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Behold: the Playstation 3.5

Seems that two SKU's aren't enough for Sony. We've got our surprisingly acceptable $499 model of PS3 and the super-snazzy Wi-Fi $599 model, but how would you guys like to toss out those bits of trash and obsolete Sony nonsense for the amazingly awesome, beyond your wildest imagination $2500 model? No, we didn't put one too many zeroes on that (the words zeroes and zeros are both acceptable, so no worries). Rub your eyes and continue reading.

This rumored new model of PS3 in the works is a more "media-centric" build. It's going to look more like a video player and have upgraded playback features, including two HDMI connectors to keep your audio and visual separate. It's not the SCEI brand -- it's a Sony. It's not the PS3 -- it's the PS3.5 and it hasn't been verified, but it's slated to set you back $2500. Oh and yeah, it can also play those PS3 games. What do you guys think of this? Bad idea, or the worst idea?

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1. Good idea, wrong price. being more "media-centric" can be done a lot cheaper with a normal PS3 and a budget shuttle/HTPC. Even going for the 60gb model leaves you with a fair amount to play with.

Posted at 10:59AM on Jan 2nd 2007 by lewi

2. .... can anyone else hear echos of the PSX, or is it just me?

i'm not against one being made, but sony better not waste more than 100 BD diodes on the first batch...

just my opinion...

Posted at 10:59AM on Jan 2nd 2007 by alienclay

3. Thinking about it an extra HDMI port and some upgraded playback features could just be a nice gift from sony for making us European PS lovers wait so long! :D

Because really $2500 seems a stupid amount for what they are offering. im hoping this just a PS3Fanboy mixup and i was right!

Posted at 11:04AM on Jan 2nd 2007 by lewi

4. As someone with a ps2, a psp, and every intention to get a ps3 once the whole second semester rent thing is out of the way (pretty irresponsible to drop that kind of cash on a toy with a crappy college job and expenses coming up), I'd say this is a terrible idea.

Because it plays games it will still be thought of as a playstation and not a fancy blue-ray media machine, people will be turned off. They don't want a playstation. It's more expensive than a blue-ray player (which is saying something) and all-in-one components aren't generally embraced by the high end user group.

Even assuming people wouldn't, Sony should focus on getting the ps3 rolling before making variations not designed for the game market. I've still only seen one or two ps3s on shelves and unless they've drastically bumped up blue diode and cell production, it seems like it will just be using limited resources on something that wont help them in the console race.

Posted at 11:14AM on Jan 2nd 2007 by Trev

5. Bad idea. Think of psx. I don't think it did that well. Sony shouldn't be gambling money like this they are already in debt.

Posted at 11:18AM on Jan 2nd 2007 by Tristan

6. Also I would rather have a white ps3, so it could match my 360 and wii(when I get one).

Posted at 11:21AM on Jan 2nd 2007 by Tristan

7. I remember the PSX, only released in Japan. No, not the PS1, the PSX. It was a PS2 that was built into an AV component style casing and had a big hard drive for PVR. Ever heard of it? Probably not.

The PS3.5 will probably go the same route.

No, mind - if it has cablecard (or dual cablecard, even better) for hte US market, offers a good interface for recording television, is upgradeable like the PS3 is and has a BD-R drive for backing up HD TV content....

Well, then maybe then you might have my attention.

But at $2500? No. $1500 for all that, maybe.

Posted at 11:22AM on Jan 2nd 2007 by Dylan Neild

8. Really, what can Sony be thinking? Don't get me wrong, I've been a Sony fanboy for a long time. I agree with Tristan. Sony is already going into debt with the PS3, why dig a deeper hole? They should put 110% into the PS3. I'm hoping this is some "crazy rumor", I already have a PS3, and I think it's a great machine, with great potential. Let's just concentrate on the PS3 now, take full advantage of the power it obviously has, and show the competition what it can really do. Thanks!

Posted at 11:59AM on Jan 2nd 2007 by John Sivla

9. $2,500? Shoot, I'll just build a HIGH end PC.

PSX is right, this thing probably wouldn't be seen outside of Japan.

