielon

Most pc enthusist, hacker and tech savvy people have a more powerful computer then the 360 and the ps3. I know I do. The reason I bought a console, was the idea of the controller. If I wanted to play with a mouse and keyboard then I would just have stayed with the computer. The computer is fully upgradeable that is why hackers, pc enthusist and tech savvy people buy it. The ps3 (and 360) is far from FULLY upgradeable because they're a console. That's one of the main differences between the pc and console. Also if I wanted to mod the game, I won't want to mod it on a console. Moddng has always been the super strong point of the pc and that will never change.Also the game will be cheaper for pc. $60 for the ps3 verison or $50 for the pc verison. I'm going with the $50 and I'll tell you this much, I'm not buying this game for my 360, because I have a computer that can run it better.

Posted at 6:24AM on Mar 12th 2007 by Killer

20. Im a freandly Wiifanboy and I must say you guys have got the wii-mote all wrong!

"The wiimote would be FAR to slow and imprecise for FPS gamers."

Obviously humpty isn't the smartest of the bunch. Play one once despite the reviews and you'll find that you won't want to go back to using the traditional controller.

Posted at 6:42AM on Mar 12th 2007 by boot

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