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The Oblivion rumors are sent to, well, oblivion

Ever since we reported on IGN's preview of Oblivion for the PS3 and how many aspects of the game had been tweaked and optimized for the system, a flood of rumors buried most of the good news in its wake. To send these rumors back out to sea, IGN approached Pete Hines, VP of Marketing and Personal Relations at Bethesda. Here's what went down.

Rumor: There is a lack of downloadable content because of the PS3's technical limitations!!1!11!
  • Hines: Nothing could be farther from the truth. There are two reasons why Orrery and Mehrunes's Razor will be absent from the get-go on the PS3. There's a concern about the balancing of the game and giving players access to the thieves den or wizard's tower right from the start of the game. The expansions may hit the PS-Store later, but not at initial launch.
  • The other reason is that the designers haven't tested the PlayStation Network Store and the mechanisms for getting the content out there. The designers were rightfully concentrating on making the game itself much better and glitch-free. The PS-Store was low priority.
Rumor: Everything that's getting amped up on the PS3 is going to transfer over to the 360 and PC anyway.
  • The shader function that re-renders low-res textures will indeed get to the 360 and PC versions, but that's it. The other optimizations are specifically available on the PS3. Why? Because it's awesome.

Can we stop the rumor-mongering now? This isn't Sony saying this stuff -- it's Bethesda. Why would they lie on Sony's behalf? They wouldn't. In any case, look for the PS3 version of Oblivion in March. It should be super cool, if you're into that sort of thing.

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1. Cant wait to play this one im spending my tax return on a 60gig ps3 probably get this for my birthday in march along with Motorstorm, Resistance, maybe baseball and of course God of War 2 running in 720p. March should gonna be a great month for Sony and its fans.

Posted at 2:13PM on Feb 12th 2007 by Wreckhart

2. "The other optimizations are specifically available on the PS3. Why? Because it's awesome."

No, because they were custom-made for specific hardware like the Cell. Nothing to do with being awesome.

Superb game, nonetheless. Too bad I already have it on the PC, not going to buy it again.

Posted at 2:13PM on Feb 12th 2007 by Bored

3. To #1: Sorry to burst your bubble there sparky, but although the PS3 does currently have 15 titles slated for march, all but 2 of those are either already out on the 360 or will launch beside the 360 version. On the other hand, of the 16 360 titles coming in march, 11 are not, and will not be (at least not in march), available on the PS3. It's not quite the day of the George Forman yet. If they get off their asses and release Tekken 5 at a decent price, though, they will deal a major blow to XBLA with the release of a single game. That will be pretty impressive. I just hope they don't screw it up by making it too expensive. Castlevania: SOTN is a good game, and will be a nice addition, but it's no Tekken 5:DR in 1080p. Anyone else think that maybe they are intentionally delaying it until after VF5 is out?

Posted at 2:26PM on Feb 12th 2007 by Eric

4. The future of ps3 will be looking better, There is a rumor that Crysis will be on the Ps3 as well. TBA at GDC...

Posted at 2:46PM on Feb 12th 2007 by D

5. Nice, now you should take this story and post it on the Joystiq page, because lord knows they always manage to post all the negative PS3 news all the time. Would be good to shut them and the 360 fanboys up for a millisecond.

Posted at 2:49PM on Feb 12th 2007 by a.j.

6. I'm curious.

The only difference, besides load times, I believe, that everyone was crowing about was the "improved graphics". From how I still read Bethesda, the PS3, while "awesome", still isn't/can't produce better graphics then the 360 or PC with Oblivion.

Why is this news to celebrate?
What am I missing?
Has my inner fanboy finally died?

Posted at 2:54PM on Feb 12th 2007 by Devils Advocate

7. a.j.~

You mean negative stuff like an EA dev telling people to forget the PS3, and stick with the Wii or 360?

I know, seems like it's always shitty news. I wonder if this is how the gamecube and xbox owners felt during the last gen?

Posted at 2:58PM on Feb 12th 2007 by Devils Advocate

8. EA is and has been shit for years now.

Posted at 3:02PM on Feb 12th 2007 by a.j.

9. @Devils Advocate

Theirs always more good news ...

God of War II to be in 720p on PS3...

Posted at 3:31PM on Feb 12th 2007 by AG

10. "God of War 2 running in 720p."

Will GoW support 720p? The PS3 certainly doesn't upscale (rather to MUCH annoyance on my part). But if the game natively supports it, that would be cool. I think GoW will be my next and last PS2 purchase.