Posted at 12:14PM on Jan 2nd 2007 by Brian James

10. i think its cool. i wouldnt buy it cause i already have a PS3. and also cause i dont even have anything that uses hdmi yet lol

Posted at 12:30PM on Jan 2nd 2007 by sean

11. I thought that the PS3 was already media centric enough with it Blu Ray and hard drive, and card reader, and CELL ... anyway, SONY should not forget that most people interested in the PS3 do so because of gaming ... instead of releasing something that will be bought by a few people who will hardly play, they should make sure that we hardcore gamers regain interest in the PS3 ... and excuse me, but why would I need 2 HDMI ? isn't one enough to display HD in 1080p ?

Posted at 12:33PM on Jan 2nd 2007 by seanp

12. That is the dumbest thing in the history of dumb moves made by Sony in the past couple months. Im no fanboy for anyone, I own a 360 and a Wii and am thinking about buying a PS3, but that is just a dumb idea by a company notorious for making dumb move over the past few months. I have no reason to buy a PS3 now, I wouldnt even spend $500 on it, so theres no way I would buy one for $2500. Even those who could afford it probably wouldnt buy it, because A) they probably have DVR on their TV's B) they dont need a Playstation and C) they probably already have Blu Ray Drives. Also, Sony needs to worry about making sure the PS3 actually sells well, and that Blu Ray doesnt fall flat on its face like UMD. I guarantee that PS3.5 wont even sell 1000 units. Sony will lose so much $$ off that thing and will be in more trouble than now.

Posted at 12:48PM on Jan 2nd 2007 by Go Sox

13. The two HDMI's would be so that you could have uncompressed audio going out through one to a reciever/amp and video through the other.

Posted at 12:50PM on Jan 2nd 2007 by Matt

14. I just want a white PS3 at about $399 instead if $599. Do that, and i'll buy one.

Posted at 1:15PM on Jan 2nd 2007 by josh

15. @Go Sox

Its a rumor, It hasnt been announced I wouldn't decide not to buy something because of a rumor you see on a fanboy site.

PS: I love my PS3 :)

Posted at 1:27PM on Jan 2nd 2007 by Brent

16. White or brushed aluminum is better.

Gloss black is a horrid color for any AV component. It just collects dust like nobody's business.

Posted at 1:27PM on Jan 2nd 2007 by josh

17. I say it should be priced at 1000 no more. It should come with a TV tuner for Location Free on the PSP. But I think maybe this could also be sold at 1500 I know that is 500 more then I said I would like it to be sold for but normal BR players sell for a 1000 so 500 more for extra stuff is not a bad price at all. Other then that I would like to see it come with a Blu-ray disk burner and DVR features that would be nice too.

If this was to come out with features like that it would sell really well in the next couple of years plus it could also help make the PS3 cheaper in price down the line.

Posted at 2:04PM on Jan 2nd 2007 by Joe

18. If they make it white and out of plastic and have an hour glass shape and have a green X in the middle then it will look like the other media center that I have in my living room.

Oh wait, they would also have to charge only $400 for it to compete with the X-Box 360 and its media center extender capabilities.

I'll stick with my media center and my two wired X-Boxes beaming beautiful PVR to my HD-TVs.

And yes, I know much is in standard-def, but with the advent of Vista, the crippled Cable-Card, and the "secure" computer (Hate cable-labs, not microsoft for this), I will have HD-PVR.

Posted at 2:07PM on Jan 2nd 2007 by Ben

19. Sony should focus on the products they have out... when the ps3 is produced adequately... worldwide, and they get that product to the top then they can worry about a ps3 3.5... otherwise, right now it's worthless. The money they spend on developing that system could have went towards an exclusive game.. that would help to sell more ps3 systems... Guess we all gonna be xbox 360 owners by the end of the year is Sony doesn't get their act together.

Posted at 2:25PM on Jan 2nd 2007 by Thomas

20. I think that is the worst idea from sony what where they thinkin? isnt supposed that the ps3 will be the media center of our houses?

even if i am a ps3fanboy i find it awful :S

Posted at 2:45PM on Jan 2nd 2007 by mike

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