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Blu-ray compromised?

blu-rayHot on the heels of some big HD-DVD cracking news, comes word of the inevitable: Blu-ray AACS encryption has been bypassed. My new warez hero, Janvitos, has built on the work of HD-DVD pioneer, Muslix64, to peer deep into the secret world of Blu-ray.

According to our big-sister site, Engadget, Blu-ray was compromised using the HD-DVD plaintext attack technique. The encryption keys were apparently grabbed via a raw data file and no drive.

Not to worry, the BD+ protection layer hasn't been compromised. You won't be buying burned Blu-ray movies in the back alley just yet.

[Via Engadget]

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1. Yes but the blu ray discs are expensive, so i dont see a big future in burned movies at least for now...

Posted at 3:37PM on Jan 20th 2007 by mike

2. BD+ hasn't been compromised because no disks currently use. Furthermore, the specs are rumored to not even be finalized.

Posted at 3:48PM on Jan 20th 2007 by Greg

3. personally i dont see a big future to BD piracy since movies and games are to big i cant imagine people downloading 20gb just to play a game or watch a movie xD unless u have some really fast connection or dont care about the long waitings

Posted at 5:24PM on Jan 20th 2007 by naruto007

4. The last sentence completely misses the point. A hacked bluray won't be used to make counterfeit copies for the moment, but it will be made available for download on p2p networks, which is something to worry about.

Posted at 2:03AM on Jan 21st 2007 by Boudin

5. There is NO copy protection that can ever be made that someone can't figure out how to bypass. As soon as the movie/music/game industry figures that out, they will save themselves a lot of money. And to the RIAA, piracy didn't kill Cd sales, a slow and half-assed adoption of MP3 sales killed cd sales. Piracy (outside of Hong Kong, at least) doesn't impact sales nearly as much as most people claim it does anyway.

Posted at 3:44AM on Jan 21st 2007 by mietha


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