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Let's discuss -- backwards compatibility downgrades?

This is becoming ridiculously controversial and we simply can't ignore a chance to let the 360 fanboys who inexplicably come here day after day vent their frustrations on our system. We do that because we love you too, even if you don't love us, oh alpha male gamers. Assert your superiority by stepping on us, go ahead! Anyway, all sarcasm aside, there has been a lot of cinematography and screenshottery depicting insanely bad resolution/graphical issues with a wide number of PS2 games played on the PS3. The video is on YouTube -- the "oh, wow" moment for me came about two minutes and twenty seconds in -- when the screen is split on Tidus' face (from Final Fantasy X).

Some say that the first batch o' PS3's are the ones with this issue, some say it's completely random, some say it's all PS3's and still others claim that it's the TV's being played on. It's apparently not the TV, or the cables, or the games themselves. It's the system. But is it all the systems? We're handing out our junior detective badges to all our super-sleuth readers to check your systems with the games mentioned on the original thread or the games on the video.

Are you ready? Let's begin the investigation... and if it's a truly unanimous issue, Sony, we know you don't read this site, but by golly, this can be fixed with a firmware update. Please?

[thanks MiKE and/or Slurrey!]

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21. "If you think I am a fanboy fine, but all I have said makes sense."

"I am going to get a 360, but only when there are games that are ps3 only and are actually worth it."

o'rly? that makes sense to you, does it?

maybe you should have mommy take away the keyboard for a while to help you concentrate on your english studies.

Posted at 6:58PM on Dec 14th 2006 by Microdot

22. I own a PS3. I'm also an Xbox 360 owner. Does this automatically cancel out my opinions? Do I give Sony a hard time for the hell of it? Granted, in life, there are people who are jerks and want to ruffle feathers but not everyone who complains does it out of hatred/contempt.

I'm having terrible issues with the PS3 playing PS2 games (and PS1). I only have a few games to try out (Kingdom Hearts, Shadow of the Colossus, WipEout Fushion) but they are all suffering from the jaggies. This is on a 65" Toshiba with 1080i (and yes, I've got the downconverting 720p image problem too).

I'm rather frustrated at the moment but I haven't come to the point of being "unbearably pissed off".

Posted at 7:03PM on Dec 14th 2006 by Josh

23. im playing FFXII on my PS3 right now and its a SDTV and with regular cables i havent noticed one problem. and resident evil outbreak no problem and god of war no problem and ill chekc FFX in about 30 minutes i dont feel like stoping XII at the moment lol.

Posted at 7:29PM on Dec 14th 2006 by SP

24. I have yet to try BC, but FFXII and Yakuza are games that I would like to play.

As for the console debate in general, I have a ps3 and 360, no question the 360 is better now. Heck, I don't even think it is close. XBL, achievements, online content and 2nd gen games all make the 360 better right now.

It will all be moot in a year though. PS3 is more powerful, and it will take 60% of the market IMO.

So, both are good investments IMO.

The Wii - I hate that thing.

Posted at 7:35PM on Dec 14th 2006 by Scary Perry

25. @24 like I said your a free PR Rep that has no idea what your talking about. lol

Posted at 7:48PM on Dec 14th 2006 by Groogy

26. I meant ps3 you idiot. If you weren't such an ass you would ignore that.

Posted at 7:57PM on Dec 14th 2006 by Tristan

27. That is also one thing I hate about ps3 fanboys most of them are assholes. There are very few that aren't.

Posted at 8:06PM on Dec 14th 2006 by Tristan

28. @Tristan: Damn, thanks for the stereotype... :(

Posted at 8:28PM on Dec 14th 2006 by Andir2.0

29. I didn't mean all, it's these guys that give them that stereotype.

Posted at 8:41PM on Dec 14th 2006 by Tristan


dont believe wat i have just type, ima xbox 360 fanboy LMAO

Posted at 8:49PM on Dec 14th 2006 by Blaine Train

31. I really dont see this issue on my ps3 playing FFXII or FFX ... 32" Samsung LCD via Component cables ... i got my PS3 2 weeks ago.

