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More delicious Final Fantasy XIII and Versus XIII scans

Why does this game look so ridiculously sexy? Maybe I'm a sucker for weird reddish-pink blonde hair. Maybe I'm a sucker for RPGs. Maybe I'm just tired of playing PS2 games and really want to feel what the "next-gen" is in regards to role-playing titles. Whatever the case, both of the PS3 Final Fantasy XIII titles are lookin' hot. Or hawt, depending on how nerdy we want to get. We can't really say what the article is telling us, since Babelfish has decided to shun us at the time of this writing. It doesn't matter, though. We'd much rather have those scans translated. Is it just us, or is Shiva transforming into a motorcycle in one of the scans? Transforming is awesome. Especially if you're Optimus Prime.

What's interesting, though, is that there's finally something that appears to be "cinematic" and we can therefore assume the other images we've seen thus far are at the very least "cutscene gameplay" -- that is, extra nice... er... normal graphics. We chose to throw the cinematic image up because, well, it looks damn near like a real person. But it isn't. Because no one looks like that. Unfortunately. Are we gushing too much? It's just exciting! Take a look yourselves and grin in silence.

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1. *mmrrrphhhhh*

'tis want. Now.

"hawt" should be another one of those illegal purposely misspelled terms.

Optimus Prime is neat. But Megatron is a gun, dude. A GUN! LOL And he eventually got turned into a CANNON. Owned...right??? =)

I think that wheel-looking thing on the back is some type of "jet pack". My room mate is buying a 20GB PS3 via tax return so I don't have to (so I can find out when FFXIII graces the world).

Posted at 12:59PM on Jan 11th 2007 by SuicideNinja

2. Wow. Square and Sony don't know when to stop. Oh...wait...they don't stop because they have slobbery Final Fantasy fans who every time FFwhatever comes around, they get duped into believing the actual game play will look like it's cutscenes.

Wise the fuck up!

Posted at 1:27PM on Jan 11th 2007 by Diamond Blade

3. OMFG!!! That is the most realistic looking CGI hair I have ever seen. If this is what the actual game detail is like, I'll take back everything bad I've ever said about the PS3. If not, the bashing continues...

Posted at 1:29PM on Jan 11th 2007 by Rob Holiday

4. Why do women in Japanese games look 'western' and not Asian? The eyes are always rounder than the typical Asian.

Posted at 1:41PM on Jan 11th 2007 by Rob Holiday

5. Yeah Diamond blade, almost as bad as the nerdy Halo fans who had the time to rearrange a short gameclip of Halo 3 and discuss a pointless game for 30-40 mins, its better to be a slobbery FF fan then a nerdy, goofy toothed, thick glasses wearing, no girlfriend, tight trousers, slick gelled hair, pocket protecting Halo fan ey ^^

Posted at 1:59PM on Jan 11th 2007 by Pulse

6. when is FF XIII and vs. comming out? this holiday season?
i normally don't take the time to do rpgs' but if the game has a cinimatic feel that can keep even casual observers interested while someone else plays and looks as good as the gameplay clips already released, i may drop the dimes (599 of them) to get this one. it could have much the same draw as FF VII. with the 3d visuals and cool charecters bringing in new fans.

Posted at 2:11PM on Jan 11th 2007 by alienclay

7. Sexy.

Posted at 2:18PM on Jan 11th 2007 by Foppe

8. Yep, those are some pretty development still renders all right. Always did like their modelers, some of the best in the biz.

Posted at 2:20PM on Jan 11th 2007 by warble

9. Square never disappoints in the graphics department. But not only that, they hardly disappoint in most other aspects of a game either. FF, or shall I say Square Enix itself, is the reason why I'm a PS fanboy.

Posted at 4:06PM on Jan 11th 2007 by JD

10. This is why a proper FF game will never appear on a Nintendo system again. This is their showcase series.. FF needs to have pretty graphics and CG movies. Nintendo wont let them do that.

Instead, Wii will get super deformed or anime characters in their FF spin off.

Posted at 4:31PM on Jan 11th 2007 by Caramella Bongo ... how are you today?

11. Don't worry about Diamond Blade. He's just proof that Xboys fear Final Fantasy.

The support of Square-Enix is the reason why PS3 will be a success no matter what the naysayers keep throwing at us.

Posted at 5:06PM on Jan 11th 2007 by Ken

12. @ 10

I second that. So Sony, PLEASE pay SE loads of $$$ to make it exclusive... if sony loses this then they are really screwed.

Posted at 5:14PM on Jan 11th 2007 by shase

13. I think this might come late next year,I heard SE already has the majority of the programming done,we may know soon at e3(or whatever it's called) though.

Posted at 6:31PM on Jan 11th 2007 by B

14. #5 plz stfu. you could have just as easily said that he was making bad assumptions about FF fans, just like you made bad assumptions about halo fans.

I am pretty sure there are dedicated FF fans just like the halo ones. If not, well, that's just sad. Doesn't FF offer anything that people can be so passionate about?

omgawsh, the game that i play has better fans than the fans of the game you play

Posted at 8:22PM on Jan 11th 2007 by Irwin

15. "Oh...wait...they don't stop because they have slobbery Final Fantasy fans who every time FFwhatever comes around, they get duped into believing the actual game play will look like it's cutscenes."

I hope everyone is aware that these aren't in-game graphics. When it comes to FF, the story and gameplay are all that it needs. The CG is an unnecessary bonus. FF7 is ugly as sin, but it's still fun to play.

I see nothing wrong with saying this is the ONLY reason to own a PS3, unless the urge to play through Ninja Gaiden AGAIN creeps up on me.

Besides, this FF needs to be good since FFXII sucked so bad in the story department. Good gameplay gets you no-where when the characters are dry and the story has too many contrived medival elements.

Posted at 8:27PM on Jan 11th 2007 by SuicideNinja

16. it cant be ported 180 doesnt have near enough power

Posted at 2:31AM on Jan 12th 2007 by kevin

17. @16 "it cant be ported 180 doesn't have near enough power"

Firstly the 180 would actually translate as to being the Xbox1 so no it would not have the power.

If on the other hand you referred to far more powerfull next gen 360 then you would be WRONG because you like the rest of us have seen NOTHING on the PS3 that has surpassed an Xbox 360 game such as Gears to prove that so where did you get this HEADLINE INFORMATION from ?.

Posted at 4:59AM on Jan 12th 2007 by My Cousin Kevin

18. Porn Industry ends format wars chooses HD-DVD
Any news about this here ?

Posted at 6:43AM on Jan 12th 2007 by Sidney

19. #16 I dont think you fully realize that the sheer power of each system is almost identical with sony having a slight eadge, SLIGHT, the ONLY thing they have up is the blu-ray capabilities. So if all you gamers out there really want to say yuo care about stories and gameplay, then you wouldnt pay that kind of money for a gimmick.

Posted at 7:00PM on Jan 13th 2007 by albinogoldfish

20. @ 10

agree, so you ninty fanboys need to SHUT THE FUCK UP and have your lame spin off title while we get our main title to the winner the ps3. BITCH!

Posted at 12:39AM on Jan 14th 2007 by GAMER GOD

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