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Xbox 360 gives up the ghost... again

My Xbox 360 has gone to console heaven. It happened fast. I don't think it felt any pain. It powered-up, began loading up the HD-DVD of Superman: The Movie and then came to a screeching halt (literally, it was screeching). Then it was on to the blinking lights of death. Goodbye, Xbox 360. I hardly new ya.

Why am I wasting your valuable PS3 playtime telling you about the shameful existence of an Xbox 360 corpse in my home? I'm glad you asked:
  1. This is the second time this has happened to my Xbox 360! Yes, two have died under my care. I'll quote a post I wrote when my first Xbox 360 bit the bullet: "Never laugh at the less fortunate. I've never had a console problem in my life. I laughed at these stories of people going through 2, 3 and 4 defective Xbox 360s. Laugh I tell you! And not just a chuckle, but a deep, evil genius laugh. Well, who's laughing now? Touche, Mr. Gates." Touche indeed. So far my PS3 has worked perfectly. And I've heard no stories of mass PS3 failures.
  2. My Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive is now a very expensive decoration. I've made a decent investment in HD-DVDs and they're all coasters for now. At least I have a few Blu-ray movies on hand that will allow me to continue living the sweet, sweet HD dream.
  3. Flame bait.
Now, Microsoft is sending me another new console. I'll miss certain games and HD-DVDs while I wait, but the bottom-line (and the moral of this whole story) is that I'm scared every time I turn on my Xbox 360. I'm excited when I turn on my PS3.

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1. They're 'sending you' one?

So you are under warranty and you are getting a replacement on the spot?

Or is this swag given your blogger status?

Or are you paying for it like the rest of the 360 peons?

Do tell...

Posted at 1:35PM on Jan 20th 2007 by Kspraydad

2. i'll buy your HD drive from you.

Posted at 1:36PM on Jan 20th 2007 by Jonathan Wood

3. yeah i am sure you will be excited firing up your ps3 with the tons of exclusive launch games and the oh so exciting load times. give me a break

Posted at 1:37PM on Jan 20th 2007 by boney

4. I am still on my 1st "Launch" 360.
Knock on Wood, Fingers Crossed, etc.
Mine Does Lock Up sometimes, but still works.

Don't bash something you NO Experience with.
What Load Times? You don't know what you are talking about. Don't take "Facts" you read on the Internet and spout them off. Just because you read it on the Internet does not make it True.

My PS3 DOES NOT have long load times. It is No faster or slower than my 360. It is 1000x Quieter than my 360.
Also, have you never witnessed a Launch before. There wasn't Squat for the 360 Launch + Less than 5% of the XBox1 Games worked on it (Still true today).

My PS3 Plays the Select Few Launch Games well. Plus it Plays ALL the PS2 Games I have, It Plays all the PS2 Demo Discs I have. My EyeToy Works with it. My Logitech Wheel works with it. With the Pelican Adapter my Daughters Dance Pad will work with it. My PS2 Gamesaves moved over in a snap using the available adapter. It Cost me $100 to get my XBox1 Saves to My 360 and not all of them would come over. KOTOR Save was too big. Lego StarWars Save had no Option to Transfer to Memory. DOOM3 Save on the 360 said it was corrupt.
Yeah... I'm exited to fire up my PS3 too! No Systems will have that many Exclusives anymore. Which for me is a good thing cause I won't have to buy 3 systems any more to play all the games I want. I only need my PS3.

Posted at 2:04PM on Jan 20th 2007 by Kruegmeister

5. I'm currently waiting for a coffin for my 360 as well. Last Saturday, I got the 3 red lights of death for the first time. I got my 360 January 1st, 2006. So, I'd had it just over a year. I was really worried MS wouldn't fix it for free, but they are.

I did call them last weekend and have yet to get my coffin. So, I'm thinking I'll be 360-less for about 2-3 weeks. That sucks!!

I do have a PS3, but have like no games for it. I've got 3 Blu-rays from Netflix. So, I'll probably watch them this weekend. Maybe play a little Zelda on my Wii as well. The 360 is my favorite of the 3 consoles and it will be missed during its time out.

Posted at 2:06PM on Jan 20th 2007 by Hoffer

6. my 360 disc trasy doesnt open it tries but doesnt for some reason. but once it finally does open it wont close it goes and and pops back out over and over again. its a piece of shit. and its not a launch console.

Posted at 2:36PM on Jan 20th 2007 by sean

7. Point number 2 is just silly. Plug that sucker into your computer and you can still use those HD-DVDs.

Posted at 3:00PM on Jan 20th 2007 by Yawar

8. This is why I won't even consider buying an Xbox 360 until Microsoft releases a version that doesn't have inert heating and noise problems. The Zephyr version may have these problems resolved, but I would wait at least a month until it's released to see if it has widespread problems too. Some of you may laugh at the PS3, but at least it doesn't have this widespread problem.

Posted at 3:08PM on Jan 20th 2007 by Someone

9. Kike, explain this to me, what is the logic in having the games, if you have nothing to play it on :O Shock horror! Slapped in the face with intellect! What a low blow by me! And Pulse yet again takes the ribbon. :)

Besides, 360 needs something more then FPS, FPS, FPS to maintain other gamers interest, I'll definatly pick up a 360 when something other then a Halo / GOW, or Halo / GOW copy comes out. Oh, and when there are no more rings of death, I had enough trouble as it was with my dreaded PS2.

