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Importing PS3 store content from Japan and Hong Kong

Ps3 store

Ok, "import" is probably not the correct term to use here. What we're really talking about is getting access to the Japan or Hong Kong "based" PS3 stores. Yeah, those are the versions of the store that have some cool stuff that the rest of the world technically doesn't... stuff like Tekken 5, downloadable content for Ridge Racer and cool trailers for upcoming games.
Of course, this is just for informational purposes. PS3Fanboy in no way condones you using your hard-earned $600 console to access the content you want and are willing to pay for. While Sony is a global company, the PS3 is a region-free gaming device and they are not blocking your ability to do some transatlantic shopping, this could potentially violate some broad and poorly-worded user agreement.

According to our "sources," it's incredibly easy to get set up on the Japanese or Hong Kong PS3 stores. Just follow these 5 easy steps...
  1. Create a new user
  2. While logged in under your new user, sign up for a new Playstation Network account
  3. During registration, set your country/region to Hong Kong or Japan
  4. Complete the rest of the process as normal
  5. If you want to buy stuff, you'll need to enter in your CC info too (you might get a fraud warning from your CC company for charges coming from Hong Kong or Japan)
That's it. Now you have the knowledge... use it wisely.

[Thanks to various "sources"]

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Reader Comments

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1. Does anyone know we have to have a japanese credit card? Or can I just use any credit cards that I have?


Posted at 4:00PM on Dec 29th 2006 by Andre

2. You can use your normal card.

Posted at 4:14PM on Dec 29th 2006 by Helpful

3. It didn't work for me. A lot of credit cards will not allow the charges to go through, period. I tried everything I had, and had no luck.

For the record, BoA stuff won't work.


Posted at 4:32PM on Dec 29th 2006 by Colin

4. Well my visa CC just isn't accepted on Japan and HK stores!! though it works on US store... strange... My card is a French card!are Euro CC blocked in asia and not in US? guess I'll have to wait for tekken US version...

Posted at 4:35PM on Dec 29th 2006 by Willykyu

5. For those having trouble, try "filling" your PS3 wallet directly through the PS3 instead of through the Sony store. That workaround works for many.

Posted at 4:50PM on Dec 29th 2006 by Helpful

6. You need to add funds via your account managment, not the store. You also need to do small chunks in the HK store. try 40 at a time, or 400, I forget- just what the default is. You can do this 4 times, and will get enough for Tekken.

I love how I am paying for this stuff, but in r-type on the PSP it warns that I am breaking the law if I am outside Japan. Give me a break. They are lucky I am willing to pay and not just hack the psp and dump all the games I already own.

BTW- Tekken is way worth it. I would have paid full price if it had online...

Posted at 6:28PM on Dec 29th 2006 by seancusick

7. Seancusick,
Sweet, thanks man! That worked for me. Downloading it right now. :D


Posted at 7:43PM on Dec 29th 2006 by Colin

8. How can you add funds if your billing address is in usa and they have it locked in for hong kong? How did you guys do it?

Posted at 4:58AM on Dec 30th 2006 by Foz

9. No matter what I do, card isn't accepted, and I think this is partly because the adress doesn't correspond to the card. But still, I'm repeating myself, I did a totally fake one on the US store, everything went smooth. HK and Japan ones just don't accept my VISA. First I thought an asian visa was needed, but if you guys can go through it, why can't I? and I'm doing this from "account managment" and not through the store...

Posted at 10:48AM on Dec 30th 2006 by Willykyu

10. Yeah, I tried entering info from both the store and the account area with no luck. It asks for my mailing address and I can not change the country.

Posted at 3:49PM on Dec 30th 2006 by Scary Perry

11. Same here. I've tried everything and no luck. There's just no possible way for me to add funds without being able to change the billing address. I even contacted my bank to ask if this could work and they said the street address, city and in my case the province was required for every credit card transaction made. So if you live in Canada, you're likely never going to be able to do this.

Posted at 9:12PM on Dec 30th 2006 by HK User

12. yeah i did this a long time ago,
for the japanese and hong kong stores.

i didn;t enter my credit card info though because i was only going to use those stores to download the free exclusive content.

But now, i entered my CC info for the hong kong store, and downloaded Tekken 5 :]

the billing address doens't even have to be correct, i just enetered a bogus address, since i don'tlive in hong kong,
and it still worked

good luck.

Posted at 10:27PM on Dec 30th 2006 by Kevin

13. worked for me no problem downloading it right now

Posted at 11:37PM on Dec 30th 2006 by gooch

14. I created my account in hong kong and chose a random city, and filled in all the other information the same as I did in the American account (which works) and tried it but it didn't validate the card correctly. Anyone got this to work in America yet?

Posted at 9:24PM on Jan 16th 2007 by Desu


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