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GDC 07: Sony fights back; unveils Home, LittleBigPlanet, Killzone, more

At last night's Sony press event, Sony unveiled a plethora of new products and services that show that the PS3 is far from dead. Phil Harrison will undoubtedly be discussing more about their Web 2.0-inspired effort that he calls "Game 3.0" at his conference (happening right now). The revamped PlayStation effort to be shown today includes a performance-sharing version of Singstar, a beautiful cooperative platformer called LittleBigPlanet and a new service called PlayStation Home. Joystiq has all the pictures, videos and details you want right now:

Playstation Home, the free virtual world of Playstation 3
"Comparable to Second Life, PlayStation Home is a virtual community of PS3 owners living together in both public and private environments. Users will be able to login, chat with both text and speech and play casual games together such as pool, bowling and even embedded arcade machines. And when the old stand-bys grow stale, users can invite one another into other PlayStation Network titles outside of PlayStation Home."
Gallery: Playstation Home

Continued, after the jump.

Singstar PS3 details unleashed, YouTube of karaoke confirmed
"Singstar allows users to not only download new content, but to upload their own as well. Folks from around the world will be plugging in their EyeToys or USB cameras' and shaking their money makers with their own video uploads that can be rated and commented upon from the community."
Gallery: SingStar (PS3)

Sony unveils cooperative platformer, LittleBigPlanet
"Four-player pushing and pulling aside, LittleBigPlanet also highlights user-created content, allowing players to design characters, object and levels to share online. Given the grab-happy, emergent gameplay, downloadable custom levels should enable players to constantly discover new ways to aid or injure their pudgy little avatars. An earlier Sony presentation demonstrated some intuitive controls, with the manipulation of analog sticks and motion controls resulting in all manner of jumping, wiggling and waving."
Gallery: LittleBigPlanet

Warhawk exclusively embraces online multiplayer
"Sony's Warhawk has ejected single-player features in favor of a multiplayer-only battle arena. Sony today announced the game's shift into the PlayStation Network realm, along with several new features designed to highlight the game's new focus. In addition to frenetic air combat, players will find themselves controlling jeeps, tanks, and woefully unprotected infantry units."
Gallery: Warhawk

Sony unveils new tools to live on the Edge
"Empowering the development community, Sony has unveiled the PlayStation Edge: advanced graphics tools and technologies for PlayStation 3 development. A meeting on the tools is taking place later today."

Also: Killzone 2 was demoed (will not be shown at Keynote), taking advantage of Edge. Does it live up to the original E3 trailer? No. It's clear that the original video is not representative of final gameplay. The tools, however, seem very exciting.

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1. No, it doesn't? Care to elaborate on Killzone? Us 360 fanboys are dying to sling more shit in your face.

Posted at 1:42PM on Mar 7th 2007 by Arno

2. Arno thanks for proving that 360 fanboys are immature, I have a 360 btw and it's collecting dust.

Posted at 1:49PM on Mar 7th 2007 by Rainblood

3. @Rainblood: Really? Funny, I own both systems too, and my 360 is doing the same. It's pretty good at it though.

Posted at 1:57PM on Mar 7th 2007 by milkGONEbad

4. a ton of good news comes out for sony and 360 fanboys dwell on the one thing that isn't great. btw, even if it doesnt live up to the e3 trailer, it'll still probably look damn good.

Posted at 1:59PM on Mar 7th 2007 by stockstar1138

5. Sling this shit... XBOX LIVE IS ABOUT TO BE TRUMPED!!!
Playstation HOME BABY!!! No company has ever dominated for 3 generations, but thats about to be broken.

Posted at 2:04PM on Mar 7th 2007 by TheSh0wstopper

6. Strangely I did laugh out loud for real at that comment. I guess the good thing about reading other peoples comments is you get to do it with your own joke delivery.
It isn't just Xbox 360 owners that are immature by the way, I am so sick of people talking about how the only people who use their 360 are young punks. Once the PS3 is out into more homes there will be just as many annoying punks that own one of those too. I just want to see Killzone, they really should have shown something so even if it doesn't hit the trailer mark, it could still be pretty good.

Posted at 2:08PM on Mar 7th 2007 by Michael

7. @#5

was thinking exactly the same thing. i wanna see some Killzone!
P.S: Home looks awesome..

Posted at 2:18PM on Mar 7th 2007 by RonWald

8. Yea if anyone didn't see the sarcasm just oozing from my post, I apologize for your lack of humor. Yes, I'm kind of a fanboy but I also try and poke fun at the fact.

Posted at 2:34PM on Mar 7th 2007 by Arno

9. pretty damn trivial and useless if you ask me

Posted at 2:36PM on Mar 7th 2007 by DarkTravesty

10. why mention the killzone 2 footage and not...
bastards ;)

Posted at 2:40PM on Mar 7th 2007 by seedaripper

11. by the way (excuse my fanboy wailings here) but DAMN! 'playstaion home' ala second life...(but better AND faster!) sounds cool as fay! ken?
and DAMN! just been watching 'littlebigplanet' too...looks great fun! espesh online with your mates!
ahem...rant over...
p.s in you face M$ ;)

Posted at 2:53PM on Mar 7th 2007 by seedaripper

12. All this stuff is 6-9 months away. what the HELL are you Sony fanboys going to do in the meantime?

And i'm calling bullshit on those of you who say your 360's are collecting dust. Go ahead, be honest. You know you're playin the shit out of them. It's the only system (maybe Wii) with games worth playing right now.

