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PS3 goes bust

Time Magazine has nothing good to say about the PS3 in their latest issue. In fact, they're declaring the whole thing a big failure...

"The big story in computer games this year was HOW TO BLOW A HUGE LEAD, by Sony. Its PlayStation 2 was the champ in the last round of the console wars. This time Sony bet on a chip called the Cell and a disc format called Blu-ray. They're probably awesome, but how would anybody know? The PS3 is hideously expensive--it goes for up to $600--and Sony manufactured only a piddling few hundred thousand for the U.S., fewer for Japan. Plus it's hard to write games for; the launch titles were lame. You know you're in trouble when you get beat by something called a Wii."

That's some hard-hitting, objective journalism! Filled with opinion, misinformation and a general sense of disrespect, we think that Time has jumped on the media's anti-Sony bandwagon.

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1. hehe, they might as well say that the PS3 didn't sell as many units as the TMX Elmo while they're at it. The Wii is just the gamecube equivalent of the slim PStwo with a redesigned wavebird with motion sense tech and an updated OS.

Posted at 9:40PM on Dec 19th 2006 by cheese

2. Basically thats what it is cheese. Though it IS pretty smart technically, cuz well no one has done it until them. Obviously though, I'm still looking for my 60 Gigger played at 480i just like big ol Nickymandooddoerr.

But yeah that IS objective journalism >
Anyway, what they said basically makes sense. It makes me want to buy a ps3 even more. Games are harder to make = getting my moneys worth! If they were easy to make, i'd freaking go and do it. It also generally means, more complex games, more satisfying games, more thought-out games (except for motorstorm getting half-bashed there by IGN), and well.. i get my moneys worth!

Piddling few hundred thousand? Doesnt 190k beat 360's 180k?

And now it seems everyone else is jumping on the blu-ray bandwagon now - except for Times of course.

Posted at 10:18PM on Dec 19th 2006 by Dahk

3. Has ANYONE and i mean ANYONE noticed the similarities of this PS3 launch, and PS2 launch? Shortages, bad press, people bitching about the price .. etc etc .. you guys should do an editorial about it .. breathe some hope back into us "early adopters"?

Posted at 10:43PM on Dec 19th 2006 by SectionZ

4. I don't know, the PS3 will have a real hard time recovering from the current "Boo Sony" fad.

When everyone gets tired of poor graphics, non-stop light gun gameplay, and the same crap that was on the gamecube but now with a light gun, then the Wii's dick will stop being jacked and people will go for 360 or PS3...

Posted at 11:12PM on Dec 19th 2006 by muppetmeth

5. Wow All 3 comments and nothing but Delusion


i must be at ps3 fanboy

Posted at 11:13PM on Dec 19th 2006 by Retrojunkie

6. And muppet you must be on meth

anyone with a 1st grade education knows the Wiimote is nothing like a light gun

The only stuff the two have AT MOST in common at all is A use of IR in one way or another

and believe me, people won't get tired of "POOR GRAPHICS"

Screw ps2 launch, this is ending up more like the psp vs Ds launch

hahahahah morons

Posted at 11:16PM on Dec 19th 2006 by Retrojunkie

7. Hey teh ps2 launch was terrible too! (Shortages, bitchin prices compared to the early started DREAM CAST, bad press,etc) PS3 seems almost alike, hmm a bit NOSTALOGICAL? Thanx for teh Reminder SectionZ.

Posted at 11:53PM on Dec 19th 2006 by eljefe

8. I would just like to point out that the Gamecube sold out of its initial 700,000 unit shipment during the first few days of its launch in America and over 300,000 units in Japan. It was also outselling the PS2 when it was released at a rate of 2:1. Now, let us compare that to the Wii. In America, it sold 600,000 units in its opening week and 400,000 units in its first couple days in Japan. The numbers are the nearly identical. And if you remember the PS2 was still nearly twice the price of the Gamecube.

And even though it is hard to compare the launches of the PS2 and PS3 because of the abysmal launch quantity, there isn't much to debate that they could of sold nearly as many PS3s at launch as they did the PS2. Everyone saw the lines. The Mayhem, the travesty.

Will the Wii follow the same fate as its slightly downgraded brethren or will it do any better? Who knows. Time will tell, but for right now it isn't doing that much better than the Gamecube did in terms of sales.

As for the DS vs. PSP issue, Nintendo has been doing handhelds for quite a long time with nearly no competition. It isn't surprising that Sony isn't winning the handheld war. They aren't doing bad, but definately not winning. The handheld war is not the same as the console war by any means.