Posted at 3:17PM on Jan 20th 2007 by Pulse

10. I usually don't question when "bad" news is being reported about MS/Sony/Nintendo, but...what is this? So your 360 has died? Yes?

Is this related to anything elese, like, a majority of 360's around the globe are giving up? Or that the cause for this has been revealed? Or...anything?

I mean, it's a 360. And it doesn't function any more. You're getting a replacement. And..I mean... I'm confused finding this on a good blog like ps3fanboy.

Posted at 3:31PM on Jan 20th 2007 by Aeris130

11. I hope that the PS3 doesn't have hardware problems hell they have had a year to make sure it don't and I sure love playing Guitar Hero II on my PS3.... oh wait!

Posted at 3:32PM on Jan 20th 2007 by Azorean

12. Pulse, explain this to me, what is the logic in having the console, if you have nothing to play with:O Shock horror! Slapped in the face with intellect! What a low blow by me! And Irwin yet again takes the ribbon. :)

everyone needs to chill.

Posted at 3:34PM on Jan 20th 2007 by Irwin

13. @ Azorean -- just so you guys know, Nyko is releasing a PS2-PS3 adaptor for the Guitar Hero controllers. So you will be able to play them on the PS3. I don't like Kotaku, but here's the link to their story:

Posted at 3:49PM on Jan 20th 2007 by ndoerr

14. half u guys here piss me off, get some girlfriends and let people play whatever they want instead of talking mad **it all day.

Posted at 4:10PM on Jan 20th 2007 by lets bring some light into this mess

15. The 360 Backward Compatibility doesn't make those games looks worse than on the original Xbox at least...

The original Playstation 2 was a piece of crap too... and it didn't even have the decency to crap out during the warranty period... it waited...

In conclusion both Microsoft and Sony suck at making consoles.

Posted at 4:18PM on Jan 20th 2007 by Ninegauger

16. I like all the consoles, and I cannot really claim a definite bias toward either one, though I can't afford a PS3 right now. Just wanted to start with that to avoid being called a 360 or Wii fanboy. Anyway, less hardware failures for the PS3 doesn't really prove anything when there aren't nearly as many in the consumer's hands. Maybe that's their strategy. PS2 was plagued by reports of hardware failure, and there were a lot on the market. I went through four PS2's in one week. I took them home, plugged them in, and they just wouldn't play any games or DVDs I put in. They played audio cds pretty well, though. I finally got a working one (PS2 #5), and I must say I'm having a grwat time with it. Compared to my PS2 situation, you've got it easy (unless yours broke out of warrantee). I've had a 360 from launch, and it still works perfectly. It sucks that people have to go through this sort of crap, but you can't judge a product that is so mass-produced for random people here or there who seem to have issues with them. All hardware is bound to have defects, especially when mass produced. I've seen three PS3's returned at my local EBgames, but I still have faith in the PS3. I expected PS3s to break, though I really wish I had the money for one anyway. I expected Wii's to break, as well, but not as often as the PS3, and until there is better availability for the PS3 and the Wii, I will expect there to be more brokem XBOX 360s than either of the other two.

Posted at 4:38PM on Jan 20th 2007 by Gabriel Gray

17. I love how this PS3 Fanboy and there are so many non ps3 fans/fanboys/fangirls. How about everyone goes to their own fansite. PS3 can rag on 360 and wii cuz it wants too and so can the other systems.

Everyone is entitled to their own position, but this is getting ridiculous. If you want to show your hate then show it in a bashing way on your own fansite like these guys are doing.

Posted at 4:46PM on Jan 20th 2007 by soccerdrew17

18. I did a lot of research lately between the 360 and PS3. The only thing the PS3 has going for it currently is fewer hardware failures than the 360. I've read tons of folks on the official xbox forums, teamxbox and the like with all sorts of hardware issues. Personally, I'm going to wait until the newer 360 model hits sometimes in the summer and possibly pick one up then. No way I'm investing in the current 360 hardware.

Posted at 5:25PM on Jan 20th 2007 by Steve

19. Gabriel I'm calling your remarks about PS2 bull shit. I won't even take your word on the consoles failure to read DVDs, and i would like to see that massive list of reports of PS2 hardware launch failure, kthnxbie. My PS2 has been working for over 5+ years since 2001. All my friends PS2s still work. Yes at one point I did have some bad disk reading, but after just raising the laser and cleaning the lens everything worked prefect. That happened like a year ago. Yes all hardware have defects, but this much defects and with only 90 day warranty (for launch people), I beg to ask whether it's lousy engineering on Software company's part or an attempt to make money through repairs. Oh people are not returning PS3 because they are defected, but because they failed to sell them on eBay, those fools.

Posted at 5:42PM on Jan 20th 2007 by Diman

20. I am still on my 1st 360

Still on my First PS3 also but I don't agree with your "I'm excited when I turn on my PS3" as of right now, Iam a fanboy and all but thats the kind of remark that make us fanboys sound like our comments are complete baseless, because there is literary nothing on the PS3 However Iam certain that we will have some awsome titles on the future.

Posted at 5:46PM on Jan 20th 2007 by juan

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