The good games don't start coming for another 4-5 months, so there's not much going on PS3-wise for a while.

Wreckhardt > My suggestion: Be VERY sure you actually want a PS3 now, unless you don't need your tax return money for anything else. I blew a bonus check from last year on mine...and well...the thing sits around wasting space. Needless to say, I'm not happy about it (nothing for games).

Not that there's a whole lot going on for the Wii or the 360 in the next two months either. It sucks to be a gamer right now, even with all the consoles. Where's the games?

Posted at 3:37PM on Feb 12th 2007 by SuicideNinja

11. @SuicideNinja

"The good games don't start coming for another 4-5 months, so there's not much going on PS3-wise for a while."

Are you kidding me?

Have you seen the list of games coming out in Feb. and March?

Check out the list below...

Posted at 3:45PM on Feb 12th 2007 by AG

12. This is a spokesperson of Bethesda saying this after an other developer talked about the tech limitations of the PS3 and how its not getting AA and HDR and Sony slapped them on the hand. Purely PR. When the 360 version gets the shader upgrades, then compare.

Posted at 3:51PM on Feb 12th 2007 by j

13. a.j.~

Oh, I agree. I personally don't care for EA, unfortunately, they wield a big stick for consoles.

AG~Thanks-you're correct. Gotta look at the glass as half full.

Posted at 3:52PM on Feb 12th 2007 by Devils Advocate

14. @AG
You need to check your link again. GOW II will run in 480p on the PS3. Not 720p. It was an error. Usual with IGN these days.

Posted at 4:34PM on Feb 12th 2007 by jt

15. Well god if my pc had 7 damn processors in it just imagine what it could do. >;>

By the way AG, the 360 already has those games that are coming out in march, so they're just ports of an early console or going to it also.(except motorsport, and Calling all cars Which are the only really games not arcade.)

But who cares glad to see other consoles are getting the gaming love.

Posted at 4:44PM on Feb 12th 2007 by Killer

16. To #2

I dont care if 2 of 15 of the titles are going to be on 360. I dont have a 360 and dont want one, so that point is irrelevant. No bubble busted, but thanks for trying.

As far as Tekken, i have that for psp, and Castlevania SOTN is coming in a super deluxe psp Castlevania X or whatever they are calling it.

Posted at 5:30PM on Feb 12th 2007 by Wreckhart

17. my earlier comment is directed at #3 not #2

Posted at 5:32PM on Feb 12th 2007 by Wreckhart

18. "Why would they lie on Sony's behalf?"

Have you ever heard the phrase "don't shit where you eat" ?

Bethesda stands to make money from putting their games on the PS3. If they portray the PS3 in a negative light (regardless of whether it's an honest light) they would be hurting their business relationship with sony, and potentially losing the chance to bring future releases to that platform.

Only time will tell what differences (if any) exist between the two versions of the game.

Believe none of what you read and half of what you see.

Posted at 6:42PM on Feb 12th 2007 by Mike

19. "Hines: Nothing could be farther from the truth. There are two reasons why Orrery and Mehrunes's Razor will be absent from the get-go on the PS3. There's a concern about the balancing of the game and giving players access to the thieves den or wizard's tower right from the start of the game. The expansions may hit the PS-Store later, but not at initial launch."

Bullshit. You can buy the 360 version and download the content from the start without tipping the balance of the game. Why? Because the game adjust the weapons, spells, and difficulty to fit the skill level of the player. A level 3 player cannot find elven, glass, dwarven, or ebony weapons because the game will not spawn them, allow enemies to use them, or give them to vendors in the game. Thus the most powerful weapon that dc could offer a new player is Mehrunes razor, which is regulated by a small number of uses (about 25 slashes) before it requires a recharge.

But what do you expect from the vice presedent of marketing who is try to do damage control on his unreleased product.

Posted at 7:23PM on Feb 12th 2007 by Bangbang...

20. @jt

well, you are correct according to the link. I guess we will have to wait and see if any further developments will occur but either way, God of War II is going to be a bad ass game whether you play it on the PS2 or PS3.

You are partially correct, SOME of the games are ports, not all of them. No matter how you spin it it is going to be a good time to be a PS3 owner.

Even the ports are still a plus for many Playstation 2 + 3 fans as their are millions of PS2/PS3 owners who never owned a Xbox or XBox 360 so it is all new to them.

Posted at 8:00PM on Feb 12th 2007 by AG

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