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1.5 update causing DVD/Blu-ray playback issues?

Blu-raySeveral folks are reporting problems with DVD and Blu-ray movie playback after upgrading to the 1.5 firmware. Most problems seem be random freezes and pauses throughout the duration of the movie. While not everyone has experienced it (including me), enough people are reporting and posting about it to warrant the question regarding the 1.5 update.

Some speculate that the new firmware has not broken the PS3's playback capabilities perse, but has introduced a bluetooth glitch that appears during playback. Time will tell, but we would like to know if you've seen any playback issues since upgrading?

We're off to a Superman-athon on Blu-ray. We'll let you know if we see any hiccups.

[Thanks xenokai]

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1. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm problems problems more dam sony problems AS PER USUAL EVERY DAM GENERATION hmmmm.....

everyone buys ps1
terrable long loadtimes

sneeze it willl break build qoality

dredfull controller

then the next generation
everyone buys ps2

sneeze it will break build qoality

terrable long loadtimes

outdated terable controller

and the present day the usual sony bullshit just keeps on turning

and you people keep on buying



Posted at 3:22PM on Jan 28th 2007 by wiidudeuk2007

2. Please go to the wii fanboy site and stay there...

Or are you so bored with the wii already that you deside to go bash other sites??

Posted at 3:41PM on Jan 28th 2007 by Snake

3. Please learn to use spellchecker or at least pick up 3rd grade spelling. I am sure you will go far with that mastery of the English Language. Have fun with your Wii.

Posted at 3:47PM on Jan 28th 2007 by Tom R

4. Tell these people to clean the discs. I had the same problem until I cleaned the discs and no problems there after.

To the Wii guy - At least our updates don't brick our system.

Posted at 3:52PM on Jan 28th 2007 by Jason B.

5. hmm n64 lets get a game published by someone other than nintendo. Oh wait there are none.

gamecube. Oh my gosh same thing.

Maybe people but a system for games which nintendo has very few of besides themselves.

Most developers are not saying the wii is great, we should develop for it. They are saying how about we port games and then make games for the ps3 and 360. Boo Hoo nintendo system loses again.

Posted at 4:04PM on Jan 28th 2007 by soccerdrew17

6. No problems here.. what did i miss?

Posted at 4:10PM on Jan 28th 2007 by humpty

7. I'm not surprised. I predicted the Blu-ray drive would be of crap quality, because for both the price and the problems the PS2 drive had. Tried using it as a DVD player and it wouldn't stop skipping.

This is the Blu-ray "bargain" player. What do you freaking expect?

Posted at 4:27PM on Jan 28th 2007 by Edge of Blade

8. And Wii is not the answer. It has the drive to sell consoles, but the games are where it's going to hurt in a few months.

Wiimotes are a creative dev's wet dream but a money making dev's worst nightmare. Of course, Nintendo is going to make enough bank that they will stay around. No one is more profitable than Nintendo.

Posted at 4:31PM on Jan 28th 2007 by Edge of Blade

9. 1.5 broke my wireless internet. Ever since I updated it, my PS3's been giving me some crap about not being able to resolve the name server. What's even more strange is that I can still surf the interwebs.

Posted at 4:40PM on Jan 28th 2007 by j

10. I've had no problems and I've played a couple movies since the update.

And Edge of Blade, the PS3's blu-ray drive is considered one of the best on the market. All HD mag/site reviews I've read comparing the PS3's blu-ray playback/speed to any of the commerical ones have been highly positive. If Sony had included an IR port on the PS3, it would probably be considered the BEST blu-ray player on the market.


Posted at 5:16PM on Jan 28th 2007 by Colin

11. Yes, freezes here.

The strange part is that it freezes only for 5-10 seconds, then resumes. Were it a scratched disk, it would freeze permanenty, freeze then skip, or skip. This is a pause in playback, and a resume right where it left off.

Glad to hear I'm not the only one with this issue.


Posted at 6:05PM on Jan 28th 2007 by EatingPie

12. I lied about my network problem, it seems to have resolved itself.

Posted at 6:14PM on Jan 28th 2007 by j

13. #7, hate to break it to you, but your horribly mistaken. The BR drive in the PS3 is not going to be much different from the drives in any machine. What is going to be different is how a machine reads what it pulls off the disc. Stand alone players will have to have dedicated systems to read the data. The PS3 Cell processor was powerful enough to read the data on its own, and does a fine job of it. It is in no way a "bargain bin" player, and several home theater review sites have rated it as one of the best players on the market at the moment.

