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Virtua Fighter 5 moves to 360... so that explains it...

Remember when we said the screens for the PS3 VF5 looked fairly underwhelming? Now we know why. Making the game into a multi-platform title, SEGA probably had to cut a few corners. Not saying that's a bad thing -- good job, Microsoft, on acquiring a huge Japanese title -- but it kind of knocks out the "what could have been" for the PS3. The game is due out for the 360 some months after the US release and probably closer to the European release of the game. But if you've a PS3, why wait?

The funny thing is, SEGA always denied the 360 rumors and yet, here we are. With that in mind, are other "exclusives" that have been denied time and again actually true? Stupid PR. Metal Gear Solid 4 is an exclusive, but it'll probably be one in the same sense VF5 is -- for a good number of months. Other games who've rumored moving multi-platform, like Devil May Cry 4... should remain purely PS3-exclusive. Look at the history of the games for some fairly good insight. Leave us your theories, rants, complaints, hoots of joy, hollers of rage... whatever, in the form of a comment!

[via xbox360fanboy]

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1. The Virtua Fighter PS3 screenshots aren't underwhelming due to the 360. As far as I can tell from the next-gen releases to date, the 360 has better looking titles. The multi-platform games are visually close with the 360 able to support better frame rates.

Posted at 2:33PM on Dec 21st 2006 by Wii360dsPC

2. So are you saying because the game is not looking up to your expectations it's the 360s fault!!?,face facts it's not looking great for either system,look at Gears of war that is using the 360 graphics, the picture you have shown looks more like a PS1 game and the news that the PS3 demand is down despite US stock is not looking good.
If I was a game developer and saw the incredible sales of Gears of war (around £80 million pounds in 6 weeks) and the success of the Wii would I now go PS3 exclusive ? I don't think so.

Posted at 2:41PM on Dec 21st 2006 by PS3 demand down

3. Don't count on any non-first party exclusives any time soon, at least not in the US or Europe. It's just not a good financial decision at this point.

Posted at 3:04PM on Dec 21st 2006 by mietha

4. Well I think this sucks but there is nothing that any one can say to make Sega keep this game only on the PS3. But because Sega did this they should make a new Nights into Dreams game for the PS3 and it use the sixaxis. But all is not lost at least the PS3 is getting Double Agent.

Posted at 3:09PM on Dec 21st 2006 by Joe

5. I get that this is a PS3 fan site but holy shit. You are blaming shitty graphics on that fact that its coming to the X360 months after it releases on the PS3? Get real. The only thing one can honestly take from this is Sega is seeing the trend of how well the PS3 titles are selling and hedging their bets and going multiplatform. Just because this is a PS3 fan site doesn't mean that you have to be complete Sony marketing asshats. Call a duck and duck man.

Posted at 3:30PM on Dec 21st 2006 by Dasgooch

6. Nothing is ever Sony's fault. Nothing is ever the PS3's fault. It is perfect. It is the standard of which everything in the world should be gauged upon.

blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah BLAH!

Posted at 3:39PM on Dec 21st 2006 by Frosty22

7. Inevitably the game will look shite when half the team is making sure it works on the 360.
Sega couldn't commit fully to one platform, they bottled it and will pay the price with portsville.
When developers stop pussyfooting around and commit to the PS3 then this sort of nonsense will be history and the PS3 will shine.

Posted at 3:44PM on Dec 21st 2006 by Vince

8. The PS3 is having a relapse of the old Pioneer Laser Disc gaming days, its more for media (movies, etc.), than for actual gaming. I bought a 360 because there weren't any PS3s but if there were I would definitly get one, the movie experience alone is worth the $600, plus some gaming included.

Posted at 3:49PM on Dec 21st 2006 by Cristhian

9. Cristhian, look at other links there are PS3s but no one is buying them, and as for movies on a console it's a big NO how many people did you know who played movies on a PS2 or Xbox1 ? it's just not done.

Posted at 4:07PM on Dec 21st 2006 by ChristHian has missed latst PS3 news

10. There are no american troops in Bagdad!
2+2 equals 5!
There are 5 lights!

Use that $600 you've got saved up to buy a clue. The screen shots looked undwerwhelming because they were done on PS3 hardware, which is not as capable as 360 hardware (what with the vastly inferior graphics chip). You got suckered by pre rendered video and now you are hit by reality. The game isn't even running on the 360, it has to be ported.

