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PS1 and PS2 games will look beautiful again!

As mentioned in an earlier post by Kspraydad, the upcoming firmware update is going to include a patch that fixes all the ugly issues presented by PS1 and PS2 titles not running in progressive scan mode. As quoted from Filt3r: "but the most noticeable change comes in the form of fixed display of PSone and PS2 games not running in progressive scan mode. That's right. Former eye-poisoning backward compatible games are now fixed."

As for other changes in the update, here's a list:
  • You can now set an image/photo for their user ID
  • Edy support added
  • 'Operation Sound' added to sound settings
  • 'Delete Backup Data' added to backup utilities
  • WEP128, WPA-PSK (TKIP), WPA-PSK(AES) can now utilize AOSS (hmm, Greek to me)
  • Your login password can be saved without setting the system to log you in automatically.
  • Korean keyboard setting available

Oh my gosh, finally! This is probably the coolest news ever for the PS3 (since the whole game front has been less than buzzing). If you haven't started to yet, get yourself downloading that firmware update, try out the upgrade with your favorite PSone or PS2 game and let us know what happens! Awesomeness. So, how's that "Woo!" news now?

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1. "You can now set an image/photo for their user ID"

From background downloads to simple features like user pictures, it's clear that Sony didn't do any competitive research. There's no reason why the console couldn't have launched with functions that have been part of the 360 feature set for months.

Posted at 10:28AM on Jan 24th 2007 by Wii360dsPC

2. I disagree.

What Sony is guilty of is rushing the product to NA/Japan for Christmas time ... The Europeans are going to get a much more complete and ready for launch product.

Posted at 10:38AM on Jan 24th 2007 by Colin

3. AOSS = Buffalo's AirStation One-Touch Secure System™

Nice feature if you're lazy and don't want to set up the whole wireless network all by yourself, given that you have compatible hardware ;) (PSP has it too, since firmware 2.00)

Posted at 10:57AM on Jan 24th 2007 by AL7AIR

4. What about the many, many PS3 owners that live in areas where broadband internet access is unavailable? They're stuck w/an outdated PS3 already??
Once again Sony alienates a large portion of their consumer base.

Posted at 11:08AM on Jan 24th 2007 by Hirsbrunner

5. Excellent, I'm EXTREMELY happy to see they've fixed the BC issue. Still though, the fact they've been denying a problem exists is very poor.

I think the PS3-loving community needs to be credited with getting the word out on this one. Kudos!

Posted at 11:11AM on Jan 24th 2007 by Bullseyetm

6. Good news all around. Now let's hear from some trolls!

Posted at 11:16AM on Jan 24th 2007 by aDRIEN

7. @ hirsbrunner & heywood

they always push through firmware updates for psp on actual game discs i would imagine it will be the same with ps3. you would probably know that if you were actual ps3fanboy's but your just here to fan the flame wars.

Posted at 11:22AM on Jan 24th 2007 by Wreckhart

8. Wow...a double post but different users!


Who the h3ll would buy a broadband enabled machine in a non broadband area and then complain about the broadband...WTF

If you are looking for updates with dial up you CAN do it:

Okay for all of you dial up users out there (including me) this is a must read. It is possible to connect your Playstation 3 to the internet via a Dial Up connection. Here's how it works.

1. Before you do any of this, your computer must have a Ethernet Port available.

2. Connect your computer to the internet via your dial up connection.

3. Right Click on the two flashing computers down at the bottom right of your screen. (These are shown when you are connected)

4. Select 'Open Network Connections' from the popup box.

5. Right click your dial up provider under the Dial Up Heading, and select properties.

6. Click on the Advanced Tab, and then check the box that says 'Allow other network users to connect through this computers internet connection'.

7. Then in the drop down box underneath that check box you just selected, click on it and select 'Local Area Connection'. Now press OK.

8. Now, plug the ethernet cable that came with your PS3 into your computers ethernet hub.

9. On the PS3's main menu, scroll over to Settings and then down to Network Settings

10. Make sure that the Internet Connection setting is enabled.

11. Select the Internet Connection Settings and press X. Tell the system Yes, and then select 'Wired Connection'. Scroll over and select 'Easy' and the PS3 will connect to internet through your computer. Save the settings, then test the Connection and everything should work.

