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Mercenaries 2: confirmed coming to many, many consoles

This isn't speculation -- this is official. Mercenaries 2 has long been rumored and, in essence, accepted as a 360 title as well as a PlayStation 3 title. Well, it's on 360, we know. But what we were surprised to learn is that the game is also making its way to the PC... and the PlayStation 2. Why the [expletive deleted] would they do that? We don't care if it goes to the 360, PC, Wii, and IMAX or whatever, but the PS2? Come, here is a free ticket for the logic train.

Multiplatform titles are all well and good, but we really think enough is enough: no cross-generation games anymore. We're referring to games being released on a "next-gen" console and a "last-gen" console. Sure, you may get more software sales, but you're hindering the adoption rate of next-gen consoles. "Why should I get a PS3 for this game if it's good enough to work on the PS2, also?" This happened with the first wave of XBox 360 titles, so it's not a new trend. Even so, it's aggravating. Keep the "next-gen" games on the next-gen consoles... don't dumb them down for the previous generation of gaming systems. Bah. Rant end... leave your thoughts, though!

[via Joystiq]

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1. everyone wins ... here come those whacky comparison videos!

Posted at 4:32PM on Feb 22nd 2007 by SectionZMusic.com

2. Personally, I think it's smart to release games cross-generation, so long as the next gen games do not get dumbed down. You shouldn't alienate the biggest userbase in console gaming because thats a huge loss of profit. This game isn't being published by Sony (who should be making PS3 exclusives) but by EA, a company that wants to maximize current profits now. EA doesn't care which system wins, so long as they maximize profits. That means essentially forcing Pandemic to release Mercenaries 2 on all capable platforms, whether this or last generation.

Posted at 4:50PM on Feb 22nd 2007 by smco

3. Ha! Ha! PS3 Sucks.

More and more reasons to add to the growing list of "Why to NOT buy a PS3."

Posted at 5:11PM on Feb 22nd 2007 by Jas

4. Everyone wins... but Playstation 3 loses, because it looks like everyone else, and doesn't get anything to set it apart from the other systems.

Posted at 5:30PM on Feb 22nd 2007 by Thomatius

5. Ah yeah bi'aches!!! Death to exclusives!!! But I am all for having ACHIEVEMENTS...(more game for your buck)....and RUMBLE!!!! But hey, maybe you PS3 guys can sixaxis your way through your copy?!? Hahahahaha!!! It's funny this was on your exclusive and list of reasons to buy a PS3... but now that it is on all platforms it will be on your "360 ONLY has shooters" list. Oh, the irony!!

Posted at 7:04PM on Feb 22nd 2007 by PS3 covered in dust

6. This is a game I was hoping Sony would try to make exclusive. But the main thing is, that it's coming out for PS3.

Posted at 8:02PM on Feb 22nd 2007 by Thomatius

7. Lol 360 has your exclusives sony (sorry i had to =p). In the end it's all business and for pandemic to release a game with great potential on a console that isn't getting off the ground too well...well it's self explanatory.

Posted at 8:50PM on Feb 22nd 2007 by ThorneZ

8. Oh no they didn't!

Posted at 10:14PM on Feb 22nd 2007 by Drew

9. Why are 360 fanbouys the most agressive of them all,you dont hear any of us going to the Xboxfanboy and going "muhaha PS3 pwns 360",so why do it here? It's just going to show what games do to the brain,you're making gamers in general look bad,stop it

Posted at 10:39PM on Feb 22nd 2007 by Ugh

10. Why are you wondering why it is going to the PS2 it has a way huger installed base than the PS3.

Posted at 11:56PM on Feb 22nd 2007 by Brandon Johnson

11. Well Johnson, its called cannabilism and its a GREAT way to get the ps3 out there. Which of course EA doesn't completely care about. But in cases like microsoft or nintendo, they completely cannabilized their preious hardware sales. i.e. xbox barely exists, gamecube completely died out on monthly sales. However, having ps2 still sell things and have games out for them means that its hard to get the ps3 base down. Not good especially when you're doing everything to promote you're new product.

Hmm so I'm not too sure about this game really. If the only difference is going to be graphics minus the rumble with some sixaxis action, doesn't honestly seem like a game worth getting. Doesn't take advantage of blu-ray, i'm guessing might not even use sixaxis, and probably a direct port from 360 graphics wise. I'm not even sure - was this previously built to be an exclusive? Don't look too hot.

Posted at 1:33AM on Feb 23rd 2007 by Dahk

12. I think this has more to do with PS3 haters, and less to do with competition fanboys. While they are ignorant, you can't brand everyone who says something negative (about the PS3) as another fanboy. If that was the case, the Xbox 360 Fanboy page wouldn't be as peaceful as it is (maybe a few PS3 references a day). And I'm not saying you as in you, "Ugh". I mean this whole site in general. Every day there's someone who posts something negative about the PS3, and those people automatically get labled. It's happened to me a few times.

You're also not helping anything by fueling the fire. That's another thing that would greatly help. Believe it or not, ignoring works. If someone says something for the purpose of setting someone off, then don't respond. It's not that hard.

Both sides, to me, are quite dumb. You have people the go out of their way to trash the PS3, unprovoked. Then you have people who have to point it out and say something about it. Since this site has opened, how many times has there been shots taken at the PS3, for the soul purpose of pissing someone off? Quite a bit, right? Now then, since this site has opened, how many times has someone had to say something about it? Just as often as it happens. Both sides are insulting other people's intelligence. The trashers expect everyone to be dumb enough to fall for it, and the PS3 fanboys that fall for it apparently think the rest of us are so dumb, that they have to re-state what just happened.

Congrats, everyone loses, and it starts back up the next day.

Posted at 3:01AM on Feb 23rd 2007 by Next-Gen-Gamer

13. Why would EA, a third-party publisher with a long history of successfully releasing games on multiple platforms, want to set up PS3 as a platform that is dominant over the PS2? They wouldn't; makes no sense. Ok, so that's from the content creator's perspective.

Next up, why would someone who owns a PS3, and can therefore play the PS3 version of the game, care at all that the game is coming out on a system they don't have and aren't planning on using anyway? They wouldn't... or shouldn't. It makes no sense. So that's the consumer's perspective.

So, when you say "Even so, it's aggravating." I have a hard time believing you actually believe that, because I cannot possibly fathom where this feigned indignation comes from. You don’t really care about Mercenaries 2. You just get paid to create controversy.

Posted at 5:06AM on Feb 23rd 2007 by Tom

14. Like I've said before, the PS2 is going to be the downfall of the PS3, not the 360 or Wii. With a very good library of games and more being released all the time, who would want to upgrade from a PS2 to a PS3? Especially when the adoption rate of HDTV's is still low.

Posted at 7:58AM on Feb 23rd 2007 by Rob Holiday

15. Yeah it does seem as if this will slow adoption of the PS3 but when a person gets an HDTV they will want it for the enhanced graphics. Until I got a black Friday deal on a tv I wasn't thinking about the PS3. But once I did I wanted more HD goodies.

Posted at 8:31AM on Feb 23rd 2007 by DirtDiver

16. I wouldn't be surprised if Mercenaries 2 came out on the N-Gage...

Posted at 10:44AM on Feb 23rd 2007 by Ace_Bandit

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