And seriously, what does Time Magazine know anyways? They were too lazy to select a real person of the year this year and just went with the easy choice of "YOU." They also selected the Xbox to win the last console war as well as saying "Wii Sports was the best videogame of all time."

Posted at 12:08AM on Dec 20th 2006 by Jason

9. Sure you could argue this any which way; but, that article sounds like it could have easily come from one of the many fanboy posts on Joystiq. If you're going to call something a 'bust' of the year, then at least take the time to present your case in a rational and professional manner. Save the fanboy rants for blogiverse.

Posted at 12:20AM on Dec 20th 2006 by Caramella Bongo ... how are you today?

10. The PS3 has lots, and I mean lots, of problem, but it's far too early to be doomsaying as long as every unit is sold within minutes of hitting a shelf. It has an uphill battle, and sony does nothing to help itself, and plenty to hurt itself, but the system is good. I almost didn't buy one simply because of Sony's BS over the last year, but I'm glad I did. Yeah, sure, right now there's really not much for it, and Sony are still being dicks, but if developers don't give up on it before they figure out how to program for it, which very well may happen, in two or three years it WILL be the best thing on the market. A lot of things have to go sony's way for that to happen though. The first would be just shutting the hell up and please god no more advertising fiascos. My god, how many have they had in the last year? The wii will die. The only thing it has going for it is a controller, which the other two can easily copy. Take away the wiimote, and you have a gamecube souped up to Xbox 1 level. Not exactly "next gen". As for sony vs. microsoft: sony will win japan. Hell they already have. But the rest of the world is up in the air at this point. It is FAR too early to call anything. Give it a year. And no, the PS2 launch was NOTHING like this, at least not in the US. I had 2 Ps2s before Christmas that year, without much effort. This is a whole other level, mostly due to ebay jackasses. Nor was this the worst launch ever. That will eternally be the Saturn. I'm pretty sure no one else will ever launch a console without bothering to tell anyone.

Posted at 1:08AM on Dec 20th 2006 by mietha

11. unfortunetly the article is just about true at this point. The PS3 is way overpriced. (Im not saying you dont get alot for what you pay for) but you're basically paying over 600 dollars even if you get the 20gig system (tax + game + extra controller). Not many people are willing to shell out that kind of cash for a game system... other than early adopters and hardcore fans.
You cant compare the PS3 vs Wii to the PS2 vs Gamecube

Sony is definetly fighting an uphill battle. I dont think you can compare this to the PS2. First off theres xbox360 that has had a year head start (plus has the same performance as the PS3 basically), unlike xbox which came in late. Secondly, many PS exclusives are not exclusives anymore (GTA is a really big one). Thirdly, many developers have said straight out that the PS3 is very difficult to program for. Lastly $600 does not compare to $300 back in 2000, they are going to have to find some way to bring production cost of the PS3 down fast

Posted at 1:51AM on Dec 20th 2006 by Algernon

12. Wow! I'm a 360 fanboy and I even find that offensive! How could Time write such baloney? There's no winner, yet... that's like someone writing Windows Vista off as a failure because Mac's latest OS has sold more copies (despite the headstart).

Posted at 1:56AM on Dec 20th 2006 by Brian

13. I'd like to think that Time magazine is just copping out like they did when picking the 2006 person of the year. Plain lazy.

Posted at 4:29AM on Dec 20th 2006 by Kurifurisan

14. Well if anything keep in mind who reads Time magazine, mostly that part of the population that was targeted by nintendo as "non-hardcore and semi old". I, because I have to have it all got both the Wii and the PS3 .. PS3 was a fluke since i was not expecting to get one until next year. So far I love the Wii, its fun and is going to spur some very creative game design, ive even lost some weight ... but like every guy on the PLANET EARTH (except san fran) I love big loud detailed explosions, complex physics when it comes to how a booby bounces and over the top ass to couch action (because sometimes after a full days work, a baby and a grace park hottness wife who still loves me, i just need to sit down).

Ask yourself this ... Why the HELL if it sucks so bad can you not find one .. even if you resort to shady methods?

Posted at 7:43AM on Dec 20th 2006 by SectionZ

15. all I can say is this article is bull. I just got my ps3 on fri. and never want to let go of it

Posted at 8:07AM on Dec 20th 2006 by hi

16. You know this article is pathetic, uninformed, opinionated and biased. The news portion of that rag is no different. Most of it is worse.