Posted at 8:56PM on Dec 14th 2006 by WhackMushrooms

32. I was thinking of selling my PS2 for a PS3 good thing I didn't do that.. No PS3 this holiday for me

Posted at 9:19PM on Dec 14th 2006 by Jon


this is too much. HAHAHAHAHA

"I meant ps3 you idiot. If you weren't such an ass you would ignore that."

if it was a typo... which EVERYONE does... i would have glanced right over it. i wouldnt have even given it a second though. but you "meant" ps3, and "typed" 360.... i am supposed to know that? your sentence made NO sense. you sure do like to cry about being proved wrong though.

and YES!! i am an asshole. i have NO qualms about that. i get death threats (literally) three times a day on my site. and why? because i voice my opinion... and more often than not, it does not sit well with the public, or violently offends someone. the day that i start to care, or the day that i censor myself so i dont hurt your feelings, is the day i decide to go stand in front of a train.

i have also owned a 360, i bought my son a wii, i own the original xbox (or did til it crapped out a few weeks ago), a ps2, a nes, genesis, master system, snes, n64, intellivision, atari 2600, and a dreamcast. now... for those that think im a "fanboy"... please feel free to cram something long and sharp into your mouth and swallow.

"Stick with your opinion's why you favor your system and quit harassing others who have their own opinion you JACKASS!! You're annoying as hell!!"

harassing others? im on a PS3 WEBSITE... TALKING ABOUT THE PS3... and im seeing posts crying about it sucking, or the xbox is better, or wii ftw!!one! who is harassing who here? sorry the truth is harassment in your eyes.... maybe you should find a new hobby.. like going to the martha stewart blog and crying about how bad she sucks.

point is... im tired of reading the bullshit from simple minded slackjawed halfwits without two brain cells to rub together, much less a clue about what the fuck they are talking about, going out of their way to a ps3 fan site, and CRYING about the ps3. if you dont like it... FUCKING LEAVE. problem solved. you win. your console is better. the longer you sit here and cry, and whine, and kick and scream... the longer im going to make you look like the fucking idiot you are. simple as that.

if you have an HONEST beef with sony... because you OWN one, and have an issue.... this isnt the place to tell them about it. in fact, crying about it here does absolutely nothing. you need to hit the ps boards at the very least, or contact customer service. this is not

now... back on track... you may now all proceed with the crying.

Posted at 9:59PM on Dec 14th 2006 by Microdot


Posted at 10:03PM on Dec 14th 2006 by Jenn

35. OMG! LOL! I almost wet myself laughing at Microdot's post!

Nicely done! I agree with everything there 100%. If you don't like the PS3, why are you here? Go complain about it into your pillow. Someone give Microdot some stars or something. LOL

Posted at 10:23PM on Dec 14th 2006 by JStephenson

36. I never said I didn't like the ps3. I said there is no real reason for me to get one till at least the spring because most of the games I can get on my 360. The main games I want for a ps3 are Resistance and Warhawk nothing else.

Posted at 10:29PM on Dec 14th 2006 by Tristan

37. I like club sandwiches, with mustard, bacon, and a little mayo. Pile the meat on and toast her up. That's what I'm talking about...

Oh, wait. What's the topic of discussion again?

Posted at 12:09AM on Dec 15th 2006 by Andir2.0

38. If anyone has ever used an emulator...namely the old PSone emu that was legally sold...well basically PS3 is doing the same thing...or so it seems (a firmware update must be in the mix...(like how with playstation2 you could change how the PSone games were filtered (in one of the PS2 main menu options))
All it needs is a 2x Antisoptic filter and Bam! better than new.

I have and love my PS3 to death (Downloadable content, YDL5, wicked games, DVD and Blu-Ray Disc support, AND backwards compatible)

BTW its definitely not a scalar issue (namely not 480i to 480p or 720p) Correct me if I'm wrong but the PS3 doesn't have the same hardware as the PS2 and therefore has to emulate certain functions, such as the video filters (which is mostly what is mentioned on Youtube videos)

Hope this helps :)

Posted at 12:29AM on Dec 15th 2006 by hacked2123

39. I love how Microdot takes everything so seriously. I supposed we can't all realize that they're just games. Only ignorant people argue and flame over opinions.

Posted at 1:15AM on Dec 15th 2006 by Next-Gen-Gamer

40. thank you gamerdefender,
but as much as you tried, i can only see it making him feel better about himself. pissed someone off, mission accomplished.
what a low life

Posted at 3:06AM on Dec 15th 2006 by Irwin

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