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Sony launches new dev tech -- dubbed Edge

That's right -- the complaints about the PS3 dev-kits and all being really limited and tough to work with must have been grounded in some kind of fact, or else Sony wouldn't have released an all new set of tools for developers working on PS3 titles. This new kid, called PlayStation 3 Edge has "been put together by three first-party technology teams within Sony, the WWS Europe Advanced Technology Group, WWS America ICE team (a technology group based at Naughty Dog that specialises in graphics systems and tools for the PlayStation 3), and WWS America Tools and Technology group."

This new thingie is described by Sony: "rather than an overarching engine, these teams have chosen to create specialized systems that demonstrate best practices of SPU and RSX utilization." So, is this a step in the right direction for PS3 software development? We submit that it certainly is. With better technology and tools made available to developers, not only will their game development costs decrease, but games will begin to look better and better, do more and more at once. Maybe next-gen titles will drop to $50 as a standard in a year or so. Oh, wait... the Wii already has them at that price. Well, those'll drop to $40 and below at that point. Pricing wars are fun.

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1. I keep thinking of ps2, and the way so many developers were apparently complaining about working with it.

Look at it now.
Once they get used to it and get the tools (like this) that they need, the ps3 will astound.

Posted at 5:27PM on Mar 1st 2007 by bmac

2. That is awesome. Soon there will be no excuse for crybaby developers.

Posted at 6:10PM on Mar 1st 2007 by drawallday

3. So Sony is getting developers the tools they need.... after the console has been released.... way to go Sony. It's a wonder why theres so much "demand" for their system... and no surplus... Eh, I guess by the time I buy one there might be a few games worth playing. Sorry for the rant, pent up sony bashing, needed to be released. Honestly I dont hate sony, they have just disappointed me over the past couple of years.

Posted at 6:16PM on Mar 1st 2007 by Darko

4. @ Darko
Do you really believe that the developer kits provided at the start of a system's life are anything like the ones that are around at the end? This was obviously the result of what they've learned already from working with the hardware, and I'd be surprised if this is the last update/new kit that developers would receive. In fact, I'd be appalled if it was. They evolve, just as the games do.

Posted at 6:28PM on Mar 1st 2007 by bmac

5. I know they grow and evolve over the life of a product, however that does not excuse the fact that their current dev kits are difficult to use. Havent heard any developers complain about M$ dev kits. ;)

Posted at 6:45PM on Mar 1st 2007 by Darko

6. Darko: I would be worried if M$ hasn't had any complaints. It makes me wonder how far they can push the 360 and what's left to unlock. Personally I would rather see Devs struggle and complain because they're forced to look at things different and learn as they go along. If it's easy, why would devs for M$ try to push the console?

Posted at 6:58PM on Mar 1st 2007 by simcha

7. I'm afraid I don't approve of this post, and I'm going to have to ask you to revoke the story, lest I sever all ties with you and your orginization.


Posted at 7:00PM on Mar 1st 2007 by Drew

8. "Look at it now.
Once they get used to it and get the tools (like this) that they need, the ps3 will astound."

It needs to start astounding, soon. I don't know anyone in my area that is happy with their PS3.

Imagine how much less effort the original Xbox took in development for equal or better results (vs the PS2). With the PS3, these development improvements are nothing short of necessary. Like Nintendo has learned (but still doesn't seem to know what to do about it), Sony needs to make developers/publishers happy for the product to move forward.

Posted at 7:07PM on Mar 1st 2007 by SuicideNinja

9. The same shit went down with PS2... devs complaining that it was too hard to program for, that XBOX was basically a PC and was a freaking God send to program for, yadayadada..

Do you think a title like God of War 2 would have been possible in the launch window.. or perhaps devs learned how to program and got better tools.

Posted at 7:13PM on Mar 1st 2007 by humpty

10. Are you guys gonna get round to posting the fallout from the Kotaku blacklisting or just wash over it with this kind of cack...?

Couldn't help but notice the appalling Blu Ray release list took prominence over the How You Killed Your Brand vid last week. Don't try and hide from these things.