Posted at 2:57PM on Mar 7th 2007 by Alice Unchaind

13. 10. All this stuff is 6-9 months away. what the HELL are you Sony fanboys going to do in the meantime?

And i'm calling bullshit on those of you who say your 360's are collecting dust. Go ahead, be honest. You know you're playin the shit out of them. It's the only system (maybe Wii) with games worth playing right now.

Posted at 2:57PM on Mar 7th 2007 by Alice Unchaind
Personally I'm gonna play the hell out of Motorstorm. :D

I love my 360. My PS3 and 360 get equal amounts of love. I'm a gamer, not a fanboi. I think that goes for the majority of least I hope it does. Gamers not Fanbois in 2008! :D

Posted at 3:29PM on Mar 7th 2007 by Vader582

14. All I can say is Gears of War lived up to what was shown (even better actually). Poor poor killzone. CG is no good if it isn't the real look of the game. It's still a nice trailer though, with all the explosions. :) Well I guess it's a dream for another Generation.

Also I'm glad I have a 360. The last thing I need is some stupid Myspace type crap on my online gaming. I have online for one thing, playing online and playing with freinds not make more that I have no real clue who they are. Can you say Predators? It kinda reminds me of what's with Phantasy Star and it's online. What's next? Virtual Reality inside virtual reality? Like you have your real life, then you have the life in the game, and you create another life with you online life. Someone please just go play a sport outside or something.

Good news for sony though, I must say. Still disappointed about killzone. I thought they might set the bar for more games later for the 360 and ps3. Guess not.

Posted at 4:09PM on Mar 7th 2007 by Killer

15. Home is a neat idea.

However, I question how many of you understand what makes Live useful and popular to begin with. It's not that players get to check out each other's profiles and chat outside of games. It's that it provides a near instant way of finding people to play games with and talking within those games.

Home doesn't really address any of this. It's a more simplified version of Second Life. I think it's a really cool idea and will be fun to mess with, but it seems even Sony doesn't understand what people are using Live for. It'd be one thing if they address the basic network flaws they continue to have in ADDITION to Home, but Home is almost like a completely different response. It's on a different plane from Live, not another "level". These are very different things. I don't even feel they're directly going after the same types of users.

Posted at 4:21PM on Mar 7th 2007 by Tony

16. Beyond this, I have a hard time believing that the same people who claim their "360 is collecting dust" see something like Home as some sort of final blow. It's not even a game. I'm wondering how many of you even really own one.

LittleBigPlanet is an awesome idea. For me it almost has the potential to be the real killer app for the system. At the same time, what makes it comparable to Super Paper Mario? The 2D-esque viewpoint? Clearly you can move in and out of the world in LittleBigPlanet, so it's not simply a sidescroller. What makes it interesting is making your own worlds, I think.

As for Killzone, I still think it will look good. The problem is that there's never been an amazing Killzone game at all. How excited can I get in terms of its actual gameplay?

Posted at 4:24PM on Mar 7th 2007 by Tony

17. "Does it live up to the original E3 trailer? No. It's clear that the original video is not representative of final gameplay...."

Hold your horses, it's not out yet!

Posted at 4:44PM on Mar 7th 2007 by Vince UK

18. My 360 has not been turned on in over a month, it definately is collecting dust. I traded in Gears of War for F1 just last week, and I don't miss it.

I like the whole Idea of Home.

First off, you don't have to use it, if you don't want to. For those wanting something similar to gamertag, well this is it. Just like someone else mentioned, it's very much like live without exactly cloning it. It's also very much like Mii, without exactly being just like it. There are people who are just always going to complain. Sony said they would do something like this, and they delivered. There were those who talked mess about sony not delivering in this realm, and they are, and yet people still complained. Sony is working on the PS3, and the game library will be there also just like it was with the PS2. It takes a while to build up to be great, give it time.

With that said, I never put in too much effort to Live's Achievement points BS, and I most likely will be the same with my PS3. I'm a casual gamer, and I'm much to busy with real life to be into this as much as I would want to be. But it is good that sony is doing something like this.

Posted at 5:11PM on Mar 7th 2007 by kman79

19. @Alice Unchaind:

Uhm.... No. It really is actually collecting dust. I'm considering selling it to buy some Wii/PS3 games. Right after I wipe it clean, of course.

Posted at 5:15PM on Mar 7th 2007 by milkGONEbad

20. I have both a 360 and a PS3 and I play my 360 a whole lot more, but this is only because there are a lot more games. I'm not going to bash an entire group of people because one person is a jerk. Anyway, Home looks pretty neat, but what I'm fearing is how much money they are going to charge us for all of these extras. I can see it now, $10 for leather furniture pack for you Home.

Posted at 5:24PM on Mar 7th 2007 by Mike

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