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Gran Turismo 5 due out this year?

This is speculation, but not exactly a rumor since it comes from a Sony Europe press release. While talking about the Gran Turismo HD Concept for download on day one of the European launch, Sony let slip a hint that more GT goodness will be gracing the consoles soon. Since Sony and Polyphony said they weren't going to add more to the HD Concept demo (if memory serves), this leads one to believe that Gran Turismo 5 is at least going to be demo-worthy by year's end.

From the press release: "A big year for Gran Turismo starts with a free download for PS3 owners. We can't say too much right now, but it's going to be a big year for this title; Gran Turismo HD Concept is just the beginning." So, maybe Sony hasn't been lying around complacently after releasing that concept demo -- they've been hard at work getting things done. Sweet. What do you guys think? A new HD Concept demo, or GT5?

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1. Sony dont even worry about any more demos or crap just get to work on the actual game so we can play it a lot sooner.

Posted at 7:09PM on Feb 27th 2007 by MrSkip

2. GTHD Concept --> GT5 Prologue --> GT5

Posted at 8:02PM on Feb 27th 2007 by humpty

3. if GT5 its just GT4 in hd then i wont waste my money.

on the other hand, if they move the game online (so they can add new content, new tracks, patch the game, have racing teams and a MMO aspect) i will go out, buy a ps3, the game and the $200 wheel+pedals.

there is so much potential in the series and they have been promising so much for so long. perpetual dissapontment has led me to wish that someone else would come along and take this market from sony. but noone else is even close. forza's tracks are vagily similar to their real life couterparts and all the PC versions have massive omisions that make single player GT4 a better alternative.

will someone please bring it all together in one game?

Posted at 8:56PM on Feb 27th 2007 by naggs

4. GT5 is the only game that matters. i wont even consider buying a ps3 until the price comes way down and GT5 is online. i wish that GT was coming to PC, that would be the ultimate.

btw, if its online they can add content and patch the game (GT4 needed patching BADLY, parts of the game were so bugged that they were unplayable)

gran turismo has so much potential, how long have they been promising online multiplayer? how long have they been promising car damage? the game has a huge community that has been taken for granted.

sony deserves to loose this market to someone who serves the needs and desires of their customers better.

Posted at 8:57PM on Feb 27th 2007 by doglet

5. Doglet,
I've probably put 100 hours into GT4, and i'm curious where these heavily bugged portions of the game are. can you point some of them out to me cuz i'd like to find them.

P.S. i don't think they ever promised car damage. i think we all really wanted it, but they never promised it.

Posted at 10:46PM on Feb 27th 2007 by jay

6. jay, do you know why GT doesnt have car damage? Something to do with licenses? Also, how come Forza is able to put that in? btw havent done 100 hours like you but its really awesome

Posted at 12:02AM on Feb 28th 2007 by samik

7. What's all the big fuss about car damage? It's a driving simulator, not a crashing simulator.

If you want to crash, go play Burnout.

Posted at 12:30AM on Feb 28th 2007 by ck

8. ck:
I'm with you. GT is supposed to be like real racing. In real racing, if you get in a wreck serious enough to cause real damage, you lose anyway. So not having damage modeling is not a huge issue for me.

Sony/Polyphony Digital never promised damage modeling. Some hoped for it, and my understanding is that only a few car companies have problems with it, so the idea that it was not doable from a business standpoint is off the mark. I would guess it's missing because they didn't have time to add it or didn't feel comfortable doing so. Lord knows it takes a miracle for Polyphony Digital to release anything at all with even the features promised (where's that PSP version?), so asking for new features to be added is rather hopeful.

I haven't noticed GT4 to be noticeably buggy either, unless you count online play being missing! I did find things I didn't like about it, like I would like to have reduced the 900 degree rotation to 240 degrees or less in the rally races. Oddly, GT1 through GT3 had the ability to set a smaller active rotation area than full lock, but GT4 on the GT-Force wheel lost that feature when the adding of 900 degree rotation (when all race cars have as quick steering as possible!) made it most needed.

Posted at 2:34AM on Feb 28th 2007 by why not the LS2/LS7?

9. Besides the game being released (this year or next year) I really want them to have FF back! It's no fun when the car is not fighting back and you don't get a feeling about the car and its interaction with the road.

Does anyone know how much more rallying will be offered? I had an Xbox and PS2, and now I've switched to PS3, but I still miss a replacement for M$ Rally Challenge 2! That game has some really fun tracks for sure. Would be cool to have those in GT too.