If anything is bargain bin, its this stupid looking external HD-DVD drive that I have to plug in with USB and still can't get 1080p out of on the X360. I own both systems, and yet I would never pick that piece of junk up. Might have been a good idea for MS not to have rushed their system to the market and they wouldn't be having so many problems with bricked systems, faulty controllers, Live Marketplace lock ups, and add ons that should have been built into the system in the first place. But no one wants to talk about the MS issues because they are too busy giving blow jobs to Gates and bashing on the PS3.

Posted at 8:44PM on Jan 28th 2007 by Roofus

14. No problems so far... *crosses fingers*

Posted at 10:04PM on Jan 28th 2007 by Sin Adam

15. How is the blu-ray drive in the PS3 cheap? In professional reviews, they've said it produces better images than all standalone players that were available at the time. It's not a "cheap" blu-ray player. It's a subsidized one, which is vastly different...

We sony "fanboys" need to get our brains checked? You need to worry about your own brain if you cannot spell simple words like "terrible" or "quality." I never knew "terrible" was such a terribly hard word to spell.

I have cable HDTV, and I can tell the difference between the quality of HDTV and Blu-ray. It's not an exclusively blu-ray problem or an hd-dvd problem if you experience bad picture quality. There are a lot of factors - most notable is how well the disc was encoded by the studio or whatever.
It also depends on your hardware (i.e. low quality display unit or miscalibrated video processor, etc) and to a small extent, your cables. Screen size and distance from image, too, will determine how much of a difference you can tell between different resolutions. On a 5" screen, it would be hard to tell any difference between 480i, 480p, 720p, or 1080p.
On a 119" screen (like I have), there is a large amount of difference between 1080i (cable hdtv) and even 720p (the limit of my projector). 1080i produces an inferior image to 720p

And finally, if firmware "broke" or made a mistake with blu-ray playback... firmware can fix it. It's not the worst thing in the world to have to download firmware every one in a while.
Freaking retards.
Each console will have its advantages and of course its own fanbase. Why bash on others? Who cares what other people freaking buy? Let's say even if the PS3 were objectively inferior to the Xbox360 or Wii... why does that matter so much to you fools that I purchased one, and I enjoy playing it? Is it because you are deeply concerned with my spending habits? So please... just shut the hell up once and for all.

I come to this blog because I want to see PS3 news. I don't want to freaking see pre-teens leaving retardedly incoherant and typo-ridden comments.

Posted at 11:09PM on Jan 28th 2007 by Dan

16. I just wanted to add a few more things.
I bought my PS2 in 2000, and it still works fine to this day. For the mentally challenged (like the first poster), that is nearly 7 years of good functionality.
How is that terrible build quality? I mean I'm sure some people had bad experiences, but that's not everyone. Sony is a respectable company - as is Nintendo and Microsoft. There are many reasons why Sony was so successful with the PS2... it still sells more than any other console by far. The PS3 will also be successful given some time.

Posted at 11:29PM on Jan 28th 2007 by Dan

17. wow u guys suck ...just waiting for somethin to go wrong with sony...this is like the 4th firmware update huh?? how many of them caused problems oh just many systems are blowing up none that i kno of, overheating 1 problem now its death to sony?? is that what you are saying?

Posted at 12:55AM on Jan 29th 2007 by Hype

18. Heh... You Wii fanboys sure love knocking sony hu? I guess the instant reaction to something like this would be something along the lines of "You should have bought a Wii! You wouldn't be having these problems since it can't play dvds OR blueray thus no playback issues to worry about!"

Fanboy-ism is just getting out of hand.. i think all a fanboy is, is someone who could only afford to buy one next-gen system and is talking trash about the others to justify why they "didn't WANT to buy such a LAME system anyways"

Posted at 5:33AM on Jan 29th 2007 by XtReMe98

19. Dan Said "1080i produces an inferior image to 720p"

You need a new TV or some glasses if you think 720P is a better picture than 1080i. Fox HD broadcasts in 720P and CBS/ABC/NBC all broadcast in 1080i. I can tell I HUGE difference when watching sports (NFL). Fox's picture does not look even close to the other networks on my 60" 1080i HDTV.

Posted at 6:14AM on Jan 29th 2007 by Rob Holiday


just found out the wii uses non standard component video output so it displays garbage/turns displays off on various hdtvs

19 pages long. maybe Nintendo should acknowledge the problem.

Posted at 8:02AM on Jan 29th 2007 by RAMX

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