Posted at 8:44AM on Dec 20th 2006 by Mick

17. Seems there are a lot of devout Sony fans, for whatever reason who keep whining about the "Anti-Sony fad".

Are you serious?

It's not a fad, it's fact:

* Sony blew the PS3 launch.
* The unit is exorbitantly overpriced for allegedly superior hardware that is not all that impressive so far.
* The launch lineup was terrible.
* It's blatantly obvious that the Blu-Ray is just another ploy by Sony to get ANOTHER of their proprietary formats into your living room. *cough UMD*

Come on. These are FACTS. This is not a fad. Sony screwed up big time.

Posted at 9:26AM on Dec 20th 2006 by synack

18. @2
"It makes me want to buy a ps3 even more. Games are harder to make = getting my moneys worth! If they were easy to make, i'd freaking go and do it. It also generally means, more complex games, more satisfying games, more thought-out games (except for motorstorm getting half-bashed there by IGN), and well.. i get my moneys worth!"

Can i have some of what you are smoking please? Complex hardware will result in a complex game but only codewise as the developer will have to come up with new complex and not straight forward ways of getting simple things done. Like getting data between the different parts of the hardware as the PS3's buses are quite small or utilising the stupidly small L2 Cache or getting streaming data off Blu-Ray discs so that games don't have crippling load times.

So for the first year or maybe even more we'll be getting games that probably do less than their last gen counterparts and getting charged more for them (just like this year for the 360)

Also all this added code will result in longer development times which will also add to development costs that have already shot up since the last gen.

This added cost will make publisher very wary on what they put out as no matter what they say, they're out to make money. This will then lead to more and more boring and bland film games and sequels of sports games.

Also this year when a publisher looks at how the PS3 stands next to the 360 with its (the PS3's) lower game attach rate and actual consoles made means more exclusives will go multi-format (so a game gets the biggest possible audience) or PS3 versions of games getting dropped altogether added to the fact that Microsoft if throwing money at publishers to make their multiformat games go Microsoft exclusive (like Bioshock) or PS3 exclusive games go multiformat (GTA4) the future doesn't look that rosey.

But het at least you can watch those shiny new Blu-ray movies and play with linux and surf the web, hey can't my computer do that?

Posted at 9:47AM on Dec 20th 2006 by The Enlightened

19. I am not exactly sure why everyone is receiving this article so negatively. The author does sensationalize a few things probably to get people excited one way or another, but honestly allot of it sounds fairly sound. He clearly states that the hardware is “Awesome”, and then I feel he offers some constructive criticism for Sony.

Think about a boxer preparing for a big fight. When he gets in the sparing ring, his opponent is actually trying to help him become a better fighter. How does he do that? Through patting him on the back, telling nice things he wants to hear? No, he gets in there throws punches at him, he hits him in the face and in the stomach, takes a couple of cheap shots. These are things to prepare him for the big fight. Right now the three console launch reminds me of an old Rocky Balbo movie. Rocky always seemed to get the crap beat out of him at first but then got angry and came back to come out on top in the end. I think Sony has fallen a little bit and gotten beat up a bit, but now its time to lick your wounds make the needed improvements and come back swinging. Remember this is just launch, the console fight has just begun.

Now if you are a rabid Sony fan boy do not read the rest of these comments, if you are someone who can look at the analogy above and then read the comments below and see that I just want the product to improve continue on.