Posted at 8:37AM on Feb 28th 2007 by SamadAgha

10. Yeah, what the heck? I didn't encounter any massive buggy things in GT4. Rather than the really stupid menu interface - I keep changing traction control and I press down and X and I realize i just hit CANCEL and it happens for all friggin settings too =/

As for damage control - it shouldn't be done for Gran Turismo series. These races just wouldn't be fun with damage control - those are more for arcade games anyway. PLUS, with the realism in graphics, you know how much EXTRA development would be used for a feature that most players won't even be used?

For the Logitech Steering Wheel, actually if you're doing it right with the full 900 degrees, you really don't need all of it. For rally its sufficient with hands at 9 and 3 and turning without hand-over-hand - most of the races can deal with this too.

Now what I really want is friggin FORCE FEEDBACK on the logitech steering wheel, since it doesn't exist for GT4 when playing on PS3.

Posted at 9:47AM on Feb 28th 2007 by Dahk

11. Actually I think that GT5 would benefit from damage. I read an article not too long ago that said that they were still looking to add damage. GT is a simulator, might as well simulate damage.

GT5 hopefully, will be amazing.

Posted at 11:40AM on Feb 28th 2007 by fallingdove

12. Well it's just the controller thaqt doesn't have rumble, so surely they could implement rumble into GT5 for all the wheel users. It's not like the ps3 can't do rumble, just the six axis. I think Kojima should do this with MGS4 aswell, for anyone who wants to buy third party controllers.

I don't think it would take much effort, and it wouldn't eat system resources...go for it.

Posted at 11:58AM on Feb 28th 2007 by Naaiif

13. Dahk, the problem isn't that I can't turn the wheels far enough, it's I can't turn them quick enough. For the rally racing you need to turn in and out quickly, and the feedback motor in FF wheels just slows down turning out too much. Shortening the distance to turn fixes that.

FF already exists in NFS:Carbon and such on the Logitech wheels. Not in GT:HD though. It'd be nice if they'd get on that.

I agree completely. It so bums me Rallisport Challenge 2 doesn't even run on 360. It's the game I play most on my Xbox, and I'd love to have a replacement. Oddly, people argued about whether Forza or GT4 looked better, when Rallisport Challenge 2 was far and away the best looking racing game of its generation. And it is a total blast to play too. For how good it is, that game sure was overlooked.

Posted at 2:36PM on Feb 28th 2007 by why not the LS2/LS7?

14. "Doglet,
I've probably put 100 hours into GT4, and i'm curious where these heavily bugged portions of the game are. can you point some of them out to me cuz i'd like to find them."

some of the challenges are bugged, on the last challenge for example, slr on nurburgring, you have to wait over 2 minutes while cars build up a lead. im not that patient so i have never actually attempted to pass that particular test. there is a car in the game that should cost $400k but it costs $40k...

there are buttons that dont work, the screen somtimes looses resolution and sort of shakes at the beggining of a race when all the cars a launching...

there are tons of bugs and if the game were patchable would have been a none issue.

i have heard that the japanese version didnt have any of these issues and that only the early american version have most of these problems. the game was clearly rushed out and needed a tad more bug testing.

Posted at 7:53PM on Feb 28th 2007 by doglet

15. "7. What's all the big fuss about car damage? It's a driving simulator, not a crashing simulator.

If you want to crash, go play Burnout.

Posted at 12:30AM on Feb 28th 2007 by ck"

Uh huh. If it's simulator, as you say, then it would simulate damage in the event of a crash, as these things tend to happen in races. Dumbass.

Posted at 11:59PM on Feb 28th 2007 by Grundle

16. Grundle: The GT franchise got to be the best driving franchise by quite some margin without any car damage at all, so you can hardly claim it's necessary to the gameplay. When GT5 gets here, if there's still no car damage I'm going to enjoy the hell out of it, just like all the other GT games, while you can go off and be bitter about it somewhere.

P.S. If you're crashing your car, how can you be winning races? Dumbass.

Posted at 6:50AM on Mar 1st 2007 by ck

17. You know what would be really cool, since this is gonna be a big year for Gran Turismo?

It'd be really cool if they released Gran Turismo Mobile for PSP. Sometime before I grow old and go blind.

Posted at 1:12AM on Mar 2nd 2007 by burninhell

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