Posted at 8:01PM on Mar 1st 2007 by Sam D

11. "It needs to start astounding, soon. I don't know anyone in my area that is happy with their PS3."

this is exactally the problem, the ps3 cost more but isn't better than a 360. only the early adopters are willing to pay $5-600 and because so few consoles are out in the field, game sales are tiny. that combined with the dificulty associated with developing games for a new console means fewer games which means fewer people will buy the console.

sony would have been better off delying the ps3 until they could sell it for $400, there were some good games and the online service didnt suck.

im just glad that im not an early adoptor

Posted at 8:13PM on Mar 1st 2007 by doglet

12. @simcha

Ease of use with dev kits has less to do with pushing the system to the edge, it has more to do with development time and cost. You make it sound like the 360 has been pushed to the edge and ps3 has barely scratched the surface. Now as I see it, the PS3 and 360 (from a graphical standpoint) are pretty equal. If you disagree then go read this
However, I doubt you could comprehend much of it. So the 360 will hit its peak graphically sooner than the PS3... that would be a good thing for 360 owners and it would be a good thing for the quality of the games. Oh and last tid bit, the 360 gpu is very similar to the DX10 ATI R600 that hasnt been released yet (however the 360s gpu does not support dx10) the PS3 GPU is similar to the Nvidia 7800GTX

Xenos > RSX


Posted at 8:28PM on Mar 1st 2007 by Darko

13. There is so much going on with Sony and the PS3 today, I don't know why a PS3 fanboy site isn't reporting on the news.

Posted at 8:32PM on Mar 1st 2007 by bootsielon

14. @ Sam D & bootsielon -- It's not that I'm washing over pieces of news. This is the first time I've been able to get to my computer since, oh, 12:30PM. I do the work I can when I can. I can't afford to sit at my computer screen all day to keep up with the news (stay tuned for some hiring practices in motion), but when I am here, I try to bring everything I find of interest.

Posted at 9:26PM on Mar 1st 2007 by ndoerr

15. Me thinks they are a little slow on the uptake, bootsielon.

Posted at 9:59PM on Mar 1st 2007 by Dolla Dolla

16. Everyone ignored my joke. Drew is sad now. =(

Posted at 10:14PM on Mar 1st 2007 by Drew

17. "5. I know they grow and evolve over the life of a product, however that does not excuse the fact that their current dev kits are difficult to use. Havent heard any developers complain about M$ dev kits. ;)"

It would be great if all the news from developers was about how making a game for the ps3 is super easy, but at the same time, we heard the same things about the ps2. They have to use the programs before they'll be able to make them better is all I'm saying, so acting like the fact that the ps3 is harder to work with at this point in time doesn't mean a whole lot in the long run. If it was so hard we were hearing about games being cancelled, then I'd be worried. And if we weren't hearing that Sony was sending out new kits, then again, would be reason to worry. How is Sony sending out improved tools a bad thing? Because we don't hear about MS doing the same thing?

Posted at 11:08PM on Mar 1st 2007 by bmac

18. I never said it was a bad thing, in fact it is good news. I was just making a smart ass remark about how its too little too late. And it does make a difference this time around, companies have had over a year of extra time to work with M$'s dev kits (which are easier to use). And games are getting moved to the 360 rather than canceled ;) And im sure microsoft releases updates to their dev kits, theirs just isnt shitty enough to require a whole new tool set.


Posted at 12:04AM on Mar 2nd 2007 by Darko

19. I would argue semantics with you about moved vs ported, but that's business more than development problems anyway.
There are just a lot of parallels to the ps2, even down to the dreamcast having been available for a year with happy developers, and complaints about the ps2. I mean, check out some news from back then;
Honestly, looking at stuff like this, it sounds like a whole lot of the same doom and gloom we hear now. I've tried finding a couple of articles further detailing the ps2 developer complaints, but few of them go beyond "we've heard from so-and-so it sucks..." So many of these things are hard to get concrete quotes and informtion about, then and now.

Posted at 12:41AM on Mar 2nd 2007 by bmac

20. "Havent heard any developers complain about M$ dev kits. ;)"

Look harder. Every single one of them has complained about the lack of space on DVD for example.

"I don't know anyone in my area that is happy with their PS3."

Again, look harder.
I have Full Auto 2 for example, and it's leaps and bounds better than the 360 version. For one, not one PS3 game has v sync tearing that plagues almost every 360 game, including GoW.

Posted at 1:08AM on Mar 2nd 2007 by Extinction

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