12. You will now be back at the Main Menu, now select 'Internet Connection Test' and let it check one more time.

13. Once that is done, scroll over to the friend heading and start setting up your account.

Congratulations, you just enabled Internet Connectivity on your PS3 via Dial Up. All you need to do to connect is make sure your PC is connected and make sure the Ethernet cable is plugged in


Posted at 11:24AM on Jan 24th 2007 by Kspraydad

9. @Hirsbrunner: Please do more research before commenting as you did. The manual clearly mentions that you can download the update from the Playstion Site using your PC and install it. You don't need any internet connection on your PS3. Here's the link for you:
(Click on the option which says "Update using PC"


Posted at 11:34AM on Jan 24th 2007 by Net Civilian

10. While I do agree that the PS3 could have been released as a more complete package, it's also good to see and to know that Sony is moving forward with the console and releasing patches to add in features and improvements. I've stayed out of the whole argumentative controversy, simply because I feel that Sony and the PS3 will succeed much like the PS2 did and is continuing to. This is going to be a big year for the PS3 and I’m looking forward to March with all the new released and the big system update. I also own a 360 and it also had its short-coming when it was first released.

The custom photo features is for the sign in ID, and not the PSN Network ID, still something nice to differentiate from the multiple logins that is on my PS3.

Posted at 11:41AM on Jan 24th 2007 by kman79

11. I apologize for seeming (being) naive, but if you can now run PS2 and PSOne games in progressive scan, does that mean they'll look better if you're using component cables, but still look jaggy if you're outputting with an HDMI cable? Or is that irrelevant?

I remember booting up REZ on my PS3 when I first got it, and feeling hot shame at how horrible it looked.

Posted at 11:56AM on Jan 24th 2007 by todd

12. To #10: I'm using HDMI hooked up to a 1080p screen. It's not perfect now, but it's WAY better than it was before. Also, I believe it IS upscaling the image now. I keep my monitor on 1:1 ratio setting, and was having to change it to zoom every time I played a PS2 game or the image was like 6 inches big. Now, it is displaying properly still on the 1:1 setting. So it may not be upscaling in the sense that the 360 does, but it is at least outputting the image at the resolution you specify in the settings. Far less jagged and far less flicker now. Not sure if this goes for every game though, since GT4 actually has a 1080i setting, and I've not tried anything else yet. But before, even on 1080i, the image was still tiny.
To #4: Where, exactly, on the planet can you not get broadband access? It's called satalite internet. Look it up.

Posted at 11:58AM on Jan 24th 2007 by Eric

13. Oops, sorry, meant to #12 in the first part of my last post.

Posted at 11:59AM on Jan 24th 2007 by Eric

14. Sounds like some people are upset that there is less about the PS3 to complain about....

Gone are the days when every article relating to PS3 ended with a reference to the PS2/PS1 compatibility problems...

Posted at 12:07PM on Jan 24th 2007 by OrganicShadow

15. This is Awesome news! Looks like I will be buying a PS3 in March!

Posted at 12:35PM on Jan 24th 2007 by AG

16. There's always going to be negativity whenever PS3 is being talked about (and psp). you know... oh the ps3 is a paper weight, you paid 600 dollars just to play all ps1 and ps2 games BC, oh they forced the blu ray on you.. and there are major defects, and oh, 360 is gonna get that game anyway..., and ridge racer 7 is missing a sail boat in the backgrough.. blah blah..

Posted at 12:39PM on Jan 24th 2007 by Thomas

17. there is an initiatve in america to have broadband 'available' to every home. if you don't have an option yet, you will soon.
(i can't wait for that fiber optic link)

Posted at 12:46PM on Jan 24th 2007 by alienclay

18. Now that the BC issue has been solved(for the most part), it is time to bring on the true PS3 games. And look right around the corner it is about to begin. I want my Sonic, and Oblivion, and VF5, and Lair, and .... I could go on forever.

Screaming from the rooftops.."I love my PS3"

Posted at 12:51PM on Jan 24th 2007 by Regrezz

19. Wreckhart, you can lick my left testicle.

Kspraydad, and to a lesser extent Net Civilian, I thank you for your informative posts.

Posted at 1:08PM on Jan 24th 2007 by Hirsbrunner

20. "I want my Sonic, and Oblivion, and VF5, and Lair, and .... I could go on forever."

You don't want your Sonic. Trust the 360 crowd on that one. :o

I'm glad to see this fixed, although I wonder what if that slight blur the images now have can also be fixed in a future update. It's not doesn't seem terrible, and I haven't updated my system yet to try, but based on the screens posted, you can tell that it's there.

But overall, this is great news, and if Sony can somehow fix the whole scaler issue, I'd no longer have a major complaint about how the system plays (at least offline).

Posted at 2:00PM on Jan 24th 2007 by Strike Man

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