1. The Cell processor is very hard to program for. Sony needs to hold classes or seminars or whatever to get masses of programmers familiar with how to program to maximize the Cell processor’s power. Do whatever it takes to get these game developers to prefer programming on the Sony development platform. This processor could power some incredible games, but right now it is only potential power-we need to get it to functioning power!
2. Production, this seems to be clearing up on its own. But I think Kaz and whoever else really needs to make this a priority. Forget that new super high end A/V machine they were talking about on Engadget this morning and make sure the production lines are running at full speed.
3. The author brings up price, I have some thought about this. But I guess I will just keep it to this, if the Japanese got a price cut I think everybody should get a price cut. It sends a bad message to the rest of the world.
4. Find someone who is Sony’s equivalent of Microsoft’s Major Nelson. Reach out to the community and try to do some genuine customer relations (no more made up blogs!). Send all of the top exec’s to sensitivity training. The comments that were being made the last few months are absolutely out of hand. Last year when Microsoft was struggling with their launch, Ken especially made allot of statements that made it sound like Sony would never do what Microsoft was doing. And now look I honestly believe that Sony messed up their launch far worse then the Microsoft launch. And what do you hear from the Microsoft people? Almost across the board I hear “We feel their pain, I do not envy them, and would not want to go back to that for anything” – Larry Hryb (Major Nelson). Ken is not the only guilty party here, Kaz, Phil, and others all made some pretty obnoxious comments, and those have to end.
5. Get Rumble back! Pay Immersion whatever they want but controllers to do motion and rumble! Then you have the seven-axis controller, and seven is supposed to be a luck number!
6. Fix the Playstation Store! WOW there is so much good content up there, but the store front itself looks like a turn of the century webpage. Microsoft’s Marketplace is by far the best looking of the three followed by Nintendo’s, and a very distant third place is the Playstation Store. But getting back to the content, I did not double check but it looks like there is a demo for all release titles and a few future titles! Very good, one thing Sony could do to help in this area is mandate that all Sony Titles released on the PS3 have to have a demo on the PlayStation Store. Then improve the way the store looks and right there you have jumped past Microsoft and Nintendo.
7. Keep patching, when problems show up, get patches done faster but more importantly better (higher quality) then the other two console manufactures!
8. Got to get more exclusive titles! Since the hardware is so close this time I really think exclusive titles is what is going to force consumers to buy your product. Forget media features, get exclusive titles!
9. It seems like Sony is copying all the other guys for ideas. But with the amount of planning and coordination that is involved with some of these projects you know that these are things that have been in the works for a long time. Let people know some of the ideas you are working. Get the word out before the other guys so it looks like they are copying Sony!
10. Take notes about what happened this time around and learn from your mistakes for next time! I was not really actively playing video games when the PS2 came out (an ex-wife, one of many reasons she is now an ex). But from the comments it looks like the PS3 has had allot of the same problems the PS3 is having. Lets make sure that the PS4 does not have these problems, probably will have different problems but those can be addressed when the PS5 comes out!

I am sure allot of people are going to jump on this and declare me to be a Microsoft stooge. But honestly if that was the case I would just shut up and let the ship sink. I took the time write this with the fantasy dream that Kaz would call me up and say “Hired.Geek, I do not know how all of us here at Sony did not see what you saw, but thanks for pointing these things out to us. We are going to start working on all ten things. Give us a couple of months and see if you agree with the changes we have implemented!......Oh and by the way as a way of showing our thanks here is an SXRD 60” DLP TV we are shipping to you because I know your current wife is to mean to let you buy one even though you work really hard!”

Posted at 9:49AM on Dec 20th 2006 by Hired.Geek

20. I've read this article a couple of times now, as it has now "officially" showed up about everywhere... The very sad fact of the matter is that SONY has big time trouble on their hands here and much of what is stated in the article is dead on. Shall I count the ways? Poorly coded firmware, slow downloads at the SONY shop, poor PS2 graphics on an HD set, lack of rumble, heating issues, bluetooth compatibility problems, lack of a true HD scaler chip, blue laser shortages, an online gaming "network" that resembles a joke, and finally some very, very mediocre games. Medicore is generous, in my opinion. RFOM is good, but what else is there? Still wish RFOM had rumble, 'cause this Sixaxis gimmick is junk.

I made my $600 investment, and dropped another $200 on games and gear, a week after launch. Sadly, after trying to play it non-stop to "get my money's worth," I'm incredibly disappointed as I no longer even have interest in it...never felt like this before for a new console. I'm bored, and tired of its issues...yes, I'm one of the people with a 1080i/no 720p HDTV. THANKS SONY, jerks. The bottom line here is that this launch needs to be judged in its own right. The PS2 was released in a different time, a time where SONY was king of the electronics hill. Some folks need to stop drinking the Kool Aid and realize that things are much different for SONY now, post root kit, post exploding batteries, ahem, post PS3 launch trouble, et al. SONY, in North America, no longer holds a mystified and captive audience. People are paying attention...who delivers the best all around gaming, home entertainment experience, and online service? ain't SONY, it's a "little" company in Redmond.

That said, SONY can improve a lot of things, and hell, maybe I'll even pop for a 1080p flat panel, just like SONY wants me too...but I'll be damned if I buy a SONY HDTV. Anyway, I hope and pray, that SONY realizes what a collossal turd they have on their hands and begin to immediately rectify some of its very glaring weaknesses and issues. P.S. SOCOM 4 better be the BOMB. ;)

Posted at 12:09PM on Dec 20th 2006 by Ed

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