Posted at 4:11PM on Dec 21st 2006 by Pedro

11. Vince,it really does look like you are clutching at straws, when this game was announced and they showed the graphics etc you were all happy that it was PS3 only,now its gone 360 as well you are all blaming the "SAME graphics on the 360 "CRAZY",you may have made a bad financial mistake on your game console choice but blaming the 360 for it is rather stupid don't you think?.

Posted at 4:24PM on Dec 21st 2006 by OH COME ON

12. Well as a 360 owner I can say that I am looking forward to Metal gear and Devil May Cry... I don't really like those games though. It's really just to see the tears of jaded PS3 fanboys :)

Posted at 4:27PM on Dec 21st 2006 by x silence x

13. This is a screen from the ps3 version. Im quite sure i remember seeing a much better looking "gameplay video" (cg video) from E3 '05. that looked good but this does not compare. So you mean to tell me that the game originally looked as good as the E3 '05 video (the real gameplay, right? ;-p) but since its also being madefor the 360 they had to dumb down their already running game for a port?

I expect this kinda rationality from blind fanboys but not the writers. for shame..

and fix that damn ps3 fanboy banner. yor system is not faster, stronger, and definately not way batter looking. not by a long shot. you look like fools with that thing up there

Posted at 4:38PM on Dec 21st 2006 by Footlong!

14. I just wish a company would develop for the Playstation 3, and try to get all the power out of it. Sony needs to make it easier for companies to do that with software tools. Well I guess it's out with the old, and in with the new... I think sony wants new franchises on their system... overall it's not really a big deal that vf5 goes to 360, cause... no one likes vf5... I think xbox fans are just glad to get a great game and now they don't have to play that sorry doa.

Posted at 4:56PM on Dec 21st 2006 by Thomas

15. "There are 5 lights!"

Pedro wins quote of the day!

I was gonna say, "Another One Bites the Dust" but I just can't top that...

Posted at 4:59PM on Dec 21st 2006 by hoos30

16. The game looks the same as the arcade version. Don't blame the 360 just because you are mad at the world you lost another PS3 exclusive.

Posted at 5:01PM on Dec 21st 2006 by PS360 Owner

17. WTF wat do u mean by ppl dont buy ps3s! dude everywonder why is outta stock?! i mean theres already WEEKLY SHIPMENTS but i still cant seem to get one! ONLine or at retailers. acually yu kno wat, since there is so many ps3 flammers, im gunna go to 360fanboy/wiifanboy n start flamming over there! if at least 70 percent of 360-wii are in ps3 related stuff, BEING SO GAY!! hey i can do the same!! Cant u ps3 haters just go away, i mean dont u look at lk 360/wii news, or is it ps3 more?

Posted at 5:23PM on Dec 21st 2006 by eljefe

18. It is good to see that not only Sony keeps reaching a new low week in and week out, but their lapdog website does as well. I am seeing fewer and fewer Sony zombies walking around best buy. Where are the games? Where are the frame rates? Where are the E3 game videos (pre rendered, not quite living up to gameplay? Btw since you are using as your source now check out thier comparisons of scenes from multiple plateform games, or brush that under the rug as well? What kind of mind game are you guys playing here? Btw guys the total is now three, I have actually found three PS3 demo units that are in working order at local stores in the tulsa, oklahoma area. Three out of 14.

What a joke this site has become. Thanks for the laughs guys. Just imagine what gears would look like on PS3 wow, lol. Probably as bright as Tony Hawk project 8. What happy game that would be. Gears of War 2:On the surface of the Sun.

Posted at 5:28PM on Dec 21st 2006 by Concerned Gamer

19. Idiots. The multiplatform games are made for the lower system. That means if a game can't look great on one then it shouldn't look great on the other. It also means that they have to make the graphics work on both, so the graphics go don even more from cooperation.

I'm very surprised that Sony isn't going after any Microsoft exclusives, because that would give them an advantage. Sony needs to get their act in gear (no pun intended) and work on the exclusive games.

Posted at 5:36PM on Dec 21st 2006 by soccerdrew17

20. I've always wondered why ps3fanboy gets more posts from non-fanboys/haters than any other fanboy site. Anyone know?

Posted at 5:38PM on Dec 21st 2006